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Potent Potion.

Turns out I’m not unique in experiencing the dreaded “Dexcom rash.”  (Which sucks for anyone else who gets the major sensor scratchies, but at the same time, the diabetes community is innovative as eff.  We work around the workarounds.)

When it comes to dealing with my own Dexcom rash, wearing the Toughpad underneath my sensor helps a ton, but it doesn’t remove the reaction entirely.  Which means that after a seven days, I will peel off a sensor to find a raised, slightly irritated area underneath.  (And that patch of skin usually gets worse the next day, particularly after showering or if I’m in recycled air like in an airplane.)

After talking about the rash with my endocrinologist, I asked her for some recommendations for lotions to use after the fact, when I need to soothe my skin post-sensor removal.  She said that Amlactin was something that she’s used in the winter when hand-washing causes rotten skin, and suggested I give it a go.

So I did.

Magical rash healing powers.

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And it works better than I had expected.  It’s not the best smelling stuff (kind of like a stick of butter mixed with stale toothpaste and a dash of freezer burn), and it sometimes makes my skin feel hot for a few seconds after application, but if I slather this stuff on my sensor-irritated skin, it helps so much.  Rashes that took a week to properly mend were fine after two days, and the rapid-healing helped keep the curb appeal of my skin real estate intact.

There you go.  A post about a lotion that helps deal with Dexcom rashes.  No, it’s not sponsored.  Yes, it’s kind of boring.  But this shit works for me.  And it might work for you.  So go forth and slather.

Here’s a flying cat, just in case you wanted one:

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  1. S #

    So many of your suggestions for the dreaded DexCom rash have helped my kiddo, and now something else to add to the arsenal. Thank you!! A while back you mentioned Mepitac tape? Did it work?

    04/8/15; 12:32 pm
    • I tried the Mepitac but had trouble getting it to stay stuck. I have used it to tape down the sensor adhesive to the Toughpad (when the adhesive starts to roll off the toughpad), but it hasn’t been great about staying stuck to my actual skin. Still testing that one!

      04/8/15; 1:38 pm
  2. Jochen #

    Great it works for you. I will forward your post to a friend who has also problems with all sorts of diabetes adhesives.

    04/8/15; 2:43 pm
  3. Jen #

    I did want a flying cat, thank you. 🙂

    04/8/15; 2:50 pm
  4. Martha #

    Have only used Amlactin for the dreaded diabetic dry feet but it is my BFF, especially the cream even more so than the lotion. Didn’t occur to me to try it for irritated sensor skin but I will give it a whirl.

    04/8/15; 2:52 pm
  5. FLYING CAT!!!!!!

    04/8/15; 6:48 pm
  6. Sandy T #

    I use this stuff for dry skin. It stinks, I agree, but it so works. I mix it with a bit of good smelling lotion to mask the stank.

    04/8/15; 7:55 pm
  7. Shelby #

    Oh, I love that stuff!!! I don’t have the dreaded Dex rash, thankfully, but it works wonders on dry winter skin–hands and feet. If I am religious about putting it on my feet before bed every night, my feet are softer than a baby’s. Love it. Costco sells it for much cheaper than the drugstore if you can find it there.

    04/8/15; 7:58 pm
  8. Rebecca #

    I’ll take a healthy dose of flying cat in my everyday life.

    04/9/15; 2:31 pm
  9. Ophelia #

    Reading your post in London, having found it via the US Children With Diabetes list. My 6 year old daughter has same problem on her little butt cheeks (started suddenly after a year or more of no issues whatsoever – did Dexcom change the adhesive??) and there seem to be other kids here struggling with the rash too…Forwarding link to top diabetes team at UCLH who are trying to help us all solve this problem.

    05/13/15; 11:59 am

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