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May 2016

Not in a Vacuum.

Healthcare, Real Life Diabetes By May 6, 2016 8 Comments

It seems like the full assessment of my diabetes is only found in my paperwork, in my lab work.  But diabetes is more than that.  This video is a quick and dirty buzzword-laden rantish type moment about whole person care and how it’s not yet a “thing” in the land of chronic illness … but it will be. You might…


Eleventy and #AccessMatters.

Uncategorized By May 4, 2016 21 Comments

My blog turns eleven years old today. I could say so much about the benefits of connecting with my peers and finally, after years, realizing I was not alone with diabetes.  I could fill a blog for eleven – perhaps twelve? – years with that sort of appreciation.  It’s been an excellent virtual coffee date over the last eleven years….


Keeping it Bubbly Without Bubbling Over.

Diabetes and Emotions By May 2, 2016 Tags: , , , , , , , , 11 Comments

Yesterday, I was at the JDRF TypeOneNation event in Dallas (big thank you to Tandem Diabetes for sponsoring my attendance in full – more on that disclosure here), and I did two presentations. Despite only seeing a circuit of airport/shuttle/hotel/shuttle/airport, Dallas was fun. During my talk on “Life After Diagnosis,” a family asked about my views on diabetes, citing that I seemed to…