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Pump Peelz Giveaway!

I’ve been a fan of Pump Peelz for several years, impressed by both their products and their back story.  The company, founded in 2011 by high school sweethearts turned married couple Scott and Emily, aims to “help people with diabetes live with more confidence by turning insecurities associated with diabetic accessories into a form of individual self-expression.”

Can’t argue with that, as the team at Pump Peelz is helping shift our one-size fits all, sometime very drab diabetes devices into personalized and fashionable conversation pieces.  (Because wouldn’t you rather be asked where you got your Dexcom sticker than “Hey, what’s your blood sugar?”)

The Pump Peelz team has offered some skinz as a giveaway here on Six Until Me, which I am very excited about because the cost to enter is minimal, but fun.  Here are the details:

To enter this giveaway, you need to create a diabetes-related haiku (a poem with three lines, the first containing five syllables, the second line containing seven syllables, and the third line back to five syllables) and share it in the comments section or on Twitter (make sure you tag me with @sixuntilme in your Tweet).  Winners will be chosen from a hat by my kid (because I’m low-tech, but trust me, we have a cool hat) and will receive a prize pack from the kind people at Pump Peelz.

I love adding a little flair to the sometimes mind-numbing plainness of diabetes technology.  Here are a few examples of the work they do at Pump Peelz:

For the Dexcom G4 receiver

A skin for your Omnipod


And if you’re a Pebble watch user, they’ll throw in one a decorative skin for your Pebble, too!

Once the three winners are selected, I’ll announce those here on SUM on Thursday morning.  The contest is open starting today and will close tomorrow night at midnight EST.  The winners will connect with Scott for their peelz, and for anyone who doesn’t happen to win, 15% off is available to readers using the coupon code “SixUntilMe”.

For more information on the company, you can check out their website or “like” them on Facebook.  (Is it required to put like into quotation marks?”)  And if you’re interested in winning some peelz of your own, be sure to enter the giveaway.  Huge thanks to Pump Peelz for making this giveaway possible, and I am excited to meet them in person at Friends for Life in a few weeks.

Poems don’t have to rhyme.
But if you count syllables,
You might win fun shit.

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  1. Genevieve #

    Diabetes is
    the bane of my existence.
    Kiss my ass disease

    06/15/15; 6:46 pm
  2. Toni #

    Thelma and Louise
    My diabetes sidekicks
    Girls could use some bling

    06/15/15; 7:33 pm
  3. Abbott Smith #

    Shedding insecurities
    My pump goes meta

    06/15/15; 7:40 pm
  4. Katy to diabetes:
    Ima put stickers
    on you, you annoying turd.

    06/15/15; 7:42 pm
  5. Beep! Again, again
    Beep! Dexcom is not quiet
    Diabetes doesn’t rest

    06/15/15; 7:55 pm
  6. Why, diabetes?
    Hogging haiku syllables!
    Why, you greedy bitch?

    06/15/15; 8:14 pm
  7. Chandra Zimbelman #

    this one is by me….

    A diabetic
    For life I live with shots
    Till a cure is found

    06/15/15; 8:24 pm
  8. Chandra Zimbelman ( for my diabetic daughter Charlize ) #

    by Charlize Zimbelman

    They may believe they
    are all alone in this world
    But there is an army

    06/15/15; 8:25 pm
  9. Chandra Zimbelman ( for son - Sean) #

    by Sean Zimbelman age 11

    A man had a dog
    He took the dogs insulin
    He saved many lives

    06/15/15; 8:27 pm
  10. Chandra Zimbelman ( for daughter- Charlize ) #

    written by Charlize age 14 – diabetic

    They may believe they
    Are all alone in this world
    But they have an army

    06/15/15; 8:29 pm
  11. Jennifer Kenny #

    Yes my sugar moves
    Up high down low, disco groove
    Dex, my BG louvre

    06/15/15; 8:37 pm
  12. Suki #

    There is a bright side:
    So aware of my body
    And so sweet am I.

    06/15/15; 9:11 pm
  13. Katie Scarborough #

    If life’s sugar-free
    It is not without sweetness
    Just more to savor.

    06/15/15; 9:21 pm
  14. liv #

    i’m new to type 1.
    if this is a “honeymoon”,
    i’d like a divorce.

    06/15/15; 9:22 pm
  15. Diamond has a pod
    Diamond’s pod gives insulin
    Diamond’s pod gives life

    06/15/15; 9:27 pm
  16. Written by my t1 son.

    Ugh I need Skittles
    Crap, now I need insulin
    Up and down, please stop.

    06/15/15; 9:40 pm
  17. Tegan #

    Human pincushion
    Arms, back, stomach, fingertips
    Ready for needles

    06/15/15; 10:15 pm
  18. Tonya Garcia #

    type one diabetes;
    you really know how to be a real tease.
    More often than not I control you.
    Every so often you do what you do.
    When you do that I want to tell you boo!
    Type one diabetes; you make me stronger.
    Type one diabetes I can’t wait for a cure much longer
    Type one diabetes camps are better than the others.
    Type one diabetes let’s give a shout out to all our hard working mothers.
    Type one diabetes has me writing poems, oh snap.

