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A Rose By Any Other Name …

Sunday is Valentine’s Day, and marks the end of this year’s Spare a Rose, Save a Child campaign.

There’s lots of love going around this weekend; will you share your affections in a way that will last all year?

Flowers end up in the garbage can.  Fancy dinners are digested.  And chocolates, ironically, require a hefty dose of insulin.    Donating to Spare a Rose makes your gift of love last all year, and provides life for a child.  This is not a joke.  This matters.

Your five dollar donation can save someone’s life.  How often does five dollars go that far?

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  1. Thanks for sharing the #SpareARose message, Kerri!

    02/12/16; 3:28 pm
  2. Dixie #

    Thanks for the reminder for us procrastinators! ((Hugs)

    02/12/16; 8:09 pm
  3. Wayne #


    I love that you are trying to improve others during Valentines day, but I disagree with you views on flowers.

    Fresh flowers may die after a week or so, but before that happens they provide much joy and happiness into the room. Their color and shapes brightens up the room, which brightens me up. And I need all the help I can with life’s struggles, like my diabetes.

    So thank you for you idea, I love you for wanting to help others, but flowers is something I love too.

    02/13/16; 1:18 pm
    • To each their own, Wayne. I’m glad flowers make you happy. 🙂

      02/15/16; 8:55 am
  4. M. #

    I love this campaign. Just made my donation!

    02/13/16; 7:40 pm

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