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To A Crisp.

The folks at Diabetes Daily have cobbled together a day to discuss diabetes social media burnout.  (Yes, ironic to dedicate a day of online discussion about diabetes social media burnout …) but the topic is real and something that we have all encountered over the years, so it bears discussion.

Only I’m not talking about it today.

Why?  Because I don’t really feel up to it.

The crap that I have to do to stay on top of diabetes is non-negotiable.  Checking blood sugars, making careful food choices, exercising, blah, blah, blaaaaah.  That stuff is part of the repertoire I cannot ignore without putting my health at significant risk.

But the blogging partTwitterInstagram?  Answering emails?  That’s not required for diabetes management.  That’s auxiliary.  And mostly positive, in my experiences.  The Internet isn’t always the cuddliest place, but in the diabetes community there is a welcomed trend of positive interactions and real, substantial relationships with people touched by diabetes coming together to share experiences, ideas, and to help someone carry the parts of diabetes that get a little heavy at times.

But these connections are not required.  They are a choice you can make, just like opening your computer or clicking away on your smartphone.  More choices follow from there, steeped in personal preferences:  Download the Facebook app on your phone?  Only use Twitter during #dsma?  Take weekends off from social media?  Engage with trolls?  Engage in supportive interactions and fruitful friendships?  Give a shit about cruel things that people might say?  Ignore/block/delete unwanted commentary?  Seek out local, in-person meet-ups?  Have long text message threads with friends you’ve made in the DOC?  Dedicate your personal and professional life to diabetes efforts?

… or how about take a breath?  Enjoy a combination of what’s available.  Relax a little bit.  Enjoy social media as an option, not as a requirement.  The Diabetes Online Community is a tool in our diabetes management toolbox.  And just like with any toolbox, you don’t always need the same one.  (Avoid trying to use a flat head when you need a Phillips.  Don’t use a hammer when you need a steamroller.  Learn the difference between a level and a wrench.  Never substitute playdough for a nail.  Don’t chew on a socketwrench.  Et cetera.)

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Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!



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  1. Really enjoyed this, Kerri. Relax and take a break… best advice there is, especially in the context of it’s all about diabetes and balancing everything in life (didn’t someone write a book on this note, once upon a time?!). Something I remember hearing from Day 1 of finding the DOC early on is that it’s all about the DOC fitting into your life, not the other way around. And when you need it, you can know it’s here. To re-engage with as much or as little as you might need at that time in your life. That’s an oft-overlooked point, I think.

    09/1/15; 11:19 am
  2. Well shit, once again you’ve spun something in a way I hadn’t quite thought about before, and made perfect sense. Thank you!!

    09/1/15; 11:32 am
  3. Martha #

    I like this because you are distinguishing between the actual care of diabetes (which even on a shit day we can’t ignore THAT much, or else we die, or crash our cars, or fall into a coma) and all the other stuff that the world might ask of us. We need to take our choices where we can get them, because… well, just because diabetes has us by the balls on the daily and THAT is beyond our control. (Not sure what’s up with the capitalization of the word THAT, but it feels good.)

    09/1/15; 1:09 pm
  4. love love love this! Love all your blogs…you inspire me! and yes its such a choice. We just had five days in the forest teaching yoga tech free. My BS came down, my body relaxed. I felt awesome… now I’m back online and slowly returning to the fold. The operative word being SLOWLY…

    09/1/15; 9:41 pm
  5. I’m so burnt out of diabetes social media right now, I am not even keeping up with my reading of OTHER people’s blogs & posts about diabetes. It’s not that I don’t care anymore, I’m just so tied up in everything about keeping myself healthy right now – me, my diabetes, my family, work = it’s all got to be dealt with, and it’s just more pressing than anything else. I just can’t spare the time for more diabetes “stuff”/ sharing it with others right now. But I will…..sometime when I’m ready again.

    09/2/15; 12:52 pm
  6. I really love that you’ve touched on social media being a choice, rather than an obligation. It’s hard to set boundaries around social media because it’s a very spontaneous thing, but I find that when it stops being fun, I will step back for a while. Great post!

    09/4/15; 8:22 am

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