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GIVEAWAY: My Favorite Medical Alert Bracelet.

The “long and overdue” part of this post cannot be over-stated.Β  I have had the best medical alert bracelet from Sticky JMedical for a very long time now and am just writing about it this morning.

But it’s lovely and discreet.Β  Because of that, I wear this bracelet every, single day, which helps protect me in the off-chance that something keeps me from speaking on my own behalf.

This is the bracelet that I have:

Medical alert bracelet #diabetes

A photo posted by Kerri Sparling (@sixuntilme) on

And it is excellent in its simplicity. This bracelet has been worn while running over bridges, while carving pumpkins (it was easy enough to remove pumpkin guts from), on the red carpet, and around the house, no problem. It goes with everything. It doesn’t scream MEDICAL ALERT BRACELET, but if there’s an emergency, this jewelery is obvious in its intention.

It’s taken me several years to find an every day bracelet, but this one is it. So much so that I plan to purchase one for whoever wins today’s giveaway. If you’d like to enter, just leave a comment on this blog post with your preferred Muppet (any Muppet will do) and I’ll randomly select one winner on Friday morning. You can enter starting this morning through Thursday at midnight (and if there is a medical alert bracelet in the same price range that you’d prefer, I’m all ears).

Thanks to Sticky JMedical for creating something so timeless that writing about it a bit late is still hopefully acceptable.

[DISCLOSURE: Sticky JMedical sent me the bracelet several months ago for free but did not ask me to write about it, or host a giveaway. I decided to do that on my own because their product is pretty frigging awesome. All opinions are mine, as is my tardiness.]

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  1. Beth #

    Animal! Animal is my daughter’s favorite too. She used to carry around an animal stuffed animal when she was little too. Plus my husband is a drummer.

    I also enjoy the Swedish chef more than one probably should. I feel like people are talking like that when my blood sugar drops too low. Lol

    10/26/15; 9:22 am
  2. Claire P #

    Trying to get back into wearing medical ID after a 10 year break. This is lovely.

    10/26/15; 9:24 am
  3. Flipper #

    Kermit – who doesn’t like someone who’s green!?! I keep thinking I should get a bracelet…….

    10/26/15; 9:33 am
  4. Megan #

    Rowlf!! Always and forever, Rowlf. My current medical ID is attached to a funky beaded bracelet. Good for now, but something more classic/all purpose would be incredibly helpful.

    10/26/15; 9:37 am
  5. Jessica Jones #

    Fozzie Bear. Hands down.
    Love the bracelet! I’ve been without for over a year because I can’t find one I like either! My last one broke and fell off somewhere in the great outdoors.

    10/26/15; 9:39 am
  6. Meagan #

    My medical alert bracelet broke this morning while I was waiting for the bus to work so I’m taking this blog post as a sign.. πŸ™‚

    10/26/15; 9:41 am
  7. Jennifer #

    Call me sentimental, but I’m still partial to that sappy green frog singing about connecting rainbows.

    10/26/15; 9:42 am
  8. Schuyler #

    Miss Piggy is the best!

    10/26/15; 9:48 am
  9. Lynn #

    This one I would wear! And, as for the muppet, Miss Piggy.

    10/26/15; 9:53 am
  10. Amy #

    Miss Piggy. Used to hate her, LOVE her now!

    I would definately wear that.

    10/26/15; 9:55 am
  11. heather #

    I have always loved the Swedish chef. He is not usually someones favorite but I find him hilarious! πŸ™‚

    10/26/15; 9:56 am
  12. Kelli #

    You want me to pick just one muppet? Ooh that is tough. It’s like being asked to pick just 1 piece of jewelry. Kermit is one of my favs. I still have a stuffed doll of him that is now 35 years old.

    10/26/15; 10:00 am
  13. Karin #

    Gonzo…I love Gonzo and his chickens πŸ™‚

    10/26/15; 10:01 am
  14. Jen Barber #

    Kermit!!! I love when he sings

    10/26/15; 10:05 am
  15. Lisa #

    HMMM I think Elmo, he is so sweet can’t resist him.

    10/26/15; 10:08 am
  16. Sarah #

    Animal all the way!

