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Actually, in this case, it was boots.

Sometimes I can’t throw this thing into my bra or onto my hip.  I find the inability to be discreet with my hardware frustrating, at times.  Very.  In lieu of throwing it against the wall, I’ll clip it gently, and with purpose, to the top of my boot and pretend that the tubing is a whisper of translucence, and pretend that because I can’t feel it against my skin, it’s not there. I remind myself to be grateful for the access that I have to things like this, and then I move on.

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  1. Nope, I think it’s adorable. But I have to ask – did the tubing get caught on just about everything? Because that would be my fear.

    11/13/14; 5:45 pm
  2. Carmen #

    Miss America ;)! I decided on the Omnipod because I’m far too great of a klutz to deal with tubing. (I constantly snag my headphones on something when I try to go hands free with my phone…sigh.)

    11/13/14; 8:58 pm
  3. Katie #

    Your tubing is so long!! I always end up just clipping mine to my pants/skirts/underwear and unclipping it through my clothing to bolus if I’m wearing a dress. #dailystruggles

    11/13/14; 11:08 pm
    • My tubing is long (42 inch) but here’s where I’ll admit that I’m not quite 5’4″. So there’s not as much body length to traverse. 🙂

      11/14/14; 7:50 am
  4. Catherine #

    Lol. How inventive!!! I am still doing shots so thats not an issue, although I wonder if a pump would help me remember to manage my diabetes.

    11/15/14; 4:24 pm
  5. Kerri,
    I have this problem all the time! You should do what I have resorted to, wear it on your ankle under your pants! I have a PortaPocket and I wear it on my ankle and feed your tubing down your pants, obviously, and it works great! I too am short, 5’4″ so I also get the longest tubing for greatest flexibility in locations. Here is my blog post showing my PortaPocket and how it works.

    11/18/14; 2:29 pm
  6. Very elegant Kerri

    10/15/15; 6:16 am
    • Nice #

      Hi Kerri, it was great.

      03/2/16; 12:13 pm

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