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Diabetes Blog Week: The Healthcare Experience.

The Healthcare Experience:  Most people who live with a chronic illness end up with a lot of experience when it comes to dealing with healthcare. How would you improve or change your healthcare experience? What would you like to see happening during medical visits with your healthcare team? How about when dealing with your health insurance companies? What’s your Healthcare Wish List or Biggest Frustration? Today is the day to share it all!

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This one will be short and sweet, thanks to a very tardy publishing schedule today (thank you, child’s ear ache coupled with four different low blood sugars for me during the course of the night), but I’ve written about the healthcare experience before.

I’ve done the “appointment wishlist” thing.  I’ve wanted to build my own doctor’s appointment.  And marveled at the weird airport departure-esque board noting the on-time arrival of HCPs.  I’ve rolled around in the healthcare hamster wheel.  I’ve even been tested to confirm my type 1 diabetes … after living with type 1 diabetes for over 28 years.

And as a patient with decent insurance and excellent coverage for different diabetes related devices at the moment, my chief complaint, and subsequent request, regarding the healthcare system is simple, but firm:


Diabetes is a time suck, even on its best days, and the less time I can spend dedicated to diabetes, the better.  But I can’t skimp on checking my glucose ever morning or changing my pump site every few days.  Logging blood sugar data is important, too.  So is making the time and effort to eat right and exercise.

And hot damn, all of those doctor’s appointments take up a lot of time, but they are important and proactive and necessary but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, waiting over an hour to see an HCP is completely ridiculous.  More often than not, my doctors are late.  Please.  Be on time.  I’m on time.  Please be on time.  The doctors are terrific, but the system is making access to them inconvenient at best and impossible at worst.  Wasting a whole day going to the doctor is not the best way to keep me motivated; if anything, it’s incentive to cancel appointments and reschedule.

Be on time.  Please.  Please.  Please.

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  1. Yeah, at 30 minutes I find a new doctor, unless of course they are my rheumatologist then he can do whatever, I don’t think anyone else is taking patients.

    I referred your blog to the TUDiabetes blog page for the week of May 16, 2016.

    05/19/16; 10:25 pm
  2. Totally agree. I have actually dropped / fired two doctors because of wait times. I look at it like I gave them more time to spend with the patients they have left.

    05/19/16; 10:41 pm
  3. andy #

    Absolutely agree. My time is money as much as their time is. Hate waiting then getting judged by the endocrinologist, what a waste of time. Walked out of last appointment after waiting 20 minutes. Secretary asked where I was going. I said loudly if the doctor can’t be on time or call me to tell me he is running late he obviously isn’t very responsible and hasn’t earned my business. What a Jack hole. Told new endocrinologist I expect a call if running behind schedule. He agreed. So far so good. Stand up hold them accountable. It’s your money demand good serve.

    05/20/16; 8:13 am
  4. Yes! I’ll never understand why sometimes they run an HOUR late! It’s especially fun when you have your toddler with you and they are running late-eek!

    05/20/16; 4:54 pm
  5. The best endocrinologist I’ve had was always late, sometimes very late. I learned to schedule for his last appointment so I knew what to expect and he wouldn’t feel rushed.
    He was usually late because he enjoyed talking with his patients, answering any questions and explaining test results in detail. I learned a great deal from him and because he was interested in what I had to say, I gained confidence in my ability to make diabetes management decisions. He was worth waiting for. Since he retired three years ago I’ve really missed him.

    05/20/16; 8:36 pm

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