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Animas Vibe APPROVED in the US!

Oh YAY!!!

[Disclosures first:  I have a sponsorship relationship with Animas and have since early 2010, so everything said here is colored by that bias.  For more information on my disclosures, you can read my disclosure page.]

I was really excited to see in my inbox this morning that the Animas Vibe insulin pump has been approved for use in the USA for adults.  This device integrates my insulin pump and my CGM into one device, giving me one less thing to lose and one less thing to carry (and one less expensive thing to throw when frustrated).  As a human being who is not a kangaroo, this is a plus for me.  And integration with the CGM product that I know and trust (and also have a disclosure about – bias!) is an even bigger plus.

Worldwide President at Diabetes Care for LifeScan/Animas, Val Asbury said:  “We are excited to celebrate this significant milestone in our efforts to expand Animas® Vibe’s™ global footprint and our insulin delivery offerings to adult patients (ages 18 years and older).  Animas® Vibe™ is an important addition to our product portfolio because we are now able to offer patients in the US a solution that allows them to view glucose data and administer insulin right from the pump – simplifying and aiding in their ability to make more informed decisions and fine-tune insulin delivery.”

(For the record, Val and her team added their own little R-in-the-circle thing because they are official.  I am not as official.  I’m just excited.)

I asked the Animas team about upgrades for folks who are using an Animas pump but are still within warranty, and the response I received from Dave Detmers (Director of Communications) was:  “Once Animas® Vibe™ is commercially available in the US, we will provide an EZAccess Upgrade program, which offers patients who qualify the opportunity to upgrade to our latest technology. More details will be available surrounding the EZAccess Upgrade program once the program has launched.”  Like you, I am not sure how that will shake out, but once I have more details, I’ll share ASAP.

For now, I’m thankful that the Vibe has finally been approved by the FDA, as this moment marks progress.  I like progress. And I’m excited to see it happening.

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  1. Lucy Grubbs #

    oh Sooo cool. We have been waiting! Well I have. My daughters probAbly could care less 🙂 and we r actually this week at 4 yrs so we’re talking to animas abt this last week since we may be getting a new pump too!! Yippeee

    12/1/14; 10:16 am
  2. Yay! Oh happy day! Yay. I cannot tell you how often I annoy everyone in my family with, “Has anyone seen my Dexcom?” Oh, yay! So happy.

    12/1/14; 2:53 pm
  3. WOO HOO!!!! YAH!!!!! Thanks for letting us know!!! I’m excited too but bummed that I have to wait for 2 and a half more years before my warranty w medtronics runs out!! I too misplace my dexcom on numerous occasions!!

    12/1/14; 7:53 pm
  4. Caitie #

    My Vibe has been in my house since early last week! I go for pump training on Wednesday and couldn’t be more excited to start with a pump and CGM (especially all in one!). Glad you guys in the states can have it too!

    12/1/14; 7:53 pm
  5. Amy #

    Do we know if you’ll still be able to bolus via remote/meter? That’s always been the thing that attracted me to the Ping — that I didn’t have to fiddle with the pump to do anything. It’s nice to have the integrated functionality with Dex, but I wouldn’t want to lose the functionality of not having to touch the pump except to adjust basal.

    12/1/14; 10:23 pm
    • I’m not sure, I’d like to know too!! 🙂

      12/2/14; 10:55 pm
      • Jochen #

        The German version of Vibe does not offer this function.

        12/3/14; 1:15 pm
    • Jessica Auchenbach #

      I called Animas today to pre-order the vibe and asked about the meter remote. The vibe will not have one. The current remote will not work with the new pump. I guess they figure with the CGM info all integrated into it the meter wasn’t as necessary?

      12/3/14; 12:22 pm
      • Amy #

        *sigh* Maybe they don’t see the meter as necessary, but the full-function remote definitely still is necessary!

        Guess that solidifies my decision. The CGM doesn’t mean nearly as much to me as the ability to wear my pump in a way that isn’t visible. I’m not sticking my hand down my skirt every time I want to bolus.

        12/5/14; 10:50 pm
        • Amy #

          Or shirt, even. I don’t hide my pump *that* much.

          12/5/14; 10:51 pm
  6. I’m glad you posted this Kerri! I was able to post Animas’s reply to you on a few Type 1 support groups here in the greater Cincinnati (your Kentuckinnati) area!

    Everyone’s curious about a possible upgrade. 🙂 Today was a great day on so many levels.

    12/2/14; 12:41 am
  7. Khürt L. Williams #

    from the headline I expected more than the fact of integrating the CGMS. Whoop de coo. If this is what generates excitement for diabetes medical equipment then we are lost. Meh.,

    12/2/14; 6:42 am
  8. From the title of the post I thought that something big was happening. If “having one less device to carry” now constitutes significant innovation in the diabetes medical device industry then we are lost.

    Significant innovation is when the accuracy has been improved to +/-5%.
    Significant innovation is when the CGMS and insulin pump provide a closed loop system for blood glucose management.

    This? Meh!

    12/2/14; 6:48 am
    • I like integration between my pump and my CGM. But what excites me might not excite you. 🙂

      Have you checked out the Bionic Pancreas? Sounds like you’d like reading up on that progress. It’s truly amazing.

      12/2/14; 10:10 am
  9. Jim #

    Thanks for the heads up, Kerri. I just arranged for my upgrade today!

    I can’t tell you how many Dexcom receivers I’ve been through or lost…one lost forever on a mountain trail. Why I decided on the Ping in the first place (in 2011) it was because the rep promised the upgrade to the Vive was coming…but coming in 2015? I never expected it to take that long! 🙂

    The combination of accuracy and integration is what I’ve been waiting for…at least until the AP becomes a reality or this T1D beast is slain…

    All the best,

    12/2/14; 3:34 pm
  10. Jessica Auchenbach #

    Just signed up for my upgrade! Little bummed there will no longer be a meter remote, but I just got married so that was probably the last big event I would have needed it for!!

    12/3/14; 12:24 pm
  11. Jochen #

    I life in Germany and here the Vibe is available since quite some time. I switched from Dexcom stand alone to Vibe about a year ago. One think I really miss is the different vibration alarm for low and high warnings which is not available on the Vibe. But it is great to have one device less.
    What will happen to your CGM in the cloud?

    12/3/14; 1:20 pm
  12. Andy #

    They’ve provided upgrades on previous models before, for only several hundred dollars… I never bit, because the minor upgrades weren’t worth that much to me.

    I used to love my Animas pump, but after 1+ year on Tandem, it’s amazing to see how both Animas & Medtronic have only made rather basic changes in over 10 years. I was ready to ditch the old designs, and love having the smallest waterproof pump now. I hope this US Animas Vibe news will mean that the Tandem/Dexcom combo might be following soon!

    12/3/14; 2:39 pm
  13. Do you know anything about when approval for under 18 years of age will happen? I have a 13 year old on the Ping, which is great, but adolescent hormones are wreaking havoc with his numbers. It sure would be nice to have him on the Vibe…

    12/5/14; 5:55 pm
  14. val #

    Is there an age limit for the vibe?

    02/11/15; 2:31 pm

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