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Six Until You.

Dear Baby,

Six years ago, I gave birth to your sister.  It was the most incredible moment of my life, and up until recently, she’s been my top-notch, absolute favorite person in the world.

“But wait … now I’ll be your favorite because I’m your first, and my brother will be your favorite because he’s your last,” interrupted Birdy, who has taken to writing you notes and sealing the envelopes so I can’t peek inside.

Exactly.  She will always be my strange and beautiful Bird and you, you are becoming a little someone who will change our lives again in ways I can’t predict but I know will be awesome and overwhelming.

It’s been over two years that we’ve hoped for you and it’s been a rough go for a dozen reasons, but now, my heart has tried to leave behind that hurt in pursuit of fully investing in hope.  And every time I see your little face on the ultrasound screen or hear the technician say, “Wow, this one loves to dance around,” that hope is renewed.

For now, we wait.  Patiently.  While we wait, my health takes priority in efforts to maintain yours, which is a journey all itself, and I pick through bins of saved baby clothes from the basement, kept in hopes of your someday arrival. (Here’s hoping you like Batman.)

I love you, kiddo.  I have for a long time.  And we can’t wait to meet you and immerse your little self into the never-ending chaos of our family later this summer.

Love always and forever,

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  1. Chandra #

    Omg!!! Congrats!! I am so happy for you.

    03/8/16; 10:35 am
  2. Chrissy #

    Oh congrats! I was on the infertility train for my first, and I know it can be a hard, lonely journey. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, and the anticipation of a new little one.

    03/8/16; 10:39 am
  3. Congratulations, Kerri – and Chris and Birdy on becoming a big sister 🙂 We welcomed a baby brother to our house 5 months ago 🙂

    03/8/16; 10:39 am
  4. Congratulations, Kerri! I’m super happy for you, Chris and Birdy! Love, always.

    03/8/16; 10:46 am
  5. SO happy for you and Chris and Birdy!!!! Can’t wait to give you big hugs in person soon!!

    03/8/16; 10:54 am
    • Just a few more weeks until I’m in TX. I can’t wait to see you!! 😀

      03/8/16; 11:07 am
  6. So Damn Fantastic. Congratulations.

    03/8/16; 10:55 am
  7. Well, slap-bang!
    Sitting here just grinning away.
    Congratulations and hugs!

    03/8/16; 10:58 am
  8. The Batman Princess can finally have a Robin. Or Batgirl-boy. Whatever he wants to be. Congrats, Sparling clan! Much love.

    03/8/16; 11:02 am
  9. I love this. And I can’t wait to hear stories about your two kiddos.
    So happy for all of you!

    03/8/16; 11:03 am
  10. All kinds of awesomeness… Sister love! <3

    03/8/16; 11:06 am
  11. Angela #

    Super, That little one will have Birdie as a big sister and that will make things right in the world! PS and awesome parental units 🙂

    03/8/16; 11:07 am
  12. Mom/Grammie #

    Well I have know for awhile and am over the moon. However, what you wrote made me tear up. The journey has not been easy but it happened! Cannot wait to spoil the little boy just like all the other 3 grandchildren. WOOOO HOOO!


    03/8/16; 11:23 am
  13. Barb #

    So happy for you!! And this announcement made me way happier than it should given that you’re essentially a stranger to me! I’m snuggling with my 11 week old as I read this. Your blog has been invaluable to me, especially while I contemplated pregnancy with T1D. Thank you Kerri and good luck. And babies!

    03/8/16; 11:29 am
    • In this diabetes world, “strangers” aren’t really a thing. Congrats on your little one! 😀

      03/8/16; 11:46 am
  14. Congratulations Kerri! wonderful news and a beautiful way to announce it!

    03/8/16; 11:42 am
  15. Kim #

    My whole family could not be more happy for yours. <3

    03/8/16; 11:46 am
  16. Deb #

    The most wonderful news to share…..heartfelt congratulations to all of you.

    03/8/16; 12:04 pm
  17. So many congrats to you and Chris and Birdy!

    03/8/16; 12:09 pm
  18. Laura Gibson #

    Congratulations!!! <3

    03/8/16; 12:35 pm
  19. Tim Steinert #

    So happy for you and your (growing) family!

    03/8/16; 12:36 pm
  20. Lorrian Ippoliti #

    Kerri! Congratulations to you and Birdy and Chris. What wonderful news. <3

    03/8/16; 12:44 pm
  21. Martha #

    Congratulations! My second pregnancy with T1D was much easier than my first (notice I didn’t say easy!) since I knew what to expect, but all T1D moms should get extra bonus points for all the hard work we do to make a healthy baby. So worth it though!