    I’ve been looking for an everyday bracelet for far too long!

    10/26/15; 10:10 am
  17. Elizabeth #

    Kermit, definitely Kermit. Who doesn’t love a cute little frog who’s the life of the party?! All of these blogs make me smile in one way or another! Thanks for being, well, you Kerri!

    10/26/15; 10:14 am
  18. Brenda Thurlow #

    Kermit all the way! Thanks for all of your advocacy and inspiration – always love reading your posts.

    10/26/15; 10:14 am
  19. Tricia #

    Beaker is one of my favs… as is the Swedish Chef…
    Have you seen the Muppets do the Bohemian Rhapsody?! It’s INCREDIBLE!!

    10/26/15; 10:15 am
  20. Katie #

    Statler and Waldorf!

    10/26/15; 10:16 am
  21. Heather #

    Gonzo (he was my favorite to draw when I was a kid).

    I love that the bracelet looks like it wouldn’t jingle. Now, do they make them bird wrist size? (Off to shop.)

    10/26/15; 10:20 am
  22. Cindy #

    I relate mostly to Big Bird, but Oscar sneaks in now and again. I think I have split muppet personality disorder. This looks like a great everyday durable bracelet.

    10/26/15; 10:21 am
  23. Michelle #

    My favorite muppet would have to be Kermit. He’s a classic!

    (And that looks like a FANTASTIC medical alert bracelet! So simple and elegant)

    10/26/15; 10:25 am
  24. Heather Walker #

    Fozzy Bear is my fav! But I can appreciate the grumpy guys in the balcony! This is a nice bracelet and would definitely get me back in the habit of wearing one. Going on 28 years T1! Enjoy your blog!

    10/26/15; 10:28 am
  25. Wendy #

    Sam the Eagle… Had to think about his name – it’s been so long!

    10/26/15; 10:30 am
  26. Kirsten Sigrist #

    As a scientist, I lover Beaker!

    10/26/15; 10:32 am
  27. Kristen #

    Miss Piggy….she doesn’t take crap from anyone! I haven’t worn a med alert bracelet in years, since my last one broke.

    10/26/15; 10:33 am
  28. sandra #

    Miss piggy would love a bracelet as kind find an everyday one πŸ™‚

    10/26/15; 10:34 am
  29. Marie #

    Definitely Animal!!!!

    10/26/15; 10:36 am
  30. Katie S #

    I like Beaker. Beaker’s my favorite.

    10/26/15; 10:36 am
  31. Megann #

    Swedish Chef! BORK BORK!

    10/26/15; 10:43 am
  32. Vera #

    Kermit! It has to be Kermit!

    Hope it’s not a problem that I’m from Europe?

    Yay for medical bracelets which go well with red carpet dresses!

    10/26/15; 10:43 am
    • No problem that you’re from Europe. πŸ™‚ If you win, I’m shipping anywhere. πŸ™‚

      10/26/15; 10:46 am
  33. Kelly #

    Beaker!!! Absolutely. πŸ™‚

    10/26/15; 10:54 am
  34. Laurel #


    This looks like a wonderful bracelet!

    10/26/15; 10:55 am
  35. Kim #

    Gonzo….or Fozzy!! Waka! Waka!

    10/26/15; 11:13 am
  36. Jessica P #

    I always liked the two old guys in the balcony. But to be honest , as a kid the muppets scared me because their mouths were so big, lol!

    10/26/15; 11:23 am
  37. Dee #

    Miss Piggy for moi. Love the bracelet.

    10/26/15; 11:30 am
  38. Renae Leveille #

    Miss Piggy! Please pick me! I love this bracelet πŸ™‚

    10/26/15; 11:37 am
  39. Nikki S. #

    Fozzie Bear!
    Love the bracelet! very simple, to go with everything.

    10/26/15; 11:40 am
  40. Allison Evers #

    Kermit. Love the little guy!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a new medic alert bracelet. Mine has seen better days!

    10/26/15; 11:47 am
  41. liv #

    i’ve gotta go with kermit. it’s not easy being green!

