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Sometimes the symptoms of my low blood sugars are frustration and anger, which is often misplaced and taken out on the people closest (proximity-wise, and emotionally) to me. I was trying to explain this to Birdy two days ago, as I was treating a low blood sugar that was making me feel every inch angry and disoriented.

She nodded solemnly.

“You’re like the Hulk, then?”

… you wouldn’t like me when I’m low.

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  1. (Off topic) Thanks for the Christmas recommendations – I got the book Balancing Diabetes and we gave our son the Snap Circuits Jr. 🙂

    12/26/14; 1:22 pm
  2. Leanne #

    Love it! I might have to borrow…if Birdy gives me permission?

    12/27/14; 2:30 am
  3. Ernesto #

    Re. your “Smash” post, I remember years ago getting a “19” (yes, nineteen) and a “29” reading. I didn’t feel any warnings. With the 19 I was at work, after playing racketball at lunchtime, and I *walked* to the nearest Coke machine. With the 29, my girlfriend (now my wife) struggled to get me to eat something (we were on vacation, middle of the night, foreign country, in a hotel). I noticed that when I am that low, I cannot stand people telling me to “please have something.” You annoy me with your motherly attitude, people!! Let me enjoy my “cheap” high and go away! Yes, after the episode is over, I do apologize and think “I was such a moron!” but that’s how I’ve been for the last 36 years. Somehow, I have no diabetes complications. Why not? I don’t really know. Luck? Or as my doctor says, “genetics”?

    12/27/14; 10:02 pm
  4. anybody #

    Great post… I’m with you a 100%. Sadly, being -angry or mean- is very easy when low. I’ve even noticed it when I drop, from a higher Blood Sugar number(like 250… down to 150) can also cause these same types of HYPO feelings too. Non diabetic, insulin taking people, do not seem to “Get-It.”

    12/28/14; 6:36 am
  5. HAHA! That’s awesomely true… The hulk!

    01/13/15; 5:53 pm

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