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  1. Before the Cloud was a reality, or even a possibility….this would have been the BEST thing ever. Especially for parents of young children,or travelling spouses.

    But I think now that people #arenotwaiting this seems aged, and not as hip. And that may be true. This has to be FDA approved, right? I mean before, when Share was in its begining stages and the 7+ was still around people were oooooo an ahhhhing. But now people are saying “but it doesn’t transmit to my pebble?!?!”

    Oh this thought was so, so poorly written out.

    I refuse to throw banana bread at you, for the record.

    10/27/14; 12:59 pm
    • But I really like banana bread! 😉

      And yes, I agree that it’s like a year late and it seems dated when compared to the non-FDA approved stuff. But it’s an option, and I love me some options.

      10/27/14; 1:11 pm
      • Gluten free banana bread is just bananas. 🙂

        Also, I think the Share seems like an awesome thing for iphone users who are not super tech-y. I also kind of think it looks like a Walkman.

        I wonder if they will keep going with the development of this. I don’t think my Vibe would work with this since I couldn’t plug it in. Hmmm

        10/27/14; 1:27 pm
  2. I would rather have this than the CGM In The Cloud thing simply because, honestly, I only need (well, REAAALLLY want) my data to be shared at night if I’m alone. Otherwise, I don’t have a need for it. Plus, if something happens to the charge port, at least you’re using THEIR equipment so it should be covered. However, it would be nice to have it at least portability-friendly/chargeable for people like you who travel a lot. In that sense, the cost of setting up the Cloud is a lot cheaper than this for Wi-Fi only users.

    10/27/14; 1:26 pm
  3. Melinda #

    Alanna, I agree. If Share had been released in a timely fashion before Nightscout went mainstream, most parents would have jumped at this tool, paid the $300, and been infinitely grateful. It’s crazy to say that plug-and-play doesn’t matter, because it does.

    Now that people can get their data on the road, all the time, going to night-time or only occasional use seems regressive, especially when kids are involved. We sent our kiddo to Six Flags recently for a band trip without us as chaperones and we could make sure she stayed safe. Share doesn’t allow that.

    Kerri, how did you find the apps–are alarms reliable, easy to use, etc? Did you find it reliable in terms of connectivity? I was surprised to read the Dexcom caveats for Share read almost identically to those offered by Nightscout: data might be missing, you might lose connection, always rely on finger pokes, etc.

    BTW, I would throw Joy the Baker’s bourbon banana bread at you.

    10/27/14; 1:27 pm
    • I’ve only had the Share for a few days, so it’s hard to have a solid take on this yet, but I haven’t seen any issues with connectivity yet. I also have only used it at night (except the day when I opened it, because I was in technojoy mode). I can let you know in a few more days how reliable the alarms seem. 🙂

      10/27/14; 1:31 pm
  4. First: I completely agree with Alanna’s point. Second: I just don’t see how you can release a device these days that immediately disqualifies half (or more) of the smartphone or tablet market.

    That said, more competition is good, and Dexcom has what I consider a superior CGM product already, so this doesn’t really cloud (no pun intended) my view of Dex in any way.

    Finally… great point about circumstance playing “a heavy-handed role in the diabetes devices we use”. Those are all excellent questions. Thanks for an insightful review.

    10/27/14; 1:38 pm
  5. Brie #

    Kerri –

    Thoughtful post! Thanks. I agree with all of it 🙂

    One note – we’ve made Share “portable” (as in, backpack-portable – it’s still a beast, but it works) by plugging it into a mini USB charger like this one:

    10/27/14; 1:47 pm
  6. Rachel #

    I cannot get over this being iOnly, it’s so backwards. We’re Nightscout users and have been since July but i would definitely get a Share for the simplicity of setting the Dex on the boys shelf over night and not worrying about a phone dieing or that the Dexcom can’t transmit to the furthest side of our house. Add in a baby monitor (currently use the Dormi app on thr nightscout phone) And a nightlight and I would joyfully pay $300.