    10/26/15; 11:52 am
  42. Kerri #

    Prairie Dawn…the true star of the band πŸ˜‰

    10/26/15; 12:07 pm
  43. Charity #

    Animal is the greatest! So full of energy & fun!! ❀️❀️

    10/26/15; 12:25 pm
  44. Violet #


    10/26/15; 12:27 pm
  45. Shani #

    I have to go with Kermit. I think this bracelet would look great next to my fitbit!

    10/26/15; 12:32 pm
  46. Carmen #

    Statler!! He’s hilarious.

    10/26/15; 12:42 pm
  47. Laurie #

    Kermit the Frog, of course!

    10/26/15; 12:44 pm
  48. The day that Jim Henson died was one of the saddest days of my life.

    My favorite muppet is Ernie — he’s the fun and creative one. He would’ve been my best friend when I was a kid, and he’d be my best friend now. If he was real.

    10/26/15; 12:45 pm
  49. Wow! i love it! Never had a med ID and I love the simplicity of this one!! πŸ™‚

    10/26/15; 12:48 pm
    • Its kermit if course! But ms piggy is great too

      10/26/15; 12:50 pm
  50. Animal. Yes, Animal is definitely my favorite.

    10/26/15; 12:58 pm
  51. Elsiroomom #

    On behalf of my son, who would be wearing the bracelet, the little rabbit named Bean Bunnie who sings on the steps in Muppet Christmas Carol.

    10/26/15; 1:05 pm
  52. Catherine #

    Fozzie, my daughters nic name is Sarah Bear so she totally would love Fozzie, I love the look of these. Thanks for holding the give away.

    10/26/15; 1:15 pm
  53. Jessica #

    kermit!! Love him and I would love to win this for my type 1 daughter who just turned 15 and hates every bracelet we have gotten her! I know she would wear this one:)

    10/26/15; 1:36 pm
  54. D'Lanna #


    10/26/15; 1:47 pm
  55. Tina #

    Definitely Animal. But Barkley is pretty adorable.

    10/26/15; 1:53 pm
  56. Rachel #

    Fozzie Bear is my fave. This looks like the perfect bracelet for my 15 1/2 yr old daughter! Her current bracelet is about 7 yrs old, too small and too “girlie”. She will be driving soon and would love this simple bracelet.

    10/26/15; 1:57 pm
  57. Judi #

    This is a lovely bracelet, very delicate looking. Not so chunky as many medical bracelets look. As my favorite Muppet, it would have to be Big Bird.

    10/26/15; 2:02 pm
  58. Lisa #

    I LOVE this bracelet!!! I have looked and looked for something that is simple but gets the message across that I have T1D if I can’t. I will probably buy one if I don’t win. Oh yeah…my very favorite Muppet is GROVER!!!

    10/26/15; 2:46 pm
  59. Gabrielle #

    I’ve been wanting a medic alert something for a long time, this one looks pretty nice!

    My favorite muppet is Beaker!

    10/26/15; 2:54 pm

    10/26/15; 2:58 pm
  61. Miss Piggy! Because my mean brother called me this when he’d see me stuffing my face with food whilst having a hypo. Ding dong brother … does tho’ not understand Type 1 diabetes (remember this is in the 70’s … Bonne Bell gob smackers that tasted like Tootsie Rolls … and no carbs). Oh and no internet to go to to help him understand why I am doing the Miss Piggy …. oink oink to get myself back into the game of things so I can chase his sorry #$!@#$ around like he’s Kermie about to be pan fried in butter (low carb) and eaten with love.

    Okay … what the heck just got into me above … yes … I did just experience a hypo earlier … but really … you’d think I was a little child writing the above … when really … I am a grey haired old lady behind the keyboard (yes … grey hair is coming thru!!!) … and really would look so cool and young with a bracelet like would look oh so Kardashianish !!!

    Back to wondering if it’s really true that Kermie and Miss Piggy divorced this summer … running off to the loo to have a cry at this news.

    10/26/15; 3:20 pm
  62. Sarah #

    Team Bean Bunny!

    10/26/15; 3:22 pm
  63. Tim Steinert #

    I’ve always been partial to the scatting caveman who sings Menah menah with the two cows. He can never really express himself because the cows hate his improvisation and stare him into silence. But the Muppet I’m best at doing is the Swedish Chef, and proved my worthiness to my pump trainer at Swedish Medical Center a few years ago.

