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(Good) Animas Vibe(rations).

(Disclosures aplenty:  I have a sponsorship contract with Animas through 2015 and have received an Animas Vibe as part of a two week trial.  I’ll receive an actual Vibe as part of my contract.  Keep this in mind as you read through any reviews, because my perspectives are colored by my business relationship with the company.  My reviews have a layer of bias to them.  Picture a foamy cappuccino of bias.  Mmmm … coffee.)

About time. #vibeme (

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On the morning of New Year’s Eve, I finally stuck an Animas Vibe onto my body to deliver my insulin doses.  This was exciting, as I’ve been envious of the International diabetes community who has had access to the Vibe for a while now.  But this thing is finally approved in the USA, and I’ll be taking this bright blue one for a spin for a few weeks before receiving my own upgrade.  (See above cappuccino o’ bias.)

So far, so good.  (So many Marky Mark references!)

So much more in a few days.

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  1. Cherise #

    I cannot wait to read your review.

    01/1/15; 10:52 pm
  2. Lisa #

    Can’t wait to hear about the Vibe. Planning to upgrade this year! Do you know if you can still use the G4 sensors?
    Thanks for reporting on it!

    01/2/15; 8:07 am
    • Yes, you can still use G4 sensors. The 505 software update, however, is not compatible.

      01/2/15; 8:25 am
  3. In reference to the above comment… A few years back- I saw my 37 year old Ex (type I diabetic for over 20 years) lying on the floor in agony and pain, right after taking out the pump canola insert from the belly stomach area. Their was blood everywhere! It took two parents- with towels – applying pressure for over 15 minutes- for the blood to subside… yes, 15 minutes later their was still bleeding! It was a nightmare. The Pump was never used again… yeah, for shots.

    01/4/15; 1:00 am
  4. Looking forward to your review posts and for my pump to arrive.
    I don’t plan on abandoning my other receiver (or the CGM in the Cloud) but I am looking forward to the integrated device and what it means for future technologies? Another pump that can suspend basal on CGM results – closer now than we were pre-Vibe!

    01/4/15; 1:46 am

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