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Chipped Battery Cap.

When you wear something every, single day, you notice every, single bit of it.  I’ve been wearing this pump for four years and I know the lines of it by heart.  (I remember the day that I switched from Medtronic to Animas and even those similarly-structured insulin pumps felt entirely different to me in weight, curve, and especially clip.  As I wrote in my Animas Vibe initial review, change can be awkward.)

Two weeks ago, I dropped my insulin pump on the bathroom floor.  It survived the fall, but happened to fall just so and smashed the edge of the battery cap the teeniest bit.  See?  (Ignore the hard knocks look of my pump overall.  I’m tough on this thing.)

Okay, so maybe it’s not obvious (I can barely see it myself, even when it’s pointed out to my eyeballs), but my hip knew instantly.  The jagged catch on the battery cap bit into my skin all day long and drove me bananas.  (The photo is not accurate as far as how the chip lined up with my skin.  The battery cap pictured is not screwed tightly onto the pump.  When it’s on right, the chip faces my body.)

“Do you feel this?”  I asked Chris, running his finger over the edge of the battery cap.  “That teeny chip?  It’s making me crazy.”

“You can feel that?” he asked, surprised.

“I can.  I’m like the Princess and the Pea of insulin pumps.”  (That would make for an excessively long fairy tale title.)

The point of this post?  To illustrate how fully integrated these devices become into our lives, where we notice even the most seemingly insignificant blip.  And to also note how awesome it is when your local pump rep just happens to have a replacement battery cap in the trunk of her car.

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  1. Dan #

    BHGI Kerri,

    I can totally understand your pain. There is one major factor facing any T1D with various pieces of equipment. What backup component parts should one keep on hand to deal with the challenges of a T1D life. Normally, when I have ordered replacement caps they were sent to me in pairs. I guessed the company figured that if I broke it once, I would do it again! Actually the extra parts have come in handy over the years.

    Or, for a quick fix you can do what some of us have done when we had steel needles and ground glass syringes. Mom’s figure nail files were a great tool to sharpen, smooth and soften any scratches on equipment parts.

    As always have a great day.

    01/7/15; 1:34 pm
  2. I was also going to suggest a nail file, usually works for taking off sharp edges.

    “how awesome it is when your local pump rep just happens to have a replacement battery cap in the trunk of her car.” – that is totally awesome!!

    01/7/15; 3:10 pm
  3. I’m just jealous you have a local rep!

    01/7/15; 3:15 pm
    • Well, define “local.” She drove two hours to meet with me to set me up on the Vibe trial. 🙂 That’s driving through my state twice over!!!

      01/7/15; 10:20 pm
  4. Sophie #

    It drives me nuts that the pump costs around $9000, and yet the paint peels off horribly. Surely for that price it could be made of a coloured plastic, rather than a coated plastic? /end rant
    You’re so right about getting to know the curves of the pump, it’s a rarefied experience to have a piece of technology attached to ones body all. the. time. Yes, all the time. I see people take a week off email, or smart phones, or face book, and wish it were as easy as that for us to get a break from all the diabetes paraphernalia (and therefore diabetes itself!). Oooooh that would be bliss!

    01/8/15; 4:43 am
  5. In my mind, your “local” rep is a mutual friend and the two of you not only trained you on the Vibe and found a new battery cap, but also had a lovely lunch and caught up with each other. 🙂 Hope that was the case!

    01/8/15; 10:51 am
    • Ah, my local rep wasn’t Kathleen, unfortunately. But it was Molly (do you know Molly?) and she is also wicked awesome!!!

      01/8/15; 12:25 pm
      • Yup, I know and love Molly!!! I’ve met her son too, and he’s equally awesome as well. 🙂

        01/8/15; 1:23 pm
  6. Awesome pump reps, everyone should be so lucky to have them! My Tandem Diabetes rep is also awesome, though he lives like 5 hours away from me. My Dexcom rep is equally as awesome but he lives 4 hours away. Stinking rural area I live in.

    01/8/15; 3:57 pm
  7. Rrrrr like running your tongue over a chipped tooth; it feels so snaggled and wrong but looks normal but feels HUGE but looks like nothing.

    01/8/15; 5:53 pm

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