    I often forget to put on my necklace, but a bracelet I would never really have to take off.

    10/26/15; 3:28 pm
  64. Juliana #

    Kermit! I have some bracelets, but they all scream “MEDICAL ALERT BRACELET, please look at me and ignore the rest”…

    10/26/15; 3:36 pm
  65. Lisa Montigny #

    Swedish Chef!!

    I’m always looking for a bracelet that my 14 year old will wear!

    10/26/15; 3:40 pm
  66. Alison #

    Gotta go with the Swedish Chef! He is innovative, has excellent facial hair, and .can sing “Rapper’s Delight” like no one else.

    10/26/15; 3:45 pm
  67. Wendy #

    My daughter has 3 bracelets, none of which she likes. Bye bye $40 spent, lol!!
    She absolutely cracks up at the Swedish Chef.

    10/26/15; 3:48 pm
  68. Kristi #

    Please…like there’s any competition here. Animal all the way!

    10/26/15; 4:15 pm
  69. Janice! Her long flowing blonde locks and laid back attitude make her the coolest!

    10/26/15; 4:20 pm
  70. Fozzie Bear! No question!

    10/26/15; 4:22 pm
  71. Natasha #

    Kermit the frog!!! (Doubt I’ll win, but it doesn’t hurt to try πŸ™‚ )

    10/26/15; 4:44 pm
  72. Jodi #

    Kermit! I think my daughter would actually wear a bracelet like this. Haven’t found one yet.

    10/26/15; 5:27 pm
  73. Landileigh Nelson #

    I have always loved Jack from The Muppet Movie. “Jack not name! Jack Job!”

    10/26/15; 5:34 pm
  74. Ernie! that’s a great looking bracelet

    10/26/15; 5:44 pm
  75. Rachel C #

    Great giveaway! The science nerd in my likes Beaker and Bunsen.

    10/26/15; 6:29 pm
  76. Great giveaway, Kerri! Favorite muppet, well, I will have to say the new one, Julia. She has autism and that’s pretty close to my heart.

    10/26/15; 6:38 pm
  77. Susannah #

    It has to be Kermit πŸ™‚ And I love that bracelet! So similar to a much fancier silver bracelet, I’d be very happy to wear it. Thanks Kerri! xx

    10/26/15; 6:59 pm
  78. JustJenny #

    I’m trying to get my daughter to wear a medical id. This would be perfect. And I love Oscar the Grouch!

    10/26/15; 7:08 pm
  79. Ann W #

    Always liked those 2 old hecklers (Waldorf w/mustache & Statler tall guy) are they considered one muppet or two?)

    Statler: Have you ever been to a Witch Doctor?

    Waldorf: They’re all witch! Ever been to a poor doctor?

    10/26/15; 7:08 pm
  80. Cynthia #

    Dr. Bunson Honeydew!!

    10/26/15; 7:09 pm
  81. Susan Carroll #

    I really need a bracelet as my levels can vary widely in a short amount of time. It’s not easy being green ( or diabetic ) so Kermit is my Muppet.

    10/26/15; 7:13 pm
  82. Megan P #

    haha love this survey! Most definitely Animal πŸ™‚

    10/26/15; 7:17 pm
  83. Heidi Lilley #

    Of course Miss Piggy…… she is a pig of course !

    10/26/15; 7:18 pm
  84. Lynn H #

    You’re right… This one is perfect! And my favorite Muppet is Grover!

    10/26/15; 7:22 pm
  85. Leanna #

    I would love to have a great medical bracelet for my partner. It would give me peace of mind.

    10/26/15; 7:23 pm
  86. Adrianna #

    It’s been too long since my boys – now 44 and 42 watched Sesame Street so I’m not familiar with the newer muppets. I like Kermit! Like the bracelet too.

    10/26/15; 7:28 pm
  87. Holly #

    Miss Piggy!! My son has T1D diagnosed last year at age 9. Your blog help me realize that it will be OK. Thank you!

