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January 2017

An Alarming Talk.

Blood Sugars January 27, 2017 7 Comments

I had twenty minutes before my talk, so the double-down arrow didn’t unnerve me too much.  The TypeOneNation event in Connecticut had tables full of coffee, tea, juice, and other snacky things.  I grabbed a bottle of orange juice and downed it. “We’ll mic you up and introduce you in a few minutes, ok?” the organizer asked.  I nodded, trying…


I’m Not.

Uncategorized January 26, 2017 17 Comments

I’ve never had nightmares like this one before Problem is, when I wake, it’s still there and I’m floored Because every damn day there’s another news flash Showing me that some leaders just follow cash. I used to be iffy, and then was concerned. But panic is what this new paradigm’s earned. I’m a person and with me comes chronic…


Five Months.

Uncategorized January 25, 2017 3 Comments

To my Guy, Five months old!  (And I’m pretty sure I forgot to write you a letter at the four month mark, so here’s a quick high five for turning four months old a bit back, too.)  Five months ago, I was excitedly awaiting your arrival and folding piles of baby clothes.  Now, I am greeted by your big, toothless smile…


Makeshift Solution.

Uncategorized January 24, 2017 No Comments

Arriving at the hotel last night, I realized my insulin pump needed a swap-and-refill.  I pulled out all the necessary supplies for a pump site change and dumped them onto the hotel bed. The little insulin bottle protector* I use keeps my insulin safe(r).  But it also covers the vial, so I didn’t realize the bottle was all-but empty until…



Blood Sugars January 23, 2017 9 Comments

Put test strip into glucose meter. Prick finger. Apply blood. (Yawn as the meter counts down because it’s six in the morning and what’s sleep?) Look at screen. Blink. Pull strip out of the meter. Toss it into the meter back with all the other dead strips. Zip up meter bag. Brush teeth. As toothpaste foam starts to drool out…


That Low, Though.

Blood Sugars January 17, 2017 7 Comments

The low blood sugar hadn’t rooted firmly enough in my brain yet, but I knew something was wrong.  My feet were heavy against the treadmill belt, and I kept rewinding the show I was watching because the dialog wasn’t making much sense to me. BEEEEP!  BEEEEP!  BEEEEEEEP! hollered my phone (aka surrogate Dexcom receiver) from the cupholder of the treadmill….


Dexcom Rash: Updated.

Dexcom, Diabetes Tech January 11, 2017 17 Comments

Frigging rash.  The issue first presented itself back in August 2012, leaving me scratching my head and itching my sensor sites for the next four years. At first, I tackled the problem by trying a pile of different barrier tapes, but the only one that brought about any semblance of relief was the Toughpad.  For about a year, I used a…


“How is it going?”

Diabetic Mommy January 4, 2017 7 Comments

“Oh, I had so much trouble even getting out of the house when my babies were little.  You seem like you have it all together,” said the physical therapist as she massaged the tendons in my arm to alleviate the inflammation (thanks, tennis elbow as a result of playing … baby tennis?) I would have laughed really hard if she hadn’t been pressing…