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New Year, New Disclosure.

Disclosures are important, so I’m making a new one today, and my disclosure policy has been updated accordingly.  There are some big changes on deck for 2016, with the first one being a change in some of the companies I’m partnering with.  Which is why I’ve decided to end my contract with Animas, because it was time for a change.

I wore a Medtronic pump for seven years before switching to Animas, and I’ve worn my Animas pump for the last six years.  Both of these pumps are solid insulin delivery devices and worked great, and Animas has been wonderful to work with and for, and I’m forever grateful for their support over the last few years.  But change is necessary at times.

Over the last two years, I’ve had some non-diabetes health hurdles (everything is fine, promise) and those issues put a different lens onto how I viewed my diabetes.  I wanted frustrations with diabetes kept at an absolute minimum.  Sometimes that meant ditching all technologies for a few weeks in order to give my body some breathing room, and to give my mind the opportunity to focus on the basics of my diabetes.  (I did MDI a few times this year, for several weeks, and it was good to revisit that method of delivery.  I learned, and relearned, a lot.)  Sometimes that meant acknowledging that the features I needed and appreciated were allowed to change.

But ultimately, it meant that I needed to let myself move on to different technologies that better suited my diabetes needs these days, and to different opportunities that fit where I’d like to lend my voice.

So here’s the disclosure:  I have signed an agreement with Tandem Diabetes Care.  My new agreement with Tandem went into effect on January 1st, and includes compensation for consulting services, including speaking on Tandem’s behalf at diabetes-related events. When speaking on Tandem’s behalf at such events, my relationship with Tandem will be disclosed to the audience.  (They won’t be involved in everything I do this year, so I’ll make sure I disclose appropriately when they are.)  With my physician’s prescription, Tandem provided me with products at no charge, including a loaner Tandem insulin pump and the cartridges and infusion sets I need to use the pump. Tandem does not compensate me for content on Six Until Me.  All of the content on Six Until Me remains my own, per usual, so my apologies that things aren’t suddenly going to become All Professional.

I’m really looking forward to working with the team at Tandem, and continuing to draw inspiration from the diabetes community as a whole.

And getting back to blogging.

And finding where the cats hid all of Birdzone’s hair ties.

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  1. Congratulations on your new venture!!

    01/4/16; 1:26 pm
  2. Kim #

    Yay!!! Congratulations. They couldn’t have picked anyone better. 🙂

    01/4/16; 1:48 pm
  3. They’re lucky to have you. I am sure they know that 🙂

    01/4/16; 2:16 pm
  4. Katy #

    Perfect timing! We just started t:slimming this week! I am THRILLED you might be addressing all of my problems as they crop up. Preferably with videos.

    -why Novolog lasts 72 hours but Humalog only 48?
    -how far in should the giant needle go into the gasket?
    -how do I make a photo of our dog the right number of pixels to get it on a custom t:slim PumpPeelz?

    Congratulations on your new role and for kicking your other health issues away.

    01/4/16; 2:20 pm
  5. Jochen #

    Congratulations! Maybe you could convince them that Germany is an interesting market for their product.

    01/4/16; 2:22 pm
  6. Sara M #

    Tandem! Yay! I’ve been a tandem user since last May and love it! If u have any ?s or anything, feel free to email me….

    I love the sleek, slim size and the touch screen….

    Take care

    01/4/16; 2:24 pm
  7. Liz #

    Cool! I’m considering a switch to the T-Slim so I’m going to watch and listen to everything you have to say!! 🙂

    01/4/16; 2:24 pm
  8. Congrats on the new pump chapter and working with Tandem, Kerri! Question, because I’m curious — Are you using the t:slim only with your Dexcom (because you’re G5, right?), or did you go with the t:slim G4 combo? Exciting to hear your thoughts on changing over.

    01/4/16; 2:32 pm
  9. Mia #

    Congrats on your new “relationship”! I hope it brings you to CA so I can see you! xoxo

    01/4/16; 2:35 pm
  10. Hilary Hodgman #

    Congrats on the new venture. I had used a minimed, Animas Ping, Minimed and now Omnipod. I am loving the tubeless. Wondering if you ever considered the pod and why or why not? Good luck in 2016.

    01/4/16; 2:37 pm
  11. Tracy F #

    I have to say, I’m thrilled!! I also just switched to Tandem! I have the G4 and LOVE it! So excited for you!

    01/4/16; 2:41 pm
  12. Doris Auth #

    congratulations! My son used Medtronic from age 5-18 and just switched to Tandem. Couldn’t be happier!

    01/4/16; 2:50 pm
  13. Congratulations! And good luck with the hair ties. I’m approaching my 45th birthday and I still can’t find half of mine! 🙂

    01/4/16; 3:56 pm
  14. Congratulations!

    01/4/16; 5:17 pm
  15. Brenda Moore #

    Hi Kerrie,
    You’ll love your new TSlim! I’ve had mine for 3yrs now and have had absolutely no problems with it. Just curious, since you already had a Dexcom G5 are you still going to use that or did you go with the TSlim G4?

