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Writer’s Block.

Sat down at the keyboard
And I couldn’t find the words.
I found the letters, that was easy.
Home row right there in my face.
But the words? The words?  The words?
I can’t find those anyplace.

(I grabbed a pen and paper
To see if that would start the flow
… but it didn’t.)

I’ve run out of things to talk about.
Run out of things to say.
I don’t want to document the hold
That my disease has here today.

Yesterday we watched a movie.
And today, I’ll go outside.
I want to run and run and run until
inspiration and desire collide.

I’ll water plants – all the green beans.
I’ll log miles like a race.
I’ll hug my smallest Birdzone
And let the sunshine hit my face.

I don’t want to think about my meter.
Incessant arches of my graph.
I want to test and bolus and move on
Not let disease incite my wrath.

Burnout?  No.  Frustration?  Nah.
It’s not like I’m done caring.
I just need a break.  A small one.

And then I’ll go back to sharing.

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  1. YES!

    I love this post, because it’s where I am at in so many ways.

    And when you write about something so much, it can get a bit… (what’s the word I’m looking for?)

    My most favorite line: “I want to run and run and run until
    inspiration and desire collide.” Love this more than I can expect, and if it wasn’t for the running part (I don’t run), I’d go do that right now. Actually, I own a bike and have a dog. And it’s sunny. So, after the coffee, I’m outside. To just enjoy.

    Thanks for sharing this, Kerri, and have fun living and doing as you want. 🙂

    04/21/15; 11:47 am
  2. Jochen #

    Enjoy your break! I’ll be missing reading your posts in the morning but hope that the break will charge your batteries! Hope to see – no sorry – read you soon.

    04/21/15; 2:09 pm
  3. Kristin #

    Enjoy your break, you earned it. Thanks for your writing, I wouldn’t be able to keep it up for a week, much less years. No pressure, but do know that whether you write daily , monthly or once in a blue moon, what you (and other bloggers in the DOC) do, matters and we are grateful.

    04/21/15; 8:02 pm
  4. Jerry Mauney #

    I try to catch your blog every day.
    I do not have diabetes.
    My soon to be eleven year old son has Type 1 going on three years.
    He is a normal good kid that is dealing with something that sucks.
    I can assume what it’s like, and try to push him to suck it up, but
    I don’t know what it is like to have T1.
    I have no idea of what it’s like to have to live with something that sucks so bad.
    From you, that has been dealing with it so long, and being so articulate, I get more of an feeling of what he is dealing with.
    Thank you for your blog and the effort that you put into it.
    A break is good.
    Don’t forget about yourself.
    Get out and enjoy life and your family.

    04/22/15; 5:13 am
  5. Andrew Dyke #


    Well put.

    No more words required!

    04/22/15; 7:11 am
  6. Martha #

    Gotta get away from this disease now and then. You go girl!

    04/22/15; 5:33 pm
  7. 🙂

    04/23/15; 9:21 pm

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