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Pump Peelz Giveaway: Now with More Superheroes!

You guys.  The team at Pump Peelz (Scott and Emily) have returned with new designs for their very clever diabetes device decorations and a very generous gift card giveaway for Six Until Me readers.  That’s all the lead-in I’m giving because that’s all the lead-in you need.


To enter the giveaway, you need to leave a comment on this post that includes a fictional diabetes superhero name and that superhero’s special power *.  The contest is open as of right this second and it closes on Sunday (1/10) at 7 pm ET.  Three winners will be announced on Monday morning, with the first winner receiving a $25 gift card, the second place winner earning a $10 gift card, and third place wins a $5 gift card.

(First, second, and third will be determined arbitrarily by Loopy … or me.)

Thanks, Pump Peelz team, for providing another fun and one-of-a-kind giveaway!  I’m looking forward to seeing the entries.

(* After consulting my daughter, she decided that the superhero would be “Super Diabetes Guy/Lady” and their special power would be touching their nose and either giving, or taking away, someone’s diabetes.  Then she touched my nose.  “Took away your diabetes, Mom,” but then, a second later, “Mom, gimme your nose so I can get this diabetes off my finger.”)


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  1. My superhero is called the Blood Glucose Gazer, and she is able to tell an exact blood sugar number by just closing her eyes and concentrating. No needles necessary.

    01/8/16; 9:26 am
  2. Lisa #

    My diabetes superhero is Diabeetus (think Maximus from Gladiator), who possesses the powers of making low blood sugars shake in their boots by being able to conjure up delectable sugary treats out of thin air to give to someone bravely fighting a low. You name it, he magically makes it appear! (Sorry for the insane run-on, I know how you are about that!)

    01/8/16; 10:43 am
  3. Nicolle #

    The Knight of Langerhans- he is clothed in armor and able to fight off antibodies with 1 hand, keeping all of the beta cells in the land safe and happy (and working)! I think mine is more of a fairytale but would be a superhero none the less!

    01/8/16; 11:30 am
  4. My super hero is glucalicious, a friend of pinkalicious. She wears a blue dress, and when kids blood sugars are high, she waves her wand to bring them down automatically and when low, gives them the perfect amount of blue candy. All the superhero wants is for diabetics blood sugars to be perfectly glucalicious!

    01/8/16; 12:29 pm
  5. Stacy #

    “CarboMan” can scan any food, with beams from his eyes, to get exact carb counts!

    01/8/16; 2:08 pm
  6. Ellen #

    Sir Lancet-a-lot, would be able to change our lancets in our pokers with a flick of his wrist.

    01/8/16; 2:52 pm
    • Carrie #

      LOL! Love it.

      01/10/16; 8:43 pm
  7. Anna #

    My diabetes superhero is named “The Good Kind of Superhero” just because that’s what I have: the good kind of diabetes.

    His superpower is self-regulating blood sugar after eating lemon iced pound cake. He’s good like that.

    01/8/16; 3:11 pm
  8. Nicole #

    Predicta. She would be able to warn of out of range bg’s long in advance and provide the exact action required to keep it in range.

    01/8/16; 6:31 pm
  9. Claire P. #

    My superhero would be Madame Betta, who would make symptoms of both high and low blood sugar disappear immediately after corrective action is taken. If you’re high and you take a correction, you are no longer sluggish and miserable. Low? Eat your 15 grams and get your brain back that instant.

    01/8/16; 6:53 pm
  10. John #

    My diabetes super hero is Red Drop and the super power is making the blood glucose of every drop of blood tested in a glucometer read 100 mg/dL.

    Red Drop is affiliated with a new, younger super hero named White Line, whose super power is making CGM trend lines stay straight and in the white.

    Thanks Kerri and Pump Peelz!

    01/8/16; 7:19 pm
  11. Hilary H #

    The gluconator has the ability to stop low blood sugar with a single touch, thus avoiding the 3 am gorge and subsequent uber high!!

    01/8/16; 7:47 pm
  12. Morgan T #

    “Agent Sticky”. Who happens to be able to scare any Dexcom sensor or infusion site into actually sticking on someone’s skin until they want it to come off, even if they go swimming. Or bump into doorways, as I’m prone to do when I cut a corner too hard ^.^ . I’m picturing a cross between Agent K from MIB and Coulson from The Avengers.

    01/8/16; 8:36 pm
  13. Andrea #

    My super hero would be Master No-No Carb. His super power would be to remove all carbs in your favorite foods by using a super high powered vacuum to suck the carbs out all while leaving the sweet goodness behind.

    01/8/16; 9:15 pm
  14. My superhero is Queen Islets of Wonderhans, who can cross her arms and stomp her feet and create perfectly working cells that make insulin again.

    Why not!?

    01/8/16; 10:35 pm
  15. My super hero is “Flash-n-Dash” the pump set change super-genie. Her super power replaces the dead battery, fills a new cartridge, rewinds/ primes, inserts the set, fills the cannula and gets you out the door wearing a functioning pump so you can dash off to work or play.

    01/8/16; 10:50 pm
  16. Rachel #

    My daughter, our favourite 10 year old T1, likes ‘Hypo Girl’ so she can eat lollies all the time. At school – ‘Hypo Girl’ doesn’t go high or get told off by the teacher as she reaches for another lolly (not sure about tooth decay – maybe the Tooth fairy will have to come to her rescue).

    01/8/16; 10:59 pm
  17. Toni #

    At the moment she would be called Elsa, and she would have the super power to thaw this frozen shoulder of mine! Yet another surprise diagnosis that is in bed with
    my diabetes

    01/9/16; 12:13 am
  18. I love these things. Adds a little fun to Diabetes 😀

    01/9/16; 12:17 pm
  19. Juliana #

    My superhero is the Catcher in the Night. He sleeps during the day so that at night he is awake and alert and catches every high and every low giving you perfect, worry-free hours of good sleep.

    01/10/16; 1:07 am
  20. BCell Man – he would magically fix everyone’s beta cells and their body’s fighting off of them to cure diabetes. 🙂

    01/10/16; 1:50 am
  21. Laura #

    Introducing a new superhero!!!…….. named “Yes, I CAN!”

    Why you ask? Because yes, I CAN eat that cupcake, or cheesecake, or dessert! And yes, I CAN have food with sugar in it…..and yes, I CAN do everything you do! But thanks for your concern 😉


    01/10/16; 3:48 am
    • Laura #

      Oh and the superpower is to AT ALL TIMES have the “Yes, I CAN” attitude!

      01/10/16; 3:51 am

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