    03/8/16; 12:56 pm
    • It’s a lot of work, for sure, but a party at the end! 🙂

      03/8/16; 2:03 pm
  22. ria #

    awwww…. so sweet !!
    It will be fun to read about all of your new adventures in babyland…..congratulations !

    03/8/16; 1:12 pm
  23. YAY!!!!!!!! Congrats! So happy for all FOUR of you!

    03/8/16; 1:17 pm
  24. Debra #

    Mazel Tov! What fantastic news! What will you blog-name this new baby? Hope you have something cute in mind, like you chose for Birdy!

    03/8/16; 1:29 pm
  25. Allison #

    Congratulations, Kerri!

    03/8/16; 1:36 pm
  26. Allison #

    Also, I just reread your New Year, New Disclosures post and holy foreshadowing, Batman! Er, Robin?

    03/8/16; 1:43 pm
    • Thanks! We knew about the baby then. 🙂 We’ve kept this secret for a long time now!

      03/8/16; 2:01 pm
  27. Jen #

    I don’t know you personally except to read your wonderful blog and yet I teared up reading this. So happy for you!!

    03/8/16; 1:56 pm
  28. Oh, Kerri, I’m SO excited for you! I’m happy that the pregnancy has gone far enough to see his little face, and I know this will be a wonderful experience for the three of you to add a fourth. I can just imagine Birdy’s reactions, because she is such an artistic and expressive little girl. I hope you share some of the things she does both before and after the arrival of the new little person! Hugs!

    03/8/16; 2:27 pm
  29. Laddie #

    So happy for you and your family, Kerri:-)

    03/8/16; 2:37 pm
  30. Ellen #

    Such great news! So happy for you all!

    03/8/16; 3:39 pm
  31. tracy #

    Such wonderful news! All the best to you and your family!

    03/8/16; 4:12 pm
  32. Danielle #

    Congratulations! Currently expecting #3 and 5 months along! (due end of july) Hope you are feeling well!

    03/8/16; 4:20 pm
  33. Wow! Congratulations!! So excited for you and your family!! 🙂

    03/8/16; 4:42 pm
  34. Lisa #

    Blinking tears of many emotions. The beauty of the hope that follows sorrow. Very happy for you, my friend. Congratulations

    03/8/16; 4:45 pm
  35. Omg omg omg!!! So so very excited and happy for you!!! Trying times are common, many women tall all about it and many choose not to <3 I know what you mean about investing in hope 😉 I am so so so happy for you I don't even have the words – congratulations!!!!!!!!!

    03/8/16; 4:58 pm
  36. Big congratulations Kerri! Look forward to following your journey 🙂

    03/8/16; 5:30 pm
  37. Rachel #

    Congrats, Kerri and family! I’m a long-time reader, first time commenter and a new Mama who’s had type 1 diabetes for 25 years. I very well remember how pregnancy with T1D is not an easy journey, from the ever-changing insulin sensitivity (damn you and bless you, pregnancy hormones!) to the impossible to maintain expectations of perfect glycemia (“Why did your bloodsugar go above 140?” is not a question that filled me with delight. Ever.), to the constant worrying about how the baby is doing – though I think every mother does that! But you said it perfectly: “a party at the end,” and I am thrilled for you and your loved ones.

    03/8/16; 6:22 pm
  38. Nick Lancaster #

    OMG!! Woo congratulations!!!! 😀 I started reading SUM just after Birdy was born and it has been such a wonderful privilege to have been able to follow along the journey with you. So very excited about this new chapter in your lives!

    03/8/16; 6:47 pm
  39. Oh, that warms my heart! Congratualations!

    03/8/16; 7:00 pm
  40. Ana #

    Congratulations! Your world will change all over again and the joy is well worth the extra effort. Wish you all the best!

    03/8/16; 7:12 pm
  41. Sharon #

    Wow—How wonderful! Was just at TCOYD in Sacramento last weekend-thinking that you were there 2 years ago (and missed you!). Congratulations—teared up just reading your news. Take good care of yourself 🙂

    03/8/16; 7:13 pm
  42. Allison Allison #

    Wow, wow, wow! Congratulations!!! Prayers for all of you!!!

    03/8/16; 7:27 pm
  43. Wonderful news! Congratulations all round. Crossing everything for you that your pregnancy is as joyful as it can be and that your BGs cooperate with bewildering compliance 🙂

    03/8/16; 7:33 pm
  44. K2 #

    I am so thrilled for you guys & YAY!!!!!!!!

