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This is Thirty.

This is thirty years with type 1 diabetes.

I used to think it would stop me from enjoying life.  Now I realize that I’ve lived with this disease for thirty years and have brought it down the aisle, on stage, and around the world with me.  It hasn’t stopped me from doing a damn thing … other than making insulin.  But that’ll work itself out in, what … five to ten years?

Enormous hugs to everyone living with diabetes.  You kick ass every day, even when you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing.

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  1. Love this post! Congrats on a beautiful 30 years!!

    09/13/16; 12:13 pm
  2. Happy thirty!

    I could watch that gif all day!

    09/13/16; 12:16 pm
  3. Ria #

    Yay !!!
    Happy thirty, old timer !!
    I’ll be 44 in February ( that’s in diabetes years)

    09/13/16; 1:15 pm
  4. Martha #

    Congrats! The outside world may not understand the significance of these milestones, but we sure do! 🙂

    09/13/16; 2:11 pm
  5. Wow, happy thirtieth, what a great 30 years!! 🙂

    09/13/16; 2:30 pm
  6. yay! love this. my 30 is october 23. what GORGEOUS vivid absolutely spectacular pics …

    09/13/16; 7:58 pm
  7. Happy diaversary, the only thing that stops me is me.,

    Well, ok Sheryl sometimes.

    09/13/16; 8:12 pm
  8. Helen #

    Beautiful post!!!!!

    09/13/16; 8:15 pm
  9. I hit the big three-oh next year. And those first two pictures brought back a flood of memories. ESPECIALLY the guillotine.

    Now, where can I find an image of NPH insulin? 😉

    Happy Diabetiversary, or whatever we’re supposed to call it!

    09/13/16; 8:15 pm
  10. Happy 30th Kerri! Thank you for sharing your journey along with you joy for life..

    09/13/16; 8:17 pm
  11. Basic Joe #

    Congrats on reaching 30! I don’t remember the day of my diagnosis, so I use my birthday, and last June I hit 57 years with T1D.

    09/13/16; 8:29 pm
  12. Adrianna #

    Love all the pics. My diabirthday was 46 in April this year. How things have changed in those years.

    09/13/16; 9:14 pm
  13. CONGRATS! you make it look/sound easy, and thank you for taking us along with you and for keeping it real.

    09/13/16; 9:27 pm
  14. Rachel #

    Congrats, Kerri!!! I’m at “only” 26 years of T1D (and 10 years as a T2D researcher) myself, and I am cheering for you and the other veterans I see here. We wouldn’t choose it (not in a million years – I’m pretty sick of this shit, myself!), but I’m proud of every one of us. I know you will enjoy snuggling your precious babies today in particular, as I do mine (16 months, healthy, beautiful, and the greatest love I’ve ever known). ❤️

    09/13/16; 9:31 pm
  15. M. #

    Love the pics! What a beautiful life!

    09/13/16; 11:10 pm
  16. deborah crocker #

    Thank you for always keeping positive. My son has had diabetes since age 7 (he’s now 14) and being melancholy myself, it’s hard to always stay positive. You help me do that. For me & for him. God bless you and your gorgeous family.

    09/14/16; 8:45 am
  17. Dan #

    Hi Kerri,

    Here, Here! It is just a day to day set of events and you have done a very special job in the management of diabetes. Sending prayers and thanks to a great person. AS always have a great day. Oh, btw you are 60% on the path to a Joslin 50 year award.
    As always have a great day.


    09/14/16; 9:23 am
  18. Shout out to all you 30s, 20s, 40s people kicking diabetes butt!

    All of you help me chill the heck out when it comes to considering my teen’s future self in her future life, even if she feels like she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

    Kudos on making 30 look easy when it’s not.

    09/14/16; 11:50 am
  19. GM #

    Congrats! Take out the first two pics, and it looks like a totally normal life, which is exactly what so many of us are aiming for.

    09/14/16; 1:31 pm
  20. Congratulations – I celebrated 30 years with my T1D this year too. Had to believe how things have changed in that time and can’t wait to see the changes the next few years bring

    09/14/16; 3:27 pm
  21. Love the pic of you and Birdy chilling at the table. Priceless.
    March will mark my 34th diaversary. The only suck-free part of it is knowing I have so many D bros and sisters out there, like you.
    Happy (?) diaversary, let’s make it our goal to get that 75 year medal eh?
    Personally I look forward to denying diabetes the satisfaction of beating me – at least til then 🙂

    09/15/16; 5:30 pm
  22. Woo Hoo!! Congrats on kicking diabetes ass for all those years!!! & thank u for keeping it real!! U & ur story give a relative newbie like myself, hope!!! U have a beautiful family & enjoy those newborn snuggles!!! They grow up way too fast!!! HUGS!!!!

    09/20/16; 12:57 am
  23. You continue to be an amazing young woman. Thanks for taking the time to write about the D for all of us.

    09/20/16; 6:11 am

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