    10/26/15; 7:32 pm
  88. Animal represents diabetes for us! And who doesn’t completely dig a bad boy drummer?

    10/26/15; 7:33 pm
  89. Fiona #

    COOKIE MONSTER!! (Not that I crave them or anything…)

    10/26/15; 7:40 pm
  90. Miss Piggy

    10/26/15; 7:44 pm
  91. Bonnie #

    Miss Piggy…being that’s where insulin is from!! πŸ™‚

    10/26/15; 7:58 pm
  92. Peggy #

    I have never worn a medic alert bracelet (Type 1 – 47 years) because of the way they look but this one changes my mind. Much more subtle!

    10/26/15; 8:10 pm
  93. Ellen #

    Beaker, this is my favorite all time youtube Good thing I am a music teacher and can tie this video into the curriculum. Oh and the balcony dudes are a riot too πŸ™‚

    10/26/15; 8:12 pm
  94. Alicia M #

    The swedish chef is my favorite πŸ™‚

    10/26/15; 8:28 pm
  95. Julie L #

    My T1 daughter says Kermit is her favorite (but I’m partial to Cookie Monster)
    Thanks for a great give away!

    10/26/15; 8:35 pm
  96. Swedish Chef

    10/26/15; 8:35 pm
  97. Karen Yadgar #

    Cookie Monster of course! Nom, nom, nom.

    10/26/15; 8:36 pm
  98. Melissa #

    Kermit is my favorite, and although I have never even owned a medical ID, I would wear that one.

    10/26/15; 8:41 pm
  99. Rhonda Smith #

    I love this bracelet and this company seems to have some really nice designs. I have small wrist and they carry some that would work for me
    Thank you for doing this. Hope you have a great week.

    10/26/15; 8:51 pm
  100. Brandi H #

    Miss Piggy!

    10/26/15; 9:00 pm
  101. Kim #

    I’ve always loved Ernie! I have a medical alert tattoo because
    every bracelet and necklace I’ve ever owned have broken.
    but I really love this bracelet!

    10/26/15; 9:10 pm
  102. Jessica P #

    What a great medic ID bracelet, thanks for promoting it. πŸ™‚ My favorite muppet is the Swedish chickens. πŸ™‚

    10/26/15; 9:15 pm
  103. Cookie Monster because Sesame Street is the bomb! πŸ˜€

    10/26/15; 9:17 pm
  104. Alice Eller #

    I am a T1, my favorite is the Swedish Chet, he’s always stirring the pot!

    10/26/15; 9:23 pm
  105. Sarah Swan #

    Janice! She’s the rocker I wish I could be.
    That bracelet looks awesome.

    10/26/15; 9:38 pm
  106. SarahS #

    We love Sweedish Chef, and love that bracelet!!

    10/26/15; 9:57 pm
  107. Michele #

    It’s a toss up for me. Animal speaks to mywild side but the Swedish chef cracks me up. ☺

    10/26/15; 10:00 pm
  108. Jessica R #


    10/26/15; 10:12 pm
  109. M. Murray #

    I”m gonna have to go with Cookie Monster, though Uncle “traveling” Mat and Sprocket from Fraggle rock have a special place in my heart.
    And… that has got to be the best ID bracelet i’ve seen, I am sooooo overdue for one. My original medical alert from 1978 is still around but I only wear it on “special occasions” (ie. when the likelihood of needing it is greatest)

    10/26/15; 10:15 pm
  110. Tricia #

    Ooo! Kerri you are awe to the some. Imma go with Bunsen Honeydew!

    10/26/15; 10:22 pm
  111. Karen Grear #

    Beaker!!! Although, there is a many-way tie for 2nd.

    10/26/15; 10:31 pm
  112. Melissa #

    The two old guys at the movie theater! I stopped wearing my traditional medic alert because it seemed so obviously medical! Love this bracelet

    10/26/15; 10:40 pm
  113. Tamara Smith #

    So hard to choose. Guess I’ll pick the Snuffeluffagus. But, Kermie and Miss Piggy are close seconds.

