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Man, I hope this cat is okay. Siah Sausage is the best.

The cat is being tested for diabetes. There goes my whole "it's not contagious!" assertion. 😉

A photo posted by Kerri Sparling (@sixuntilme) on

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  1. Tracy #

    My kitty Chloe had diabetes. Insulin shots actually made her more active and she took them very well. Fingers crossed for Siah.

    01/23/15; 1:01 pm
  2. k2 #

    Hugs to Siah Sausage & her awesome family, too!

    01/23/15; 1:26 pm
  3. Christine #

    My cat Sasha was diagnosed with diabetes at 17. When I brought her in to the vet’s to test her, her BG was actually out of range on the vet’s meter – so we tested on mine (which I thought was beyond awesome) and she was at 336. It was no wonder she slept most of the day and was grumpy when she wasn’t sleeping.

    I hope Siah is okay!!

    01/23/15; 2:28 pm
  4. Dan #

    Hi Kerri,

    Now comes the fun. Anyone who thinks that the management of diabetes is easy is nuts. My favorite response is: Let me give you and cat or dog that is a type 1 diabetic. Meaning how does one measure their individual needs. It can be done. Oh, check with the vet. Cats are known to change from a T1D to a T2D. I found it easier to track a dog. Maggie was a T1D for the last 3 1/2 years of her life after serving as my hypoglycemic meter for over ten years. We just switched roles. To keep costs down, I used NPH due to the fact that I did not need a prescription. And, depending upon her insulin needs the BD 10 cc syringes with1/2 unit marking were very, very helpful.


    01/23/15; 3:22 pm
  5. Roxanne #

    Before I was diagnosed, my best friend had DM. She was diagnosed when she was two. She would go to summer camp each summer and her family let me go along when dropping her off and picking her up.

    Then one Fall I was diagnosed with Type 1 DM. I was eleven at the time. I knew nothing about science and the real reason behind my diagnosis.

    But I SWORE that you couldn’t get T1DM when you’re around one of THEM, but if you were surrounded by a bunch, like when I went to drop my friend off at camp, it became contagious.

    No one could convince me otherwise . . . until I got to advanced biology my Senior year of high school when we studies the immune system and autoimmune stuff.

    01/24/15; 7:26 am
  6. Pam #

    I’ve got an older cat that was diagnosed last year.. It was interesting because I saw her drinking a lot of water, and then heard her going for food on the counter one morning. I looked over at my husband and said “Meagan is diabetic”. We went to the vet that day, and sure enough my suspicion was confirmed.

    Most outrageous question – one of the moms at my son’s school asked if the cat got it from my son. 😮

    Hope your kitty is ok and doesn’t get any other crazy human diseases!

    01/25/15; 12:01 am
  7. Martha #

    I had a dog who was a bit of a nightmare who then had the nerve to also be diagnosed with diabetes, way back in the dark ages of the 1970’s when I myself was somewhat new to diabetes. I’ll never forget chasing her around the backyard trying to get her to pee on a testape (do they still have those?) and giving her shots using my old syringes. In a way it kinda worked, and of course we had all the supplies at hand and were comfortable giving injections.

    01/26/15; 1:29 pm
  8. Even if Siah has diabetes, its important to realize this is an animal, not a human, and maintaining optimal glycemic control is simply not going to happen with a cat or dog – its difficult enough for humans with the crude tools that exist. How do you test a cat’s blood sugar? Obviously, you cannot realistically hope to do that (do you get blood from their ears?!). An animal also cannot communicate hypoglycemia, so its largely a matter of giving the animal a prescribed injection of insulin and that’s about it.

    01/27/15; 11:31 am
    • Nancy #

      Actually the cat’s ear is exactly where you get the blood for a test – and the test is done using a human meter/strips. You’re right about management being a nightmare/impossible though. Hypos … have to discern by a combo of behavior and blood glucose – then give carbs! I always tested my diabetic cat prior to giving insulin. Felt too dangerous to do otherwise.

      01/30/15; 11:55 am
  9. Hope Siah Sausage is OK, and not a CWD (Cat, not to be confused with CWD being a Child With Diabetes…). We went through that several years ago with Shadow, but it turned out to be a kidney issue and not diabetes. Of course, my first thought went to D…

    01/27/15; 1:21 pm

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