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I’m Not.

I’ve never had nightmares like this one before
Problem is, when I wake, it’s still there and I’m floored
Because every damn day there’s another news flash
Showing me that some leaders just follow cash.
I used to be iffy, and then was concerned.
But panic is what this new paradigm’s earned.

I’m a person and with me comes chronic disease
Not my fault but it’s mine until I cease to be.
I spend many hours maintaining my health
Despite big bites that it takes out of our wealth.
I have so many bills, premiums, and copays;
I sort them by health issue, person, and phase.
Hours on phone calls that are beyond numbing,
Yet bills for the baby I lost keep on coming.

“It’s not covered.” “Denied.” “You’re a burned down house.”
I wish I was that squeaky-cured research mouse.
“You can enter this risk pool.” But I need flotation
Not rejection from this powerful first world nation.

I’m scared and I’m nervous but I am empowered
Refusing to believe our whole country is soured.
I stand with my peers and I hope for the best
And until this is sorted, I refuse to rest.
I marched in a march and written my reps.
But there’s more I can do. There’s a series of steps.
Time to act, to rise up, to realign thoughts.
I know there’s a system.
It’s broken.

I’m not.

* * *

If you know of places where people can take action and raise their voice, please leave links in the comments. Liking a Facebook status or a Twitter post is good, but making phone calls, writing letters, and standing up for your rights can be so much better.

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    Make some calls.

    01/26/17; 10:24 am
  2. Mary #

    CALL! CALL! CALL! Senators and representatives have to log every call. And not just your local rep, call the leadership, too. Also call your governor’s office and ask that they enact some action to protect their citizens. This was my sister’s recommendation and she previously worked for a senator and is very politically knowledgeable and active. Also a fellow T1.
    Thank you for all you do, Kerri.

    01/26/17; 10:45 am
  3. andy #

    lets give trump a chance! obama care was a disaster! did your prices keep going up mine did! we are subsidizing others thwt didnt have insurance and were required to have it, if they couldn’t afford it before what makes you think they could when they had to buy it? i pay around 8,000$ for my wife and me. crazy but it is what it is. cut big saleries, regulate drug companies profits, and make it competitive with dr. prices.

    01/26/17; 11:14 am
  4. Pearlsa #

    When you call your representatives remind them of the upcoming midterm elections (November 2018) tell them you are starting your research now and you really what to know where they stand on the issues that are important to you.

    All 435 seats in the House of Representatives will be up for elections and 33 of the 100 seats in the Senate. They need to know they are being watched and what they do and how they vote will inform how you vote not the media sound bites during the campaign.

    01/26/17; 11:26 am
  5. Elizabeth Tull #


    This is an excellent app, that makes it easy to keep track of bills being debated, and contacting Congress about them.

    This is a description of the app:

    And Manny posted this link the other day. If enough people are willing to do the leg work it could be so powerful in 2018:

    (Kerri, you may already be planning this, but it may make sense to write a separate blog post to list the information you find.)

    01/26/17; 11:57 am
  6. Laurie Philemonoff #

    There is a website I found recently called “Common Dreams”. I only found it a week ago or so, so (as with all websites, really) proceed with caution. It supposedly reports news and information for the “progressive community”. So far I have found it interesting and helpful and not “false news”. So far anyway.

    01/26/17; 1:56 pm
  7. Dan #

    Hi Kerri,

    Never, Never, NEVER, Give Up.

    quote from Winston Churchill.

    No one said diabetes would be easy. I am writing to tell you that you
    do a great job for all of us. As always have a great day.

    01/26/17; 2:31 pm
  8. I downloaded the app Countable. It helps me get in touch about matters I care about, without burning myself out. I write down the bill numbers of the issues that I am focusing my advocacy on

    01/26/17; 5:14 pm
  9. My house burned down in 1974. It was not my fault and for good measure, I burned it down three more times so far. Heck who knows I might burn it down a couple of more just for fun.

    The thing is I have been fortunate to have insurance for all but two years of my life. Do you know the difference between Mr. Toomey and me? good fortune. Do you know the difference between me and those in the US who have not have such fortune with insurance? Not one damn thing. Those of us with chronic disease live on the edge and saying we burned down our house? That is idiotic

    01/26/17; 8:54 pm
  10. Love this with everything I’ve got.

    01/26/17; 11:09 pm
  11. Amiga, this is such an inspiring piece!! The Hamilton of diabetes.

    Don’t give up: it’s not easy, but we too can get through this… we the people… we… the people with diabetes!

    01/26/17; 11:14 pm
  12. I so relate…
    THIS is excellent – a weekly well-researched checklist of actions to take for greatest impact!

    You can sign up there to get the weekly email.

    01/27/17; 6:02 pm
  13. Stefan Rubin #

    Thanks for always being a voice in this diabetes wilderness.


    01/31/17; 7:25 am
  14. Amazing and powerful poem, Kerri! Thank you. I’d love for you to rap it and post it on YouTube

    02/4/17; 1:11 pm
  15. Emily Scott #

    oh, Kerri! I am so relieved to know how you feel about this historical nightmare mistake. Yes, we can do things to keep the valuables we have in this country. I don’t dislike him because he is a Rep; I dislike him because I know his type. I had one of these in my family and we all have them in our lives, esp., the business world. Two friends who are psychotherapists verify that he is a socio, psychopath. He was extremely spoiled all his life. He will remember and hurt anyone who does not like him. You can be mislead by his kindly words, actions now and then, but while you fall for that, he does something harmful to you. Distraction is one of his weapons. The way to be safe is to stay away; ignore him. But he is able to ruin our lives so we have to be cool. PLEASE read “Without Conscience” by Robert Hare, phd. A small, accurate, helpful book. …..Thank you for marching. The Dems and the Progressives now are taking action. Impeachment is a real possibility.

    03/2/17; 4:41 pm

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