    10/27/14; 2:11 pm
  7. Simply out of curiosity (since I’m neither an iPhone nor a Dexcom user), how audible do you find the Dexcom alarms when it’s sitting in the dock? I know the alarms are already a bit too quiet and wonder if the Share dock may tend to muffle it even more. And I assume you don’t put the whole contraption in a glass at night.

    It’s great to be able to share the data with someone else who can help you, but you are still your first line of defense, and muffling the alerts may be counterproductive.

    10/27/14; 5:11 pm
  8. Wendy C #

    We are wavering on getting the share. Our daughter is 13 and involved in after school activities. So really for us, this would be where the Share would be valuable. But, an active 13 year old is not going to carry a brick with her and hang out by an outlet all afternoon. On the flip side, we are an iPhone family, so in order to do Nightscout, we’d need to get her to carry an android, which she won’t because she’s got too many cool Minecrafts saved on the iPhone 🙂

    10/27/14; 6:26 pm
    • Debbie Meadows #

      Hi Wendy! With the Nightscout you only need to have an android phone to upload the Dexcom to the cloud. You actually never use it for anything else, it stays connected to the Dexcom. We bought a cheap $60 android phone for the uploader and we use our iPhones to read the info and to connect to our pebble watches. We are an iPhone family too 😉

      10/28/14; 9:42 am
      • WendyC #

        Thanks for the info. I feel like I’m being forced to get the Nightscout because it is portable and smaller. The share is a perfect option for when she goes to friends houses or if family comes to watch her, but for her to be independent, she will be lugging around a brick that has to be plugged in. If Dex had only come up with a more technologically timely product (both size and battery wise) we would have just gone with this.

        I do hope Dex will be checking in here to see the feedback!

        10/28/14; 12:46 pm
  9. Sally Poutiatine #

    I am SUPER excited about the Share for my 15 year old daughter, who, understandably, has no interest in my watching her BG 24/7 on a Pebble watch. But when her choir travels across the country this spring (for example), she would love another set of eyes on her BG at night because she does not reliably wake up to the Dex alarms. I love having an option that doesn’t involve purchasing an extra phone and data plan, as well as daily charging. Since we are iPhone users already, the Share is a great option for us. And FDA approval of this type of device is surely a step in the right direction! I love the enthusiasm of the Nightscout users, but have been a little taken aback at the ridicule and derision for the Share in some of the CGM in the Cloud posts. We’re all in this quagmire together, folks! And more tools mean more options! Yay for progress for all of us who have different needs!

    10/27/14; 8:02 pm
  10. Can you share more about the Mac workarounds for Dexcom? Because I need that, and I could research it, but… #shruglife

    I haven’t got on board with the Nightscout or Dexcom Share thing yet. It all still feels quite cumbersome. That said, I am extremely encouraged by the innovations of diabetes data sharing, and I look forward to more in the near future. I’m ready for those devices that have the data sharing already baked in, that bypass having to buy other devices and jump through hoops to get the data where I need it most. Where exactly I need my data the most is something else that is lacking clarity…for me…Martin Wood. I’ll know it when I see it, hopefully.

    10/27/14; 11:00 pm
  11. Ben West #

    Great post. I love the concept of granting and revoking control on a whim. Really want to hear more about how sharing the data with Share or otherwise pans out over time. You mentioned different people you share with might have different preferences for alarms, or even desire to see your data… have you gone over any ground rules with them on when to contact you, when you do share the data?

    10/28/14; 3:30 am
  12. Thanks for the useful review Kerri. Let me know when you’re next in Massachusetts so it’s easier to throw banana bread at you.

    The permission granting sounds very useful, more details when you have a moment.

    It’s interesting that this is iOS only when the Dexcom software won’t run on Mac. That seems a little split brained to me. Dexcom folks, I’ve got some time on my hand, let me write the Mac version!

