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  1. Waiting to see how it meshes with the MS Band – already have cloud access to my meter via HealthVault, if one day I can have Cortana tell me my BGs on the Band it’ll be quite cool indeed.

    “Not their official slogan” – LOL. Yet!

    03/26/15; 3:43 pm
  2. Dawn Elza #

    Yes the share alarms are loud as fuck, I kinda feel like a weirdo out in public with all these crazy ringtones going off. wish I could shut off easily when out. 🙂

    03/26/15; 4:02 pm
  3. Jennifer #

    I’m looking into getting a Dexcom and curious why you don’t set it to alarm at say, 70, in the hopes of catching the low before it hits 47? I’m hoping to avoid the low-lows. Thanks for a splendid blog!

    03/26/15; 7:29 pm
    • I have the alarm set at 80 mg/dL. I didn’t hear the alarms until I was deep into the low. I wish my body followed the plan. :\

      03/26/15; 11:03 pm
  4. Whole bunch of stuff to be plugged into with a variety of buzzers and alarms to warn of lows, highs and impending doom. I understand the need for prevention and would definitely want to use this during travel, but not so sure about at home.

    03/26/15; 8:57 pm
  5. Wes Ton #

    We use the Share technology in a layered system with the Nightscout technology for our 4 & 8 year old. The Share DEFINETELY has loud alarms which I LOVE and my wife HATES. I love having options. T1 has limited certain aspects of life, so it’s nice to have a buffet of technology from which to choose. Thanks for your blog Kerri, we know we have at *least* 3,000 members due to your blog (that’s why we gave you a shout-out at our SXSW presentation ; ) Regards. Wes Ton @WeAreNotWaiting

    03/27/15; 6:39 am
  6. ria #

    I can’t wear a CGM due to extremely sensitive skin (adhesive reaction) but if I could I would certainly have an alarm that shouted
    ” GET UP AND EAT SOMETHING NOW !!!!!”, when low
    I Wonder why they haven’t developed that type of device yet

    03/27/15; 10:35 am
    • Tim Steinert #

      It’s called your mother…

      03/27/15; 3:49 pm
      • ria #

        Great idea, Tim ! An alarm that sounds like your mother ! =)

        03/27/15; 5:14 pm
  7. Melissa #

    I had the share cradle before but wasn’t using it regularly. I just got the new share receiver this week and downloaded the new app but I’ve yet to have any alarms go off on my phone. Does this only occur if your follower is also set up? I’d love to get the alarms on my phone as I often ignore or turn off the dexcom alarms in the middle of the night.

    03/28/15; 3:49 pm
  8. I’ve been recently trying to find out info on being able to share with my Medtronic pump/cgm….. Either that or I’ll have to try to wait patiently till they catch up 😉 My hubby travels a lot and he said he’d be very nice to get alerts like that, especially if I’m not answering my phone. I agree that I don’t necessarily need/want anyone seeing my daily numbers, but there are times when it’d be super handy. I’ve had to have the talk with my 7 yr old more than once about how to call 911- and that’s just not a fun conversation to have with a child. But it’s necessary when sometimes he’s the only other person that can make the call for me. The twins would just babble, so they wouldn’t be helpful at all. HAHA

    03/30/15; 12:01 pm
  9. Bill Neel #

    Still like Night Scout better. It works on my Android, PC and iphone. Dexcom share 2 has really hindered our families ability to monitor my son’s BG.

    04/10/15; 11:05 pm
    • I’ll echo my constant mantra about this stuff: I like options. 🙂

      04/13/15; 8:47 am
  10. cameron neale #

    Hey Kerri your blog
    our 4 year old daughter recently diagnosed Ti .. so is good to read real life diabetes
    its tough after 6 months we manage her , the right food, finger pricks etc we are looking at a sensor , no pump ,,she’s only on two injections a day at the moment ..
    Dexcom looks the best the G6 is coming soon so ..we are planning analysing etc..
    thanks for your honest , funny words ..

    11/2/16; 9:27 pm

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