    10/26/15; 10:49 pm
  114. Laura M #

    I think I lost wore a medical alert bracelet about 25+ years ago B/c it was huge, manly, and awkward for a self conscious preteen. πŸ™‚

    10/26/15; 10:57 pm
  115. Toni #

    Ms. Piggy is definitely my favorite. In high school I had ms piggy sheets and towels. Loved her confidence and attitude!

    10/26/15; 11:02 pm
  116. Stacy Abrams #

    Fozzy bear

    10/26/15; 11:43 pm
  117. Kelly Weets #

    My daughter lost her medic alert bracelet at the park this summer, so we would love this beauty!

    I love Beaker. He makes me want to laugh and cry and the same time.

    10/26/15; 11:48 pm
  118. Ali #

    Animal. No question. And also, I think we were at CDC at the same time. Were you ever at camp on crutches? I have a pic. I think I was a CIT that year.

    10/26/15; 11:55 pm
  119. Tegan #

    I love the Swedish chef!

    10/26/15; 11:56 pm
  120. Jeanine #

    Kermit!!! Definitely.

    10/27/15; 12:30 am
  121. Nancy Ferguson #

    Maybe I can finally get my daughter to wear one if I won this braclet.


    10/27/15; 7:01 am
  122. Meredith #

    I feel like this is Muppet sacrilege, because he’s a newer Muppet and not one of Jim Henson’s originals, but I loves me some Pepe!

    10/27/15; 7:13 am
  123. Kathryn #

    I love Beeker best!

    10/27/15; 7:16 am
  124. Kelly #

    As a small child the muppets did scare me. Have you looked at Sweetums lately?! But how can you not smile when you hear the Swedish Chef? BORK.

    10/27/15; 7:44 am
  125. Cleo #

    Julia, the new autistic muppet, because how fantastic to have an autistic muppet!

    10/27/15; 7:55 am
  126. Nicole #


    10/27/15; 8:22 am
  127. Lauren #

    The Count! Anyone with t1d knows we have to count everything πŸ˜‰

    10/27/15; 9:02 am
  128. I’d have to say my current favorite is the Swedish Chef because he reminds me of the very Scandinavian cruise ship captain from our honeymoon πŸ™‚

    But I’m also needing to YouTube the “new” (since I was a kid) Abby Caddaby… I didn’t know she existed until a friend told me about her a few days ago, but I call my girl twin Abbie Cadabra, so I’m hoping she’s adorable and fun for my little girl to grow up with. Pretty sure her twin brother will identify more with Cookie Monster πŸ˜‰

    10/27/15; 9:34 am
  129. Jennifer #

    Am I the only person who likes Scooter?

    10/27/15; 10:03 am
  130. Nikki H #

    I think my daughter would actually wear this! I used to love Miss Piggy but now it’s Animal all the way

    10/27/15; 10:27 am
  131. Tina Anderson #

    Big Bird!

    10/27/15; 10:30 am
  132. Sara Douma #

    What a great bracelet! Kermit the Frog, here!

    10/27/15; 11:47 am
  133. Kelly #

    I am on the website looking to purchase this bracelet (I love it). I’m hung up on what to put on it becasue of the character constrants. I want my husband’s phone number, my name, that I am a pumper and that I have type 1 diabetes. Apparently I have no edit today. Any suggestions on what fit on yours?

    10/27/15; 11:49 am
  134. Connor J. McCue #


    10/27/15; 12:21 pm
  135. Jenn #

    The Swedish Chef! πŸ˜€ He makes the best meatballs.

    10/27/15; 12:31 pm
  136. Julie Ann #

    Gonzo – Muppet Babies version!

    10/27/15; 1:17 pm
  137. Tory #

    The nerd in me is partial to Becker!

    10/27/15; 1:30 pm
  138. gary #

    my fave is Kermit!

    10/27/15; 1:47 pm
  139. Chrissie #

    Dr. Teeth!

    10/27/15; 1:56 pm
  140. Jessica Auchenbach #

    The Swedish Chef!! My family is from Sweden. “Blur de gur. Bleep Bloop”

    10/27/15; 2:22 pm
  141. Andrea Borchgardt #

    beaker- hands down! My daughter loves him too! Thanks for the chance!

