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February 2016

Looking Back: Cleaning Crews.

Blood Sugars, Diabetes Memories February 15, 2016 4 Comments

It’s weird to see that posts from 2011 are still relevant to how my diabetes behaves today.  See also:  when my blood sugar is tumbling, sometimes the dishes become a priority over a fistful of jellybeans.  Today, I’m looking back at a post from 2011 discussing that exact phenomenon, the urge to become a one-woman cleaning crew when under 65…


A Rose By Any Other Name …

Diabetes Advocacy February 12, 2016 5 Comments

Sunday is Valentine’s Day, and marks the end of this year’s Spare a Rose, Save a Child campaign. There’s lots of love going around this weekend; will you share your affections in a way that will last all year? Flowers end up in the garbage can.  Fancy dinners are digested.  And chocolates, ironically, require a hefty dose of insulin.  …


Verio Sync: Unanticipated Glitch.

Diabetes Advocacy, Diabetes Products, Healthcare, Real Life Diabetes February 11, 2016 17 Comments

The Verio Sync meter and I have been happy friends for a few years now, starting back in late 2013.  (Here’s that first post, with disclosures aplenty. Second impressions are here.)   I honestly can’t figure out why more people aren’t using this meter.  It’s fast, it’s accurate, and the Reveal app is awesome.  This meter has been the best…



Diabetes Advocacy February 8, 2016 5 Comments

Low blood sugars have become moments that scare me more now than they did when I was younger, mostly because the symptoms of my lows have all but disappeared until I’m deep into the 40’s. It’s shocking to my system to have that gentle lag and foggy confusion suddenly open into the abyss of a properly symptomatic low, bringing about…


Hypo Kick.

Blood Sugars February 3, 2016 7 Comments

“I heard the alarms going off, yeah.  But what woke me up completely was when you started screaming,” Chris said over breakfast. “Oh yeah.  That was a thing,” I agreed, remembering that moment clearly. On the whole, I’m a very quiet sleeper.  I don’t snore, I don’t move around much while I sleep, and generally I’m silent, except for the…


Spare a Rose 2016

Uncategorized February 1, 2016 6 Comments

From February 1 – 14, the diabetes online community is hosting our annual Spare A Rose campaign.  You remember that one, right?  The one where you send eleven roses instead of twelve on Valentine’s Day, taking the value of that saved rose (averaged out to $5) and donating that to the International Diabetes Federation’s Life for a Child program, which…