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  1. What’s the general availability of the G5? Do I have to be Kerri Sparling to get one?

    10/28/15; 7:20 pm
  2. Danielle #

    Thanks Kerri! I need to order a new transmitter before the end of the year (deductible!) and I was curious if it was possible to integrate the new G5 with my G4 receiver – sounds like a yes. You also answered my Qs about how the alerts will work on the ohone – looks like I will start being a volume ON kind of person lol

    Thanks for being the guinea pig once again!

    10/29/15; 11:56 am
  3. Dexcom told me I had to pay to upgrade to the receiver for the G5. How do I integrate the new G5 with my G4 receiver?

    12/9/15; 1:06 pm
    • I upgraded my G4 receiver by connecting to the computer and downloading the software update. Are you able to do that?

      12/9/15; 1:30 pm
      • Mary #

        I upload my numbers to the software so I should be able to download the G4 to G5 software. I’ll give it a try.

        12/15/15; 11:24 am
      • Maureen Helinski #

        But you need a code from dexcom to upgrade the receiver from G4 to G5.

        01/11/16; 8:13 pm
  4. Donna sweney #

    Can you do another update now that more time has gone by? I have heard the G5 has connection problems and is not as good as the G4 with share in that realm. Thanks!! I have the G5 just still on an older G4 transmitter.

    12/30/15; 1:08 pm
  5. Vanessa #

    So Dexcom randomly decided to send me 2 G5 transmitters even though I declined them when they emailed me prior to shipping. My Animas pump is integrated with the G4 so I can’t use these. I contacted Dexcom to send them back and they say they can’t take them. I’d hate for them to go to waste knowing these things can be pretty expensive if lost, etc. Any ideas on places to donate? I thought I’d try my endo next.

    01/27/16; 4:39 pm
    • Candace Eakes #

      I buy one from you. I have a medtronic enlite sensor and it has been horrible. My insurance is probably not going to pay for the G5. So if you still have either one, let me know.

      01/30/16; 9:38 am
      • Jeff #

        You’d be surprised how insurance companies work… I was like Kerri and used the Minimed and Dexcom, even though the Minimed had the integrated CGM. The general flow was: Get the integrated CGM/Pump, the insurance company sees the sensors as “part of the pump”, then get the Dexcom, then they see it as “a part of the pump that the patient is using by themselves.”
        Weird, I know, but it worked for me.

        06/26/16; 1:55 pm
    • Ryan #

      I would also be interested. Cigna is the saddest excuse for insurance I’ve ever seen. :\

      02/24/16; 8:17 am
  6. Kelly #

    The dexcom rep I used was able to run the dexcom kit through as a pharmacy claim with my insur instead of durable equip, and my insurance covers for free all diabetes supplies. Dexcom was also including the receiver for free so it was no cost for me to switch from the Medtronic CGM, which I hated even tho it integrated with my pump. The G5 has been scary accurate! I love it! I also love that if I wanted to take a pump break that I can also continue to use the CGM. Something I couldn’t do with an integrated CGM/pump!

    01/30/16; 7:56 am
  7. Bojan #

    Hi Kerri,

    I live in a European country where G5 is not heavily marketed yet, probably due to the cost and Abbott Libre’s and Minimed Enlite’s market dominance. I am anyhow interested in the G5 and letting my own wallet take the beat, so I have two questions:

    – Is the received an absolute necessity or can G5 completely be run by using an iphone only?

    – Is it technically possible to follow myself on my Apple Watch through the SHARE, and if yes, how quick is the update of the readings on the Watch vs the connected iPhone itself?

    My idea is namely to link the G5 transmitter to the phone and then to share the readings from the phone to my apple watch.

    Thanks in advance!

    02/10/16; 8:15 am
    • Krista #

      You can run it from your phone but you will get the transmitter regardless because the FDA says Dexcom has to send it. I had some trouble with the ap at first but I deleted it and re downloaded it and it works. It just eats your battery because you have to keep the ap open at all times for it to read.

      06/5/16; 9:38 am
  8. Tom salahutz #

    Dexcom G5 is a game changer my daughters A1C went from 7.1 to 6.7 in the first three months 90 pct in range and very few lows .. Bravo dexcom
    Medtronic cgm is a night mare

    05/29/16; 10:10 pm
  9. Carl Wilson #

    Dexcom G5 is a major game changer for me also. I have been type1 for 46 years and never have had an a1c below 10 now after 6 months with the dexcom G5 i’m
    at 5.7 Thank you Lord for technology.

    06/15/16; 10:20 am
  10. Ryan #

    How far does the transmitter actually transmit on the G5? I know the G4 was about 20 feet, curious if they were able to improve that and make it transmit further distances.


    06/22/16; 6:26 pm
    • Jeff Dempsey #

      My understanding is that the G5 uses Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low power, that’s why it doesn’t affect phone battery that much), and the specs on that are a range of 33 feet (10m).

      One (or more) other advantage of having the iPhone have all of the data:
      the Health App. Currently, the Share App (I have the G4 at the moment) will share your BG data with the Health app. When you change phones, make sure you back up your current phone with a password protected file, as the health data won’t be saved if you do a backup without a password.
      Another benefit is that there is one less thing to charge. Currently, on my nightstand, I have 4 charging cables: iPhone, Apple Watch, Headset, and Dexcom. One less will be helpful.
      One bad thing: I took the FAA Ground School knowledge test yesterday, and when you take those tests, you’re not allowed phones or smart watches. The pump and CGM get to come with me (medical allowance), so it was a good thing. I checked half way through, and gave myself a 2u correction bolus. (My thinking isn’t best between 140 and 180, so pulling it down was a good thing.) The worst case in those situations is that I just take my trusty BG tester, and check it that way. I have to do that in flight each hour, so might as well get used to it.

      I do hope that Tandem does get the G6, or whatever, integrated (Animas has me burnt out on them after the $99, errr… $799, errr… $99 upgrade). It’s nice to have two places to get the CGM data, and to have it as part of the Bolus calculations.

      06/26/16; 2:06 pm
      • Ryan #

        Thanks Jeff! I appreciate the info. We are six months into T1D with our 7 year old daughter so we are researching a ton and learning a lot. Thanks again for the info!

        06/29/16; 2:52 pm
  11. Shannon Freeman #

    Any updates since this original post? Do you still love the G5? Is integration still a non-issue? How is your phone battery holding up?

    11/14/16; 12:15 pm
    • Shannon #

      PS I know that you wrote another post about a month later, but I’m wondering now your thoughts on these things after closer to a year of use?

      11/14/16; 12:21 pm
  12. George #

    Hi, wondering if I can purchase the G5 transmitter and sensors without the receiver (just use my iPhone). my insurance isn’t covering it and I will probably save a ton just using my iPhone.



    03/22/17; 1:24 pm
  13. dan #

    g5 is it water proof

    04/24/17; 5:50 pm
    • Amy #

      Yes, it is waterproof.

      04/30/17; 10:24 am

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