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October 2016

Thanks, Diabetes!

Diabetes Advocacy, Diabetes and Emotions October 18, 2016 8 Comments

Feeling bummed about the bullshit of diabetes?  Me, too.  I needed to find a few things to appreciate about this disease before I tried to throw it off the deck.  So here we go.  A quick round of “Thanks, Diabetes!” I had to get my flu shot two weeks ago.  The needle was big and went right into my shoulder…


Type 1 Origins: Talking Comic Books with Partha Kar.

Diabetes Advocacy, Diabetes Community, Diabetes Online Community, Real Life Diabetes October 13, 2016 2 Comments

Dr. Kar has been a Consultant in Diabetes & Endocrinology at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust since 2008 and the Clinical Director of Diabetes from 2009-2015.  One of his main areas or passion is in helping to redesign diabetes care in an attempt to integrate chronic disease management across primary and secondary care.  He’s won many awards and has helped patients with…


Some t:slim X2 Q&A.

Pumping Insulin, Robot Life October 11, 2016 6 Comments

[Disclosure:  I have a relationship with Tandem Diabetes Care that is outlined here.  Bias noted?  Good.  Read on, then.] I am notorious for holding out on purchasing a new cell phone because I’m convinced that, the moment I hand over my money for Newest Phone it will immediately become obsolete at the announcement of NEWER PHONE. Which is why I’m…


Full Body.

Uncategorized October 4, 2016 16 Comments

The scar on my lower abdomen is close to healed, after six weeks of careful care.  The incision is evidence of the arrival of my son, the same place my daughter escaped from.  The skin above the incision is still swollen from months of pregnancy and oddly puckered due to surgery.  It’s not a flat, perfectly sculpted specimen of an abdomen….