    10/27/15; 2:28 pm
  142. Great post! Because…I still do not have any medical alert! After 50 years-and I’m always looking(ok,recently). Time to get serious! Because I haven’t found my ‘ultimate’ bracelet. So, regardless, after Friday I order one! Unless…..(:

    10/27/15; 2:47 pm
    • Richard C #

      …and my favorite Muppet is Ernie.

      10/27/15; 2:52 pm
  143. Believe it or not..I still do not have a bracelet! after 50 years. I just haven’t found the ‘ultimate’ one. Great post! My favorite muppet is Ernie! So after Friday I will order one! Unless…(:

    10/27/15; 3:03 pm
  144. Stacy #

    Animal! I have yet to find a id bracelet I would want to wear everyday. This one is it, it is beautiful!

    10/27/15; 5:09 pm
  145. Christine #

    Fozzy. The. Bear. Because he gets it.

    10/27/15; 5:28 pm
  146. Aliza #

    Beaker is my favorite!

    10/27/15; 5:51 pm
  147. Dessi #

    Harry the Hipster! (Such a 50s throwback, especially with his cigarette hanging between his lips! LOL)

    I have to admit I only learned about him (one of the original Hanson Muppet characters from the “Sam and Friends” show) from “The Muppets: A Celebration of 30 Years.”

    P.S. Kerri, I have been enjoyed reading your blog since my own diagnosis in 2008 and this is the first time I am chiming in. What a cool idea for the medical bracelet giveaway!

    10/27/15; 7:37 pm
  148. Caitlin #

    Especially while sitting on a lily pad strumming to the rainbow connection-
    Who says that ev’ry wish
    Would be heard and answered
    When wished on a morning star
    Somebody thought of that
    And someone believed it
    Look what it’s done so far
    What’s so amazing
    That keeps us star-gazing?

    10/27/15; 8:17 pm
  149. Grover! (I also used to have a Fozzie the Bear puppet)

    10/27/15; 9:49 pm
  150. Michelle H. #

    Definitely Kermit the Frog. He’s musical and charming!

    10/27/15; 10:54 pm
  151. Jess #


    10/27/15; 11:18 pm
  152. Kassie #

    Oh to have a bracelet. I never did bother to get one. It’s always been on the list of things to do?

    Mahna Mahna. Well, because he has own song. I dig it.

    10/28/15; 7:59 am
  153. Heidi #

    I like Miss Piggy.(I can most identify with her
    when it’s the middle of the night,& I’m emptying
    the fridge because,low)

    10/28/15; 9:35 am
  154. Julie #

    For me, Gonzo. Swedish Chef is a close second.

    10/28/15; 9:48 am
  155. Chris Bansek #

    Animal…..that is me when having a low!
    Love your blog, thanks for being so real. πŸ™‚

    The bracelet is wonderful. I am looking in to one of those!

    10/28/15; 1:19 pm
  156. BEAKER! “If somebody has to get hurt, it’s almost always Beaker.”
    My teenage daughter has Type 1 and your blog has excellent information, much appreciated…
    (she is not a jewelry wearin’ type of girl and getting her to wear her medical alert bracelet is very hard at times – this looks like something she would give in to and wear – without the eye roll)

    10/28/15; 1:36 pm
  157. Wendy #

    Kermit. (It’s not easy being green……)

    10/28/15; 3:11 pm
  158. Cookie Monster! Oh, wait, that’s Sesame Street.

    I like Beaker. He’s meepin’ cute.

    10/28/15; 4:41 pm
  159. Joe and Lia #

    Fozie Bear is Lia’s. I liked the saxophone player when i was growing up.

    10/28/15; 4:58 pm
  160. Roberta #

    Beaker and the Swedish Chef! They still make me laugh! πŸ˜€

    10/29/15; 12:10 am
  161. Lisa Brockmeier #

    I have two favorite Muppets because they are inseparable: Statler and Waldorf! My favorite part of the theme song is when they sing “Why do we always come here/I guess we’ll never know/ it’s like a kind of torture/ to have to watch this show.”

    10/29/15; 4:07 pm
  162. Nicole #

    Fozzie the bear. I can relate to his lack of comedy skills!

    10/29/15; 7:45 pm

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