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Diabetes Blog Week: The Other Half of Diabetes.

The Other Half of Diabetes:  We think a lot about the physical component of diabetes, but the mental component is just as significant. How does diabetes affect you or your loved one mentally or emotionally? How have you learned to deal with the mental aspect of the condition? Any tips, positive phrases, mantras, or ideas to share on getting out of a diabetes funk? (If you are a caregiver to a person with diabetes, write about yourself or your loved one or both!)

(And for more on the topics of Diabetes Blog Week 2016, click here.)

“Just don’t eat sugar.”  “Take your pills.”
“Count your carbs.”  “Avoid most thrills.
“Be prepared.” ” Plan ahead.”

But this disease
Is in my head.

I can’t split up the thoughts around
My mental health and body sound.
Impossible to draw a line
Between “I’m sick” and feeling fine.
Just take my shot?  And avoid stress?
Beware of cake?  Test, don’t guess?
The list of things disease requires
Realigns my needs around desires.

“I need juice.”
“It might cause strife.”
But sometimes juice can save my life.

It’s hard to share
How much I see.
In every test,

Was seven then, when it arrived.
And since that day, I’ve stayed alive.
But not because
I’ve not had pie.
Or “just took shots.”
I try.
And try.

The mental health
I have achieved,
I fight for – harder? –
Than A1C.

The demands put on a chronic life
Exceed “just take your shot.”
We live beyond, we live out loud.
Mental health not an afterthought.

It’s not a disease where you just “just.”
It’s more than simply “do.”
But how I manage mental health
Will help me make it through.

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  1. Yes! No one can ever get it until they’ve experienced it, whether as parent, spouse, patient, or all 3.

    05/17/16; 11:47 am
  2. This! All of it. 🙂

    05/17/16; 11:49 am
  3. “It’s more than simply ‘do'”

    I love this line! Makes me feel like less of a robot (battery operated body parts aside) than anything else.

    05/17/16; 5:00 pm
  4. Yes, you are so right, fighting for the mental health harder than the A1C and I fight pretty hard for a good A1C :-P.

    05/17/16; 5:11 pm
  5. Beth #

    Yes! It is impossible to draw a line between “I’m sick” and feeling fine. And it is so difficult to explain to others. Thanks, Kerri, for your thoughtful insight.

    05/17/16; 7:23 pm
  6. I love this! Thank you, Kerri!

    05/17/16; 8:57 pm
  7. Judith #

    Going low. Not being able to complete a sentence, because my brain needs more sugar. Feeling dumb. That is the mental piece that I hate most. Feels humiliating every time when it happens at work or anywhere in public for that matter.

    05/18/16; 8:43 am
  8. David #

    Feeling awesome to visit this page… and reading such interesting discussions. Yes…… you people are true.. Mental disturbance is significant with diabetes. I am also diabetes sufferer, and i can understand…

    Everyone, all the time, likes to give me hints to avoid sugar.

    I wish, i can eat lots of sugar…. aaah… lol

    05/27/17; 4:47 pm

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