    01/4/16; 6:15 pm
  16. yay you and Tandem.
    My daughter loves her TSlim (the original not the integrated)
    True we had that mishap about a year ago that could have gone so very south but otherwise thumbs up to Tandem – and really the mishap wasn’t anything wrong with Tandem. Any who – congratulations on your new relationship.
    Im still a huge fan of Animas Ping – although HELLO time for a new Ping meter design.
    Off topic sorry – back to you and Tandem –
    If a pump could be considered Sexy the TSlim is certainly that so totally fits with your sexy self.
    Rock on.

    01/4/16; 7:01 pm
  17. Ana #


    01/4/16; 7:12 pm
  18. Congrats! That’s so cool that you get to work with all of these different companies and get to try out their stuff along the way! Gotta stay one step ahead of diabetes with those devices 🙂

    01/4/16; 7:22 pm
  19. StephenS #

    I agree, changes happen from time to time, for various reasons. I know Tandem is lucky to have you. Happy New Year!

    01/4/16; 7:33 pm
  20. Melanie #

    Can you please use your new found influence to convince tandem to allow me to upgrade early to the new t:slim g4? I absolutely love my t:slim but am getting more and more frustrated that they don’t have any upgrade options for their old and loyal customers. I still have he first hen software on my pump so none if the awesome features you new t:slim users have access to are available to us longer-term users… 🙁

    But honesty, despite t
    hose things I really love my t:slim and I think you will too! They are lucky to have you!

    01/4/16; 7:49 pm
  21. Christina #

    I just got the t:slim G4! I have an appt on Feb 2 to have it put on and to learn all about it. I’ve never been on the pump before. Just MDI. I’m very sensitive to insulin, so I’m kind of curious to see how I will respond to it!

    01/4/16; 8:01 pm
  22. Shelby #

    That’s awesome! I was a long-time Medtronic pumper and then switched to Animas to take advantage of the G4 integration. I don’t absolutely love their pump, and now that I’m using the G5, I am contemplating a switch to Tslim this summer when I can get a new pump. Can’t wait to hear all your thoughts!! Thanks for all you do to advocate for our community. Happy New Year!

    01/4/16; 9:04 pm
  23. Carla #

    I’m beyond excited for you and can’t wait to hear any views on your new Tandem pump. We decided several months ago to go with the T Slim and when I went to get our prescription the nurse asked if we wanted a T Flex. I hadn’t actually realized there were two sizes. With my daughters raging 13 year old hormones (and the occasional sneaking of the unhidden snack) we jumped on board with the larger reservoir. I just got notified with the UPS app that it will be here later today!

    01/5/16; 1:10 am
  24. That’s exciting news, Kerri! Tandem is lucky to have you! Pip is considering a switch to t:slim next fall 2016. Until then, we’ll be reading about your experiences!

    01/5/16; 3:27 am
  25. Sandy T #

    Oh fun! Congratulations! I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the T:slim. I wanted to get it, but unfortunately it being made out of metal made the metal detectors go off at work. So, not an option for me. I no longer work there, so maybe it’s in my future.
    Happy 2016!

    01/5/16; 6:14 am
  26. Martha #

    Selfishly I’m happy you made the change since I switched to the t:slim about a year ago after 17 years with Minimed. It’s nice to make a change simply to affirm that you have options. Overall the t:slim has been great, with a few drawbacks. Just recently found out they have no upgrade option, unlike Minimed, so you are stuck with the version you get until your warranty runs out. Seems a little odd with all the rapid fire technological changes that are happening. I partly changed to the t:slim because I knew the G4 integration was coming, but decided to go for the G5 once I realized Tandem would not offer an upgrade to a newer pump. I look forward to hearing how you like your new pump!

    01/5/16; 12:35 pm
  27. Sharon #

    Welcome back SixUntilMe! Hope you enjoyed your time away from the blog. And on another note, love the new headshot. I can’t wait to keep reading about your (diabetes) life adventures, with or without disclosure.

    01/5/16; 2:05 pm
  28. Jacqui #

    Congratulations on your new adventure! You will love the T-Slim. I have been onthe T-Slim for a bit over a year now and I love it! I had the Animas before that. I am a type 2 and love your blog!

    Glad you are back in the saddle!

    01/5/16; 3:01 pm
  29. One word: YAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! *insert dancing Snoopy*

    01/20/16; 2:18 pm
  30. Jennifer #

    I know this is an old-ish post but I just wanted to say “Hooray!!!” I switched from Animas (Ping) to the T-slim a few months ago and it’s been a true blessing. Aside from the ridiculously long time to prime a new length of tubing with the corresponding irritating beeps, it has been a really great system for me. Plus, you know, it finally doesn’t look like I’m wearing a pager. 😉

    Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration to MANY in the diabetes community. Your pregnancy-related blogs were a significant source of support for me during my own pregnancy with T1 (which also ended in pre-eclampsia), and I can’t believe my healthy, beautiful daughter already turns two next month. You are a true diabetes hero!

    01/26/16; 11:30 pm

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