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Plug It In.

I’m not a good traveler, but I am a good packer. Part of my preparation ritual is to make sure I only bring what I need and that outfits are tried on and coordinated before I go. (Because there was that one time I brought a shirt and forgot pants and that made for a different sort of panic before a presentation.)

Thinking ahead helps me prevent over-packing. (I have made a rule about not checking baggage, ever, if I can help it.) So before I left for a business trip on Thursday afternoon, my house was a brief flurry of coat hangers, dresses, and shoes. I tried on four or five different things before chucking them into my suitcase (who am I kidding – I military roll everything so it fits) and then it was time to get ready to leave the house.

It took me almost an hour to realize that, in my frenetic fashion show, I had my pump clipped to my hip but not connected to my infusion set. It wasn’t until I heard the Dexcom alarm let loose with the HIGH ALARM! that I realized my tubing was wagging like a tail. Disconnected from my body. Leaving me on an unintentional insulin hiatus.

So many variables influence my blood sugars – exercise! Insulin levels! Food! Stress! Exclamation points!

But sometimes it’s as simple as remembering to plug shit in.

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  1. Dan #

    Hi Kerri,

    Having a Dexcom unit does give all of us a true warning system. It beats taking blood
    glucose readings every hour. Oh, btw this can happen for a different reason.
    It is wise to pack extra insets. Having the tubing cut during the day can be
    another surprise! May you be blessed with great travel, sunny days and the wind at your back. As always have a great day.


    04/20/15; 1:30 pm
  2. Martha #

    This is sort of related (not really), but the unplugged reference makes me want to relate this commentary of life with all the gadgets of modern diabetes management. Was getting ready for my own trip this past weekend, and could not figure out what was beeping in my house. Between my pump, my sensor, smoke alarm, refrigerator door open alarm, etc., I just about lost my mind trying to figure it out. Turns out it was the dishwasher, which I did not know until that moment featured any sort of beeping at all.

    I’ve done the “wearing the pump, but not reattached to the body thing” myself. Too much, sometimes, all our toys!

    04/20/15; 5:56 pm

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