    03/8/16; 7:34 pm
  45. Beth #

    Wonderful news! Congratulations!

    03/8/16; 7:49 pm
  46. Kathy W. #

    Yay, what wonderful news!! And I’m sure your son will always be in awe of his amazing, smart, and strong big sister!

    03/8/16; 8:49 pm
  47. Marina #

    I have tears in my eyes. Beautiful letter and what a wonderful news! Congrats to you and your family!

    03/8/16; 9:21 pm
  48. Lynn #

    Oh Kerri! Congratulations to you and your family! How exciting! I hope for the best in every way for you!!

    03/8/16; 10:18 pm
  49. Nikki Thomason #

    Kerri, I’m very happy and excited for you, Chris, and Birdy!
    Reading this made my day. 🙂

    Wonder what Loopy will think of the baby?

    Nikki T.

    03/8/16; 10:38 pm
  50. Beth #

    Congrats!!! So excited for you guys. I am at 16 weeks with my first. it also took about 2 years and help of a doctor to get pregnant. So far so good though- had my lowest A1c ever at 8 weeks! Hope you’re feeling well, and good luck with managing the diabetes and all! It’s been tough but so, so worth it for me so far!

    03/8/16; 10:39 pm
  51. Tamara #

    What happy news! Congratulations.

    03/8/16; 11:30 pm
  52. M. #

    So happy for you!!! Congrats! Wishing you awesome adventures!

    03/9/16; 1:35 am
  53. Alison #

    Congratulations! I originally “found” you when I started my own fertility journey and it was fantastic to get both “real” information about T1 & pregnancy as well as hope that it was all possible and worth it.

    And now, after 7yrs and four rounds of IVF I’m right this minute laying in my hospital bed in far away NZ, 35 weeks pregnant with a little girl who I’m hoping stays where she is for a couple more weeks at least (even though I’m so ready to meet her!)

    Thanks for the inspiration so long ago and all the best with your little boys journey!

    03/9/16; 4:21 am
  54. Phillip #

    Congrats! Just going to warn you, we (boys) are a different animal all together but totally awesome!

    03/9/16; 4:29 am
  55. Leah #

    Yayyyyy! I know so well that feeling of wanting to be happy but worrying every second. I wish you lots of happiness and joy during your pregnancy and beyond.

    03/9/16; 8:36 am
  56. Michelle #

    Much love, health and happiness.

    03/9/16; 8:54 am
  57. Sandy T #

    Wooohooo! Congratulations! So happy for you all!

    03/9/16; 9:45 am
  58. anonlurkermom #

    Best wishes to the whole family! Buy the book I Heard said the Bird. It is a picture book, too young for your Birdy, but she will love it anyway. It is one of my favorites.

    03/9/16; 11:12 am
  59. Lynne #

    This brought tears to my eyes. Tears because I am so happy for you but also because I think about my daughter and how someday she may want a baby and you prove T1D can’t stop that!

    03/9/16; 11:45 am
  60. Stefan Rubin #

    Congratulations, and thanks for the free smile.

    Stefan Rubin

    03/9/16; 12:37 pm
  61. This is such wonderful news!!!!!!!! <3 Love you guys!! #TeamBatgirlAndRobin

    03/9/16; 1:14 pm
  62. Jillian #

    Congratulations! Kim, Kelley, and you! I love all the strong t1d moms in this community! Hugs to you and all your family!!!

    03/9/16; 11:07 pm
  63. Jen #

    Congratulation! Best wishes for a healthy, happy pregnancy!

    03/18/16; 12:05 pm
  64. Hannah #

    Wow fantastic news! Your were my shining hope during preconception stage and pregancy of my little boy now 2. So pleased for you and your family on baby number 2! I would imagine you can go into this pregancy a little more confidently that you know what to do diabetes wise and hope its a complication fee as possible X

    03/18/16; 12:51 pm
  65. Elsiroomom #

    Thrilled for you and your Birdy! (And husband too!) Great happy news!

    03/18/16; 12:55 pm
  66. Sue Nissley #

    Awesome happy news! What fun for Birdy to be a big sis!!!!

    03/18/16; 1:06 pm
  67. Raquel #


    03/18/16; 1:17 pm
  68. Catherine #

    Awe, im crying happy tears for you, sweet lady!! Congratulations!!!

    03/18/16; 5:49 pm
  69. Danielle #

    So happy!! I have the hugest smile right now – congratulations!!!

    03/18/16; 9:23 pm
  70. Mary Depp #

    This is such amazing news! You’re an inspiration. Blessings to you and your family.

    03/18/16; 11:39 pm

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