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July 2015

Feed Me.

Diet and Food, Real Life Diabetes July 20, 2015 5 Comments

“I spent [insert slightly obscene amount of money] at the grocery store this afternoon … again,” I said as I put the grocery bags on the kitchen floor. Chris looked over and assessed the content of the bags.  “It goes into our bodies.  This is what we should be spending our money on.” Food is an important topic in our…


The Emerging Diabetes Online Community.

Diabetes Advocacy, Diabetes Community, Diabetes Online Community, Psychosocial Support, SUM in Other Places July 17, 2015 4 Comments

I’m really proud of this paper, The Emerging Diabetes Online Community, written with Marisa Hilliard, Jeff Hitchcock, Tamara Oser, and Korey Hood, about the diabetes online community and the importance of peer-to-peer support between patients on the Internet. The official abstract: “Diabetes self-management is complex and demanding, and isolation and burnout are common experiences. The Internet provides opportunities for people…



Diabetes and Family, Diabetic Mommy July 16, 2015 3 Comments

While I was making lunch for my daughter this afternoon, she occupied herself with construction paper, markers, scissors … and my glucose meter, glucose tabs, insulin pump, Dexcom, and lancing device. “Mom, I made all of your diabetes things.” Hard working artist. #diabeticmommy A photo posted by Kerri Sparling (@sixuntilme) on Jul 16, 2015 at 10:24am PDT Her creations. #diabetes…


Time Consuming.

Real Life Diabetes July 15, 2015 16 Comments

“Thank you for calling [insert every company name I had to call yesterday here].  Please listen carefully, as our telephone options have changed.” “Please press one to continue in English, para español oprima dos.” “Press two if you are a patient, press three if you are a provider, press four if you are a member of the media, press five…


Flick of the Wrist.

Diabetes Advocacy, Diabetes Community, Diabetes Online Community, Psychosocial Support, Real Life Diabetes, Traveling, Uncategorized July 13, 2015 15 Comments

In the interests of getting through TSA in Orlando as quickly as possible and making my way over to my gate so I could find some iced coffee and a banana, I disconnected my insulin pump and put it through the x-ray machine, caring very little if it melted in the transaction because I was melting in the transaction. The…


What Are You Advocating For?

Diabetes Advocacy, Diabetes Community, Diabetes Online Community July 7, 2015 1 Comment

A discussion from Masterlab at Friends for Life: Social Media Prompt: What are you advocating for?? #MasterLab — Diabetes Hands Fndn (@diabeteshf) July 7, 2015 Some answers: My spiel: We need to stop blaming. Help everyone get the tools they need to be healthy. Access to tools for all! #diabetes #masterlab — Diabetes Ramblings (@RFamsRamblings) July 7, 2015 Our mission:…


Spotty Service.

Diabetes Advocacy, Real Life Diabetes July 2, 2015 6 Comments

In the earlier part of this week, I was up in Ogunquit, Maine with Chris and Birdy, following through on our family obsession with Maine (“the way life should be!” claims the sign you drive by when you cross into the state, marking the moment when Chris usually points a finger at the sign and says, “YES.”).  The place we…