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Bulk Solutions.

Due to adhesive change/skin sensitivity/dermis witchcraft, the Dexcom rash seems to be a now-reliable side effect of wearing a CGM (or anything else with adhesive ability, honestly.  Sometimes a bandaid gives me the scritchy-scratch).  I feel best with the Dexcom data streaming, though, so I do whatever keeps the sensor on and the itch at a minimum.

Which means ordering the ToughPads in bulk.

Necessary. And in bulk!

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The extra cost isn’t fun, but my sensor is currently rolling through it’s second start-up cycle, so I won’t complain.  Whatever frigging works, right? (Besides, a tattered Dexcom sensor feels like a diabetes Girl Scout badge. Next, I’m going for my “pile of test strips NEXT to the garbage can instead of IN it” badge.)

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  1. Jennifer #

    So we’re still new to this whole T1D thing, being 7 months since diagnosis. My daughter has had her Dexcom for almost three months. So if I understand correctly, instead of changing out the senor when it tells you to, you just start it back up when it shuts down? How do you know when you need to change it out then? I’m all for saving a buck here and there as long as there are no adverse side effects.

    01/2/15; 11:07 am
    • I can’t speak to side effects, but if a sensor is staying put and giving me results that I feel are in sync with my glucose meter, I’ll restart a sensor any day of the week. 🙂 (Not medical advice, talk to your doctor, etc to the max.)

      01/2/15; 12:22 pm
  2. Carrie #

    My T1D daughter has a Medtronic CGM. I wonder if these would work for her. Do you put it over your sensor? We are having trouble keeping a sensor on for 6 days and insertion hurts so she doesn’t want to re-insert.

    01/3/15; 12:16 am
    • I put it underneath my sensor and insert right through the Toughpad. I’ve never tried it underneath a Medtronic sensor, but hopefully it works??

      01/3/15; 8:44 am
  3. I always have the issue of my adhesive not sticking well enough. I usually put athletic tape over it, but I seem to have a bad reaction to that. Would this work well to try and keep the site attached well?

    01/13/15; 4:46 pm

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