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Signs of Distractabetes.

My endo appointment is coming up fast, and I’ve just realized that I don’t give much of a shit.  Not good.  I’m deep into distractabetes.  Signs?

Your fasting blood sugar is taken at 10 am.

You think coffee is breakfast.  And is also lunch.

You carb count by glancing at the food and going “meh.”

You accidentally end up on a raw food diet only because you don’t want to cook anything anymore.

You changed your lancet last week and you’re still all proud, despite it needing to be changed again.

You wonder if it’s finally time to look under the bed and retrieve the many juice box straw plastic sleeves that have taken up residence there.

You go to dump out the dead test strips from your meter bag and there are only a few instead of a giant pile.

You notice a week long trend of overnight highs and instead of gently tweaking the overnight basal rate, you ratchet it up and hope for the best.

You deleted the Dexcom Clarity app off your phone … because the idea of looking at that estimated A1C thing is stressing you out.

Your CGM high alarm goes off and aside from humming the tune back in response, you don’t take any other action.

You go to write a blog post but end up writing a list about distractabetes from the third person POV.

(Also, by “you” I mean me.  Entirely  me.  I’m a little burnt out after 3 years of either pre-pregnancy-then-actual-pregnancy-then-breastfeeding.  The years of obsessively tracking blood sugars have given way to something I can’t entirely call diabetes burnout but instead feels like wicked distraction.  I’m maybe a teeny bit looking forward to my A1C draw next week so I can at least know what data point I’m working from.)

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  1. Here ya. Been living on this page for awhile myself, but it took a recent endo visit and near double-digit A1C to push me back to where I need to be. It’s an everyday, one day at a time challenge to not be distracted. Best your way, Kerri.

    04/4/17; 11:15 am
    • Hear, here… (((too distracted to care about spelling, apparently)))

      04/4/17; 11:16 am
  2. Keri English #

    After having a baby in January I so feel you on this! All of it. I’m just happy when I remember to actually bolus before I start eating!

    04/4/17; 11:49 am
  3. Claire #

    You are speaking my truth- thank you for writing this Kerri. I’m so on the distractabetes train lately. My endo appt is next week and instead of worrying for myself how I have been the last three months (which is horrible) – I am more concerned about disappointing my endo. Do I tell him my recent past for a chance at empathy? or just move forward?
    Every day I feel like I’m trying my best, but lately I just don’t have the willpower. It’s been 20 years now – I’m just kind of done some days.

    04/4/17; 8:10 pm
  4. HAHA, I lived like that for almost 30 years. My sort of guess a minor scolding. But I survived 30 years by not caring. There may be other things on your mind.

    04/4/17; 8:46 pm
  5. Katy #

    I love that you also have plastic sleeves from juice box straws under the bed. This is such a specific T1D thing! How many hundreds of times to I reach for a juice box half-asleep from the nights stand… Thanks. All the best for your upcoming endo appt.

    04/4/17; 8:51 pm
  6. Mary #

    Week 37 of my second pregnancy. Started on CGM and a pump around week 8 of this pregnancy (for the first time after having diabetes for over 20 years!). While I absolutely love my CGM and pump, the information/diabetes over load is hitting me really hard….in addition to all the doctors’ appointments….and oh right the emotional train wreck that is motherhood. Thank you as always for keeping it real and always relatable. Love your posts.

    04/4/17; 11:49 pm
  7. Katie S. #

    Hey, it happens–and the months after giving birth seem to be the most likely time for it! There’s too many other things going on, amirite? I had the best A1c of my life at my first appointment after giving birth to my son–do you know why? Because I wasn’t eating and was constantly low. I have vague memories of multiple days where lunch was a can of regular Pepsi.

    04/6/17; 10:59 am
  8. Emily Scott #

    Sorry, but you are a diabetic and that won’t change this year, maybe never. Without the tools and tech you have you would be much worse. Diabetes is a forever burden. Look for relief in other parts of your life: get a pedicure, redecorate, take a vacation with your husband. Stop doing too many other things that you don’t like. Clear out your schedule. If it makes you happy, start a tv show on diabetes or if that is the wrong thing, go in another direction. Get a top quality spinal adjustment or a massage. Hire a cleaning company for once a week, for a month. Go to Whole Foods Mkt. and get many good prepared dishes and use them at home for a break from cooking. Be glad you do not have mental problems, or alzheimers(sp) or paralisis, (sp) or poor spelling!! ha ha Get back on that horse for the sake of your fantastic eyes!!

    04/14/17; 10:50 pm

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