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The One About Expiration Dates.

On the Dexcom and Libre Rash Facebook group, I saw a note posted back in December from someone referencing sensors with an expiration date after August 17, 2017.

“Dex recently changed their mfg process to eliminate a substance that caused rashes in some. Get some expiration date AFTER 8/15/17 …”

Huh.  Interesting.  (Read: HOLY SHIT COULD THIS BE TRUE??!!) I’ve been experiencing a Dexcom adhesive rash since 2012 and despite many conversations with clinicians and diabetes device industry specialists, no one has a solution for this issue.  (No one openly acknowledges this issue, either, which I find weird.)  For several years, I thought I was the only one having a rash reaction to the sensor adhesive, but then the Facebook group popped up and holy shit, there are a lot of us.  (The group currently has over 1900 members.)

Since 2012, I’ve tried several workarounds for this rash issue.  Steroid inhaler spray, barrier tapes, the blessed JnJ Toughpad … nothing eliminates the rash completely but the Toughpad does the best job of giving me seven days of sensor wear.  Fine.  The data and protection I get from using a CGM is worth the itch.  (See also: two solid pregnancies, two healthy kids, an A1C I’m happy with, and a marked decrease in overnight hypoglycemic events.  See also also:  “hypoglycemic events” is a stupid name)

Expiration investigation.

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My previous sensor shipment has an expiration date of August 7, 2017.  The shipment I received last week expires in November 2017.  Even though I have a couple August expiration sensors left to use, I’m skipping ahead.  I want to know if the rumors are true.

New one goes in in a few hours.  Here’s hoping.


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  1. Stephanie owen #

    Keep us posted! My 10 year old is not using Dexcom because of the rash. Yes,we have tried everything…

    02/27/17; 12:07 pm
  2. Wow. I hope the rumor is true.

    02/27/17; 3:02 pm
  3. Crossing my fingers for you!!

    02/27/17; 4:10 pm
  4. Cynthia Flores #

    Please update us. I have serious adhesive allergies, so I have to tegaderm under my sites, as well as cavilon it. I would love to do away with one if not both options. I’m scared to open my box quite yet.

    02/27/17; 7:51 pm
  5. Jane #

    As of November Omnipod updated their pods to reduce the amount of acrylic in them in an effort to improve similar skin reactions…. I haven’t found the new pods much better.

    02/27/17; 7:58 pm
  6. Holly #

    Interested to see how this works. I’m using Tegaderm as a barrier, and it works great for me. However I can only get 7 days out of them, I’d love to be able to push it to 10.

    02/27/17; 8:43 pm
  7. Kerri- Best of luck!!! Please let us know- this drives a small percent of Dexcom’ers 100% nuts! It seems so unfair…

    02/27/17; 10:12 pm
  8. Sharon K Chrisman #

    Hopes and prays.

    02/27/17; 10:43 pm
  9. Jen Loving #

    Kerri!!! OMG!! I just read this and checked my daughters expiration dates. My daughter has the exact same rash as what the FB group shows and she hasn’t been wearing her sensor. I have some sensors with October expiration dates that we are going to try tonight! I am so excited and I hope you have good news to report!

    03/2/17; 8:23 pm
    • AHHHH I hope this works for you!!! I’m rounding out day 3 and no rash yet. I’m hoping to go the full seven days without itching. Please let me know how your daughter does, and good luck!!

      03/2/17; 11:03 pm

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