I’ve taken a few days off and have enjoyed every moment with my family.  But there have been some links that I’ve saved because I wanted to share.  So I’m SHARING.  As a blogger, sharing is my jam.

Here’s some jam:

And now here are some links:

Martin posted this.  I love this.

There’s a really amazing opportunity to support the bionic pancreas project coming up on September 19th. Are you in the southern California area?  Click the link for more info.

“Novel technologies are likely to be successful only if they clearly reduce patient inconvenience and burden, helping them to accomplish their “illness work” more efficiently and effectively.”  Interesting study from the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

Drug culture avoidance techniques from a horse?  True story.

Dana and Scott got married, but they also kept number steady throughout.  I think this is a true love story.  Want to read about the do-it-yourself-pancreas in action at the wedding?  Yes, you do.

“To move beyond blame, people with diabetes of all kinds can work together to make life less stressful for themselves.”  This is a great article about diabetes stigma, with a much-needed focus on type 2 diabetes, from Diabetes Forecast.

A very short video I did with the American Journal of Managed Care about patient engagement in diabetes care.

And a viewpoint from the healthcare provider:  “This is why ‘relationship centered’ rather than ‘patient centered’ care is key.”

So, there’s this linguistic tic wherein people use the word “so” to open up an extensive answer to a question

Clearly the Healthline people are not aware of my affinity for curse words.

“A diabetic Rikers Island inmate in desperate need of insulin slowly died over 14 hours as correction officers did nothing — even after the man collapsed and vomited, bombshell documents show.”  A “holy shit” article looking at diabetes in the prison system.

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And after this weekend, “summer” is officially over, with my Bird going to kindergarten and my days opening up to include a full and properly scheduled day of work.  I’m looking forward to ramping up work, but I will miss spending the day with Batman.

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Happy weekend, you guys.