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Diabetes Blog Week: Kicking It to the Curb.

When I was first hospitalized upon diagnosis, I spent two weeks in-patient learning the new and tangled ropes of type 1 diabetes with my parents.  My hospital roommate was a kid named Eddie, who had been bitten by a spider.  The other source of comfort was Kitty.

This grubby thing has been with me since the beginning.  My mom and dad let me pick him out at the toy store to before being admitted to the hospital, and this stuffed animal received as many paw pricks and injections as I did – albeit saline ones – during the course of those two weeks.  Kitty used to have long, fluffy “fur” that became matted and mangy from repeated snuggles.  He has a defined “waist” from me wrapping my little kid arms around him when my blood was being drawn.  You can’t entirely see his eyes, but they are in there, underneath the smushes of fur.

Chris and I moved into a new house a few months ago, and as we were packing, I had a few boxes designated as “important things.”  Those boxes weren’t put into the moving van but instead stayed in my car to keep them safest during the course of all the stuff shuffling.  One box was marked “DIABETES SUPPLIES” and in it I crammed my pump infusion sets, test strips, Dexcom sensors, etc.  And tucked neatly beside a spare glucose meter was Kitty, continuing to secure his VIP place in my diabetes supplies arsenal.

He used to live in my arms, when I was seven.  Then he moved to my shelf in college.  Now he lives in my closet, keeping watch from between boxes of Dexcom sensors.

He’s ancient.  Older than anything else I’ve ever owned.  Some people might think he’s due to be kicked to the curb, weeded out, tossed.

To this, I say, “No effing way.”  I’m planning on playing Uno with my grandkids several decades from now, with Kitty keeping watch from the closet where I’ll keep all my old lady accoutrements*.

*   *   *

This is part of Diabetes Blog Week, where blog prompts help generate a series of posts by folks in the Diabetes Online Community.  Here’s today’s prompt:  “Yesterday we kept stuff in, so today let’s clear stuff out.  What is in your diabetic closet that needs to be cleaned out?  This can be an actual physical belonging, or it can be something you’re mentally or emotionally hanging on to.  Why are you keeping it and why do you need to get rid of it?  (Thank you Rick of RA Diabetes for this topic suggestion.)”

* Like giant pairs of underpants  UNDERPANTS!

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  1. Aw, we have a “kitty” but it’s Elmo. I have video of B giving him shots, putting on insets and asking him to drink juice. It’s not something I’ll post (maybe when he’s much older) but this reminded me of those days. 🙂

    05/13/15; 10:20 am
  2. I love Kitty! I was given a bear that I named Dr. Cindy after my mom. It’s amazing how the small animals can give us small children comfort in times of diagnosis.

    05/13/15; 10:28 am
  3. We have kitty just like this who went everywhere with us including the hospital for dx, her name is Blossom.

    05/13/15; 10:47 am
  4. I still have my original Rufus bear 🙂

    05/13/15; 10:53 am
    • stylishtype1Diabetic #

      I have my Rufus still too.

      05/18/15; 5:21 pm
  5. You just reminded me about my diagnosis roommates (I was in a big pediatric ward). Raoul was in the bed next to mine. At 6 years old I was a smitten kitten. He had a heart defect. It’s a sweet memory of making a friend during a horribly scary time. Thanks for reminding me Kerri. I still have my Teddy. His fur feels like sandpaper though.

    05/13/15; 12:11 pm
  6. I have a bunny named “Bunny”! I got him for Easter about 3 months before I was diagnosed. Bunny has had many surgeries, and I think one time I temporarily cured his diabetes with a band-aid on his leg. (it was a controversial treatment that didn’t work out in the end.)

    When I moved to my apartment, my friend said I should throw him out. I almost slapped her for even suggesting such a thing.

    05/13/15; 12:16 pm
  7. True story, my brother brought one of my stuffed animals from home the night I was admitted upon dx – a 2 foot tall E.T. doll I’d won at a carnival 😉 Kitty looks like a tough cookie 😉

    05/13/15; 1:30 pm
  8. I love how we all have those little things we have held onto from our childhood. I have a 101 Dalmatian that I have held onto for year and he still sits on top of my closets. I dream about the day I get to pull him down for my children to enjoy 🙂

    05/13/15; 2:57 pm
  9. This should be on my own blog for “clean it out”, but I have a bear that has pretty much the same story as your kitty. Only I was 21 when I was diagnosed and Mr Fitzwell was a present from friends at university. 🙂

    05/13/15; 3:30 pm
  10. Carrie Graham #

    Our 7 year old daughter has a Minnie Mouse plush doll she received while in the hospital when dx’d at 10 months. She still loves her and Minnie wears her own JDRF Walk shirt supporting Colleen’s Crew! Love that you still have your kitty…

    05/13/15; 7:23 pm
  11. Aww what a great spot for Kitty! 🙂

    05/13/15; 8:20 pm
  12. This is embarrassing, but I actually started to tear up halfway through when I thought this entry was going to end with you getting rid of Kitty, and was way too relieved when I got to the end! Something about emotional ties to cats and childhood things…

    05/14/15; 1:35 am

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