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Halloween Your FACE.

It’s Halloween!!  You know how I know?  Because overnight, every wall in my house is covered with construction paper jack o’lanterns and there’s a suspicious amount of candy up in this place.

Halloween.  A holiday I really like, because dressing up is fun.  Costumes and candy? I can subscribe to that. And now I’m going to paste in a link to a video that I did a few years ago about Halloween and Diabetes, because I still enjoy the rabbit ears now and again:

This year, we’re trick-or-treating with the Birdzone in our neighborhood (she’s decided to be Officer Birdzone this year, complete with a set of handcuffs that she keeps using to lock the fridge door closed with … not sure what she’s trying to tell me with that).

And that’s it.  Did you think there was a big diabetes-related lesson built into this post?  Nope.  Sometimes it’s just fun to have fun, and diabetes takes a frigging backseat for once.

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  1. word.

    10/31/14; 9:51 am
  2. denise #

    Halloween is the perfect D holiday. You get plenty of excercise roaming the streets and you are carrying around a big sack of sugar in case you go low, which you will. It’s the perfect combo or being normal, getting excercise, and warding off lows. Love it.

    10/31/14; 2:07 pm
  3. #BAMThereitis

    10/31/14; 3:17 pm

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