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Self-tracking isn’t limited to the number of steps I take in a day or mapping out the data of my blood sugar trends. In my life, tracking emotional health is important, as it influences my physical health. Yeah, even if I try to pretend it doesn’t.

Gripper socks are those socks that have the little bits of plastic on the bottom, designed to keep you from slipping and falling on your face. They help you gain your footing when you need it most.

Playing that metaphor out from a diabetes perspective, there are some things I do to keep from doing a horrible faceplant into apathy (which leads to less-than-optimal diabetes management, for me). Kind of like gripper socks for self-management, giving me traction instead of sending me into a free-fall of slackadaisical not-giving-a-shit.

This video is about recognizing my own apathy signs and signals and making attempts to wrangle them back under control.

Gripper socks!

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  1. Wow. Slackadaisical. It seems crazy but I hadn’t realized how slackasaisical I’ve been lately until now. So thanks. I think. (Because ignorance is bliss . . . . at least temporarily??) (Also I probably shouldn’t leave blog comments while low . . . ) (And also? Meow meow meow.) <—- Yup, obviously low. I'll stop typing now . . .

    04/9/15; 3:03 pm
  2. #twang

    my fave part lol

    04/10/15; 2:33 pm

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