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Thanks, Diabetes!

Feeling bummed about the bullshit of diabetes?  Me, too.  I needed to find a few things to appreciate about this disease before I tried to throw it off the deck.  So here we go.  A quick round of “Thanks, Diabetes!

  • I had to get my flu shot two weeks ago.  The needle was big and went right into my shoulder muscle but I did not care as I do needles all the time.  NBD.  Thanks, Diabetes!
  • I mentally smirk every time I get on the highway and see the speed limit sign:  65.  Always makes me want to throw glucose tabs at the pavement.  Giggle well spent.  Thanks, Diabetes!
  • I had a long, drawn out phone call with someone at my insurance company’s office, all in pursuit of confirming coverage for some high-risk related ultrasounds when I was pregnant.  The woman who had to deal with me was extremely nice and helpful, and she made me laugh out loud more than once.  Were it not for my stupid disease, I never would have chatted with this awesome lady.  Thanks, Diabetes!
  • I was able to efficiently remove a splinter using a steady hand and a sharp lancet.  Thanks, Diabetes!
  • This week, I’ll have a chance to hang out with friends who might not make insulin but who definitely make the world a better place.  Thanks, Diabetes!
  • The charging cord for my t:slim pump happens to fit the charging port for the bluetooth speaker whose charging cord recently up and disappeared.  Thanks, Diabetes!
  • I forced myself to join some friends for a walk this morning in pursuit of bringing my blood sugar down just a little bit.  Had I not put blood sugars into the top priority bucket, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to spend a little quality time outside in the sunshine with friends.  Thanks, Diabetes!
  • I bought two bags of candy corn and completely considered them a “medically necessary expense.”  Thanks, Diabetes!
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  1. Jane #

    I got to leave a very long meeting before it finished because I had to eat my lunch. Thanks, Diabetes! ( ;

    10/18/16; 3:07 pm
  2. GM #

    I felt a rock in my shoe, which means I can still feel my feet and don’t have neuropathy. Thanks Diabetes!

    10/18/16; 6:37 pm
  3. Martha #

    Late to [anything], because my blood sugar was low and it wasn’t safe to drive. Thanks diabetes!

    10/19/16; 1:22 pm
  4. Ria #

    Tis the season for treating lows with autumn mix candy corn, pumpkins, scarecrows, corn stalks, etc, with every gobble I wonder
    ” what the heck flavor is this supposed to be, anyway???”
    Thanks diabetes

    10/19/16; 7:42 pm
  5. Matthew #

    I’m not sure the IRS would agree with that categorization of candy corn, T1D diagnosis and Dexcom log showing severe low notwithstanding.

    10/19/16; 8:02 pm
  6. Jessie McClellan #

    I got to “chaperone” my son’s field trip today and spend time with him instead of work *the nurse can’t go..
    Thanks Diabetes.

    10/20/16; 5:07 pm
  7. Because i was not able to work at my office .

    Thanks Diabetes.

    02/9/17; 6:19 am

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