    10/28/14; 7:34 am
    • If you really put some muscle behind that throw, you can get the banana bread launched into Rhode Island. 😉

      10/28/14; 9:17 am
  13. Michelle M #

    We’ve been using the share for a few days now and I love it. My daughter is 6 and we only wanted something for night and the occasional sleepover at grandma’s house or the neighbor’s house. I was in the process of figuring out how to set up Night scout when the Share was released. Night scout seems awesome but the set-up felt daunting, and we are iPhone users. Share is so easy and perfect for what we want to use it for. Price was a little high but well worth it.

    10/28/14; 1:05 pm
  14. kerrie #

    love reading your take on this product . We are just about to enter the set up world of Nightscout, as a mum to a pretty much hypo unaware 13 year old the “clouding” in whatever for is opening a world of freedom for him. He has a medtronic pump we have their cgm but have just trialled the Dexcom here in Australia and it worked better for us, I’m a night testing mum so it was great to see what was happening – its just such a shame it is a luxury item not classed as a necessity (as I see it :)) We are awaiting our delivery of our dexcom 🙂

    10/29/14; 4:06 am
  15. Dan Miller #

    The reasons for iOS are really quite simple. When Share was submitted to the FDA, the rules about the sharing and conversely the privacy of medical information were quite clear. And iOS is a much more secure platform. Any changes, and Dexcom would have had to start at the beginning. There is Android in the works, and it will have to be submitted as well, but the process for that is more streamlined.

    10/29/14; 8:43 am
  16. DMac #

    We’ve had the Share for about 1 week and while I have really enjoyed being able to check BG without getting out of bed, I do have one question/concern about the whole idea that I haven’t quite reconciled … Long distance. We a crazy rocky night on Tues with a night of false lows. 14 YO son was sleeping funny and the Dex said his glucose was 60 then 45 … actually it was 110 and rock solid all night long. Had 3 additional false lows of <75; we made him get up and test twice (he got very grumpy). I'm wondering what we would do if he wasn't just in the next room. Kari, what will your parents do if you are low and they are across town (or across the country)? Just wondering how we will be able to use this information.

    10/29/14; 4:47 pm
  17. MM #

    Now my question is how did you explain CGM to your Mom? I’m in that in-between stage where my parents knew my Minimed 508 quite well but I never had a CGM under their care. My Mom is interested but totally overwhelmed and I fear would massively over think any trend. 71 with a down arrow? Call 911!

    10/30/14; 7:30 pm
  18. Lukas #

    Does the cradle also uploads historical data to the cloud or only the future data after inserting the receiver? The receiver saves the last 72 hours in it, so this data will be uploaded too?

    11/5/14; 8:26 am
  19. Max #

    I have only one iphone. I download both the application and sent himself the invitation, but dexcom follow is empty. Can work with 1 ios device?

    11/10/14; 3:28 pm
  20. TJ #

    @Max: You can use it with just one iPhone. Just curious, though, what the advantage might be vs just looking at your Dex rather than your iPhone? We had trouble getting invitations the first week after it shipped despite repeated attempts–had to call tech support and get it straightened out. (It’s best to use an existing Dexcom account for Share rather than setting one up within the app, we found).

    @Brie: We did the same, but went with a larger battery (10000mah vs 2600mah, Still pretty sleek–acts as a slim base only slightly larger than the cradle, and the included (short) micro-USB cable is perfect ( We have only tested it once–ran the cradle from dawn to bedtime on battery and the indicators showed we still had 70-90% battery left.

    11/15/14; 12:43 pm
  21. Mark #

    I find the new G4 with Share inferior to the unit without Share. My unit always shows ??? after my morning shower even though it sits about a foot from my shower door. This never happened with my old unit. Dexcom has replaced countless sensors, next the transmitter and has just replaced the receiver. Guess what, same deal. My technique has not changed from one unit to another. I always drive to work without the receiver working. It fires up around two hours after ??? begin.

    08/23/15; 3:15 pm

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