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Spare a Rose 2016

From February 1 – 14, the diabetes online community is hosting our annual Spare A Rose campaign.  You remember that one, right?  The one where you send eleven roses instead of twelve on Valentine’s Day, taking the value of that saved rose (averaged out to $5) and donating that to the International Diabetes Federation’s Life for a Child program, which provides life-saving insulin and resources for children with diabetes in developing countries.

We need you.

Yes, you.

You’re part of this, you know.  If you’re reading these words, or any words written by a person touched by diabetes, you are touched by diabetes.  Maybe you’re the parent of a child with diabetes.  Maybe you’re an app developer looking to connect with the diabetes community.  Maybe you run a magazine that hosts health-related articles.  Maybe you’re a PR company that hopes to influence the diabetes community.  Maybe you’re a representative from a diabetes company, or a teacher who has a student with diabetes in their class, or a researcher who studies this disease.

We need you to help amplify the Spare a Rose message.  You can donate to the charity, share the Spare A Rose link with your friends and colleagues, and truly take this initiative, this passion – and our global community –  to a powerful new level.

If you’ve emailed a diabetes advocate, asking them to share your latest press release or to engage in your survey, please spare a rose.

If you work in the diabetes industry and you leave diabetes in your office when you go home at night, remember that people with diabetes don’t ever leave diabetes behind.  And that many people with diabetes struggle to gain access to the drug that keeps them alive.  Considering bringing this campaign to your office.  Please spare a rose.

If you are touched by diabetes in any way – the partner of, the friend of, the coworker of, the child of, the parent of, the neighbor of a person with diabetes – please spare a rose.

If you are part of the greater patient community, I’m asking you to walk with the diabetes community for two weeks and help us make a difference in the life of a child.  With your raised voices, we make a greater difference.  Please spare a rose.

This is where we shine, you guys; where we take care of our own.  Where we can take our collective power, not as people with picky pancreases but instead as people with full and grateful hearts.  Show your love for this community on Valentine’s Day by sending one less rose to a loved one and instead providing life for a child.

Flowers die.  Children shouldn’t.

Please spare a rose.

And please spread the word!


(This post is recycled, but the sentiment remains the same and the mission is just as important.  Show true love.  Save a child.)

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  1. Matthew #

    Are Spare a Rose donations tax deductible? I
    That really should be a question on the FAQ.

    02/1/16; 11:24 am
    • Here is the tax deductible information. Because it is an international coalition, there are a variety of answers depending on your country.

      02/1/16; 3:31 pm
      • Thank you for sharing this, Sara. I’m in meetings all day and having trouble keeping up with email. Thanks for being on this!!!

        02/1/16; 5:10 pm
  2. “I wasn’t alone, the feeling was beautiful.” – Nweke. A child who benefited from IDF’s Life for a Child.

    Sounds like the DOC doesn’t he?

    Thanks, to everyone who joins to Spare A Rose to help all the kids like Nweke, that Life for a child reaches.

    02/1/16; 12:24 pm
  3. Tracy #

    I certainly don’t miss my $5 a month. It’s just a little more than a couple of cups of coffee, and for a much better cause.

    02/1/16; 3:30 pm
  4. Debbe #

    Donated. People need to help people!

    02/2/16; 12:50 pm

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