    06/15/15; 10:25 pm
  19. Mary Jones #

    Diabetes is
    It is is a hard knock life for us
    But we’ll overcome

    06/15/15; 10:27 pm
  20. Kristin S #

    Coolest people in the world
    Brought together by
    Misbehaving beta cells

    06/15/15; 10:49 pm
  21. Elena #

    My numbers are high
    Say goodbye to honeymoon
    Now comes the hard part

    06/15/15; 11:00 pm
  22. Joshua Jones #

    Sever Insulin
    Resistance Type 2 or 1
    We May Never Know

    06/15/15; 11:03 pm
  23. Mary Jones #

    Made a mistake on my first one added any extra is so the one below is correct!

    Diabetes is
    It is a hard knock life for us
    But we’ll overcome

    06/15/15; 11:12 pm
  24. lisa #

    Jude gets his first pump
    The month of his fifth birthday
    Please make it awesome 🙂

    06/15/15; 11:28 pm
  25. Susie Massaro #

    Focus, pride and strength
    Forty eight years and counting
    With diabetes

    06/15/15; 11:32 pm
  26. Kasey Heiller #

    My pretty daughter
    Eight years old and so strong
    T1D won’t win

    06/15/15; 11:52 pm
    • Kasey Heiller #

      My pretty daughter
      Eight years old and so much strength
      T1D won’t win

      06/15/15; 11:57 pm
  27. Susan C #

    It’s midnight again
    Sugar monsters sucking life
    Double-stuffs for win!

    06/16/15; 3:05 am
  28. Michelle #

    Did you check, my dear?
    When dinner’s on the table
    Words she hates to hear

    06/16/15; 5:44 am
  29. Michelle #

    Six Until Me is…
    The best blog on the webby
    Kerri is the queen.

    06/16/15; 6:41 am
    • Well now I feel like I have to send you money. 🙂

      06/16/15; 8:04 am
      • Michelle #

        HA! …ok.
        It was all I could come up with at 6:30 this morning….

        06/16/15; 8:05 pm
  30. Kirsten #

    Stick, poke, inject, eat
    Dream a day I skip all these
    Eat. Drink. Without thought

    06/16/15; 8:41 am
  31. Kirsten #

    Cursed? Blessed? We can’t say…
    Courage, strength, to overcome
    New friends ev’rywhere

    06/16/15; 8:48 am
  32. Maria conroy ( for Brendan) #

    Diagnosed last year
    The only thing he can’t do
    Is make insulin

    06/16/15; 9:13 am
  33. Jennifer Luther #

    Prick on the finger.
    Ow, Blood drop, wait, number shows.
    Drink all the juice box.

    06/16/15; 9:13 am
  34. Sarah #

    Diabuddy twins
    Have a partner in pokes
    Double the sweetness

    06/16/15; 9:24 am
  35. John #

    I am T 1 D
    Not that it matters at all
    I do anything

    06/16/15; 10:38 am
  36. It is my birthday
    Woke up with low blood sugar
    Had cake for breakfast


    06/16/15; 10:43 am
  37. Rebecca #

    So many choices
    No more boring black screen, YAY!
    Pump Peelz is a boss

    I never said I was a master of poetry, but I do love pump peelz.

    06/16/15; 12:54 pm
  38. Nicki #

    Constantly trying
    Too many variables
    Laugh, trust, and live life

    06/16/15; 2:29 pm
  39. Christina Keltz-Jones #

    Test day Test night Test
    Diabetes I will beat
    Style with Pump Peelz

    06/16/15; 5:11 pm
  40. Michelle #

    (ok this is my real submission..)

    Technology wins,
    after the beta cells fail.
    peelz keeps it pretty.

    06/16/15; 8:10 pm
  41. Christina Keltz-Jones #

    Revised made a mistake on my first one thanks

    Test day Test night Test
    Diabetes I will beat
    Stylin’ with Pump Peelz

    06/16/15; 9:50 pm
  42. Are you low? I know
    That’s how the D mom lingo
    Goes. And: are you high?

    06/17/15; 8:49 am
  43. Remember back when
    you wanted autocorrect
    to change it to blouse?

    06/17/15; 8:50 am
  44. Diabetes meh
    Counting syllables before
    Coffee is so hard

    06/17/15; 9:05 am
  45. Heather L #

    A secret raincloud
    Diabetes rains on her
    Love is her raincoat

    (It’s so hard to just write one poem! Words are fun!)

    06/17/15; 10:29 am
  46. Susan Carroll #

    Carbs need insulin
    Here comes the hypodermic
    Come needle me this

    10/26/15; 7:22 pm

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