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What I Did On My Bloggy Vacation.

Whoa – this was the longest unintentional blog break I’ve taken in ages. Maybe ever. And it’s not like I didn’t have diabetes-related things to say or conversations I wanted to contribute to.

I just didn’t feel like writing. Which is weird. I usually feel like writing.

After the Target low, I was on break with my family for a while, and then in Dallas for a TypeOneNation event.  I took a short pump break. I saw some PWD in the wild while traveling and the urge to hug them was unrelenting. I read a bunch of crap about “diabetes in a cup” and had that desire to climb on a soapbox clutching a unicorn frappuccino in one hand (but not taking a drink of it ever because my insulin has better things to unpack and also I keep picturing a liquified unicorn, which grossed me out further). I read a blog post and watched our community react to it. And I saw a bunch of angry Tweets and uncomfortable people and hurt feelings and just so much stress.

Oh, never mind the fact that I open the CNN homepage whilst looking through my fingers because there’s always some new yick storm.

I needed a breather.

Random street art ❤. @spacegirlw, thought of you.

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So I guess I pulled back for a while. We celebrated Birdy’s seventh birthday as she crossed that threshold into an age that I remember (I totally remember second grade and my friends back then and riding my bike in the neighborhood and reading books and all that stuff – I have some clear and vivid memories of seven. I was also diagnosed with diabetes that year, so I keep looking at her through that lens, wondering if I appeared simultaneously so big and so little to my own mother.) We traveled without the Guy for the first time and it was kind of stressful for me, being away from my smallest little, but made me grateful for my mom and stepfather once again, how they are always willing and thankfully able to mind my kid(s).

… oh, and I am the last person on the planet to learn that if you are typing a text message on an iPhone and you turn the phone sideways, you can create a handwritten text message. THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE THING and I am madly in love with this feature. I have sent several ragtag cats, two ten gallon hats, a pair of jeans, a plane that looked more like a shark, a bunch of grapes, and boobs to unfortunate recipients. Anyone in my contact list is at risk of receiving nonsense and I AM NOT SORRY.

After a few days, I felt a little clearer. I cracked open my email and confirmed calls for the coming week, met deadlines that were looming, and created a document titled “Shit to Write About” with bulleted ideas of shit to write about. We paid our taxes. The tulips bursted up in the front lawn and they look like an army of happy. I felt a little bit productive, not so drowning in diabetes, and kind of ready to open a “New Post” tab on my blog platform.

So I did. And here I am. And here it is.

It was nice to work a little bit on a non-diabetes writing project I’ve been tooling around with. I liked sending the plane shark. I really enjoyed dealing with diabetes as a stand alone thing instead of repeatedly documenting it. Diabetes is all day and sometimes it needs to be tabled as a content source, with “shit to write about” waiting until I feel ready.

Which now I do.

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  1. Sandy T #

    Oh my gosh, love the handwriting thing on the iPhone! I haven’t actually sent any, but I pretend to all the time.
    How is Birdy so old? When I started following your blog she wasn’t even born, and now she’s SEVEN, I don’t even know her, and think she should stick at that age for a bit, please??? And that mean I’m seven years older, and surely I’m not, am I?
    Look forward to hearing about other writing projects. Also, when you feel like writing on here again, I’ll appreciate it, whenever that is. Happy spring!

    04/24/17; 8:19 pm
  2. Welcome back!!! U were missed!! Glad u are refreshed and have “shit to write about”!!!!

    04/24/17; 11:09 pm
  3. Please take this only as a compliment, but your writing is ever so slightly clearer and funnier after a break. An “army of happy” – love it 🙂 And the unicorn drink, well, I have visions of the unicorns contributing in, um, other ways (ew!). I miss a lot in the D-blogosphere not being active, but yours is the one place I always make a point to visit. Welcome back!

    04/25/17; 8:54 am
  4. Katie S. #

    *picks up 4+ year old iPhone 4S.
    *opens text messages
    *turns phone sideways and gets an elongated keyboard

    04/25/17; 11:24 am
  5. Glad you could take a break and enjoy some good things. I definitely understand the need to move away. But to push back a little on the comments of CNN or avoiding stress in the community or elsewhere, I would urge others to turn into it, not away from it. Yes it is hard to soak it all in when we already have so much to deal with in our personal lives. However I do feel we have a moral duty in the least to bear witness to what is going on about us and more than that, we – especially leaders in this area – have an obligation to speak up. Melinda Gates wrote a lovely piece on “Letting Your Heart Break” that I think is worth a read (

    I’m not saying anyone needs to immerse themselves in pain or strife all the time, but I am saying that it is often too easy to turn away – and not to recognize how privileged we are that we can turn off our tvs. Because people hurting often don’t have that choice.

    We as diabetics know very well what it is not to be able to turn off something we wish we could. I know many people who have turned away because my diabetes was too hard for them – and all the while I’m thinking “you think it’s tough, imagine living with it!” I’d love to take a step back but I have no choice. Thus it’s hard when I see others say that the world can be too much.

    I’m not saying that makes anyone a bad person for doing so. I’m just thinking – what if we turned into what is hard and uncomfortable and at times overwhelming more often and what if we chose to speak up more loudly because of it?

    04/26/17; 4:42 pm
  6. I can totally identify. i have not been blogging long and somehow I only managed one blog post after last year’s Diabetes Blog week (I still have the last day of that one in my drafts folder. I went through a seriously dry, not-wanting-to-focus-on-diabetes phase.

    Anyway, I picked up the computer this morning and got inspired to write.

    Hopefully I can maintain at least a monthly post. I really admire your ability to keep it up day in day out. Especially now that you have two little ones to look after. You’re an inspiration.

    04/26/17; 10:10 pm

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