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#DayOfDiabetes Went a Little Rogue on Me.

I started the day strong, but after hours of a frustrating high blood sugar and seemingly bolusing saline instead of insulin (but it was insulin – I checked), I hit a big NOPE when it came to documenting the end of my #dayofdiabetes. I didn’t want to keep documenting my frustrations, not because I was ashamed of them, but because I was FRUSTRATED, you know?

Even though there isn’t a hashtag for my day today, I’m still here. I’m still doing this diabetes thing. And despite some frustrations, I remain fine.

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  1. Martha #

    Doesn’t that just say it all that diabetes didn’t even have the courtesy to respect a day dedicated to it?? Sheesh. The days when you throw a bunch of insulin at the problem and it seems to have no effect are a killer. So weird. Glad you survived.

    11/4/14; 1:06 pm
  2. Susan #

    It isn’t always easy to keep it real, but it is always appreciated. Thanks for being a voice for us during the frustrations.

    11/4/14; 3:05 pm
  3. It’s still a #dayofdiabetes, and you still documented it in a way. Perseverance is not only necessary, but impressive some (actually, all) days.

    11/4/14; 3:26 pm
  4. “So thanks. I raise a vial of Humalog to the entire DOC. 🙂 ”
    Made me laugh. I think it’s good to write about good and easy diabetes days, but also to write about bad not easy days.

    11/5/14; 12:54 am

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