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December 2014

Not Diabetes: Window Seat Cushion.

No Diabetes December 9, 2014 7 Comments

Things I can’t do:  make insulin. Things I can do:  make a window seat in less than ten minutes. Armed with fabric, padding, plywood, a staple gun, and a very helpful YouTube video, it took me ten minutes to make a window sat cushion for the bench beneath our window.  (The pillows were a different story and required a sewing…


Hypo Management.

Blood Sugars, Dexcom, Real Life Diabetes December 8, 2014 9 Comments

“Ninety-five percent of the time, I’m fine.  The lows are ones I can treat myself, even if the number is really low.  Usually my symptoms are shakiness or like this brain fog.  When the lows are really gross, I usually cry at random.  Or I throw things.  No real in between.  But the majority of the time, I can take…


Animas Vibe APPROVED in the US!

Uncategorized December 1, 2014 22 Comments

Oh YAY!!! [Disclosures first:  I have a sponsorship relationship with Animas and have since early 2010, so everything said here is colored by that bias.  For more information on my disclosures, you can read my disclosure page.] I was really excited to see in my inbox this morning that the Animas Vibe insulin pump has been approved for use in…