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Hypo Kick.

“I heard the alarms going off, yeah.  But what woke me up completely was when you started screaming,” Chris said over breakfast.

“Oh yeah.  That was a thing,” I agreed, remembering that moment clearly.

On the whole, I’m a very quiet sleeper.  I don’t snore, I don’t move around much while I sleep, and generally I’m silent, except for the occasional whimper (apparently I make small yapper-type dog noises while falling asleep).

That explains why my terrified screams  jolted my husband awake last night.

Dexcom alarms started going off around 2 am, at which point I woke up, had a juice box and some raisins, and went back to sleep.  But it wasn’t a restful sleep, still punctuated by the low blood sugar alarms blaring into the night.  I woke up to the low alarm five minutes later, decided to wait a little longer to see if my blood sugar was going to climb, fell back asleep, the alarm went off … this cycle of interrupted sleep and CGM soundtrack went on for the better part of an hour.

But eventually, I was back up to 75 mg/dL, so I thought I was fine.

Only the snack wasn’t cutting it, and my blood sugar started to tumble yet again.  My Dexcom started bleating out alarms once again, but I wasn’t awake.  I was dreaming, actively, only in my dream, I was aware that I was low.  And also that I was asleep.  I don’t remember the storyline of my hypo-induced nightmare, but during the course of it I realized I was low and, if I didn’t wake up, I would be in some serious trouble.  Dreaming Kerri decided that, in order to wake up Actual Kerri, she needed to scream.  Loudly.  It was the kick my Inception-influenced mind needed to bring me fully into consciousness.

So she did.  I did.  (The pronouns are starting to tangle.)


“What?  WHAT?!”

I clumsily reached past my blaring phone towards my meter, with 48 mg/dL the result on the screen.

“I’m very low.  Could I have juice, please?”

(Our communication skills about lows, especially 3 am ones, has been diluted down to screams, jolts, and polite, disembodied-voice requests juice.)

A full glass of juice and two hours after the lows started, it was done and sleep finally returned.  But my dreams were still strange, still restless, still confused, and when I woke up to ready my daughter for school, I wasn’t entirely sure if I was really awake.

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  1. Laddie #

    I have never figured out whether hypos cause nightmares or whether nightmares result in hypos.

    Many of my nighttime lows result in Do-Loop dreams with no Exit Command. For those of us who learned computer programming in the 1970’s, Do-Loops that never ended were a constant challenge. They were basically something that happened over and over again and that is how many of my nighttime hypos manifest themselves. Last night it was some Disney song that repeated through much of the night. Don’t even remember the song, but sleep was not great:-)

    As always, glad you made it through another nighttime low and glad that Hubby was home to help.

    02/3/16; 8:49 pm
  2. Tim Steinert #

    I hate lucid dreaming. The worst one is dreaming that someone is coming into my room. Then I wake up, but it’s only in my dream that I woke up. Repeat. Shudder. Glad you’re alright.

    02/3/16; 9:51 pm
  3. Suki #

    I find that I often dream about food when my bg is low. Invariably. Does anyone else have that early warning system in their dreamstate?

    02/3/16; 11:13 pm
  4. I’m usually getting chased by something (like an angry black bear – or tornadoes/storms are happening all around me. Or Martians are landing (no kidding) and I can’t find my husband or family. Man, we D’s have the market cornered on fantasy fiction 😉

    Glad you’re OK 🙂

    02/4/16; 9:12 am
  5. andy #

    Funny I went to bed high, woke up low 2hrs later, then high again! Not a good night. Some days are diamonds some days are stone! I guess. Wish I could nail down my correction factor! Try again tonight for good sleep!

    02/4/16; 1:03 pm
  6. ria #

    “TheTwilight Zone”
    I can never seem to get back to actual sleep when those kind of lows happen so the entire next day is questionable

    02/4/16; 6:09 pm
  7. Sandy T #

    I never dream; maybe once a month…last night the dream was…you are low. Wake up. And I did. Very odd for me. I didn’t feel low and was tempted to fall right back to sleep. I didn’t, I looked at my pump…yep below 40 on the pump. So haul myself up and treat. Thankfully I felt rested this morning.

    02/4/16; 9:16 pm

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