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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!  <3 the Sparlings

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  1. Adorable! Happy Thanksgiving to your family and all of Rhode Island (you know everybody there right?)! 🙂

    11/27/14; 8:45 pm
  2. NaturalDiabetesMethod #

    Great post. I found it very useful.

    You are amazing : )

    11/30/14; 3:27 pm
  3. anne #

    Hi Kerri, my name is Anne, I’m 48 a mother of an 8 year old and and 11 year old. Living in about a week of shock from a diagnosis last week of type 1 diabetes. I’ve spent every moment scouring the web to educate myself. So many emotions. I really do not know where to begin, or how I will ever fit this all into my busy world…. just know that I have no choice but to figure it out…. quickly

    Still trying to wrap my hands around this and figure this all out. I have to say it was nice to stumble on your blog. A real, person. A busy mom…..

    I work full time and travel, I would love advice on going thru TSA, it should be low on my worry list right now, but I can’t stop thinking about it. Right now, I’m living as a closet case besides my husband knowledge. NO idea how to tell my kids, family and friends. No one in my family was a diabetic. Yet they say it is hereditary….. I would love an offline email conversation, I sent you and email request. 🙂



    11/30/14; 4:12 pm
  4. abbyBayer #

    my favorite part of thanksgiving is the sparling hand turkeys (turkies? turkey’s? gobblers?) 🙂

    12/1/14; 7:07 pm

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