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Diasend: Now With More CGM!?

Is it a glitch?  A misfiring Internet tube?  A mistake that they haven’t realized yet and now I’m that jerk for pointing it out?  WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?!!

Dexcom data, now available for upload on Diasend.  I don’t know when this changed (last time I looked was over 18 months ago), but it’s working now.  Even here, deep in Rhode Island (can’t go too deep, actually, as it’s a very small state).

After digging through the box of diabetes-related cables that lives in my bathroom cupboard, I can easily upload my glucose meter (Verio Sync), insulin pump (Animas Ping – actually not the easiest upload because it requires dongle dexterity and I can barely say “dongle” without losing it, so being dextrous is extra difficult), and continuous glucose monitor (Dexcom G4).  All my data garbage, dumped into one source.

It’s not streamlined, but it’s closer, and I’ll frigging take it.

(For a list of supported devices, check out this link.  And if you knew Diasend worked with Dexcom for US accounts a long time ago, sorry for being late to the game.  Also, why didn’t you tell me?  I am now VERY EXCITED and the CAPS BUTTON is sort of STUCK.)

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  1. Nancy Stopper #

    It didn’t work for CGMs about a month ago. We switched pumps from the Ping to the t:slim and I was downloading my pump and Dex data and forgot that Diasend didn’t show the Dex data anymore. I’ll have to try again today!!

    10/2/14; 8:16 am
  2. Dongle. HaHaha.

    10/2/14; 9:31 am
  3. Rachel H #

    I was under the impression that would commence once animas vibe was approved. Interesting!

    10/2/14; 9:49 am
  4. Sarah C #

    Hi Kerri. This is brand new, I just tried to download dex data on Monday and it wouldn’t work. I met with my Animas pump trainer on Tues. (just switched from Medtronic after 8 yrs.) and she told me that FDA is meeting with Animas bigwigs next week and that her sources said approval of VIBE is imminent. She said training for sales staff has already begun. It just figures that after running an out of warranty pump for 2 years waiting for the vibe I finally gave in and got the Ping and now it’s going to be released!!

    10/2/14; 10:55 am
    • Sarah C. #

      Oh and saying “dongle” makes me laugh too.

      10/2/14; 10:56 am
  5. Leah M #

    OMG–I’m so excited I don’t know what to do! Thank you for sharing this news! I feel like making an endo appt just so I can experience how much better life is when data is integrated!
    P.S. I was in a meeting today at a Providence hospital, and they mentioned that their patient database includes more than 1.6 million patients. Which obvious includes duplicates since that’s more than the entire population of RI. Ha!

    10/2/14; 7:55 pm
  6. Sally P. #

    WOOHOO! That is all…

    10/2/14; 8:08 pm
  7. Larry Here #

    Um…. Dex upload on Mac, too? Because that would really be something!

    10/2/14; 8:45 pm
    • Mike T #

      Yeah, their Uploader works on Mac too!

      10/3/14; 3:33 am
  8. I do hope that it isn’t a mistake. When I first started using the Ping 2 years ago, I could download my Dexcom to Diasend. And then all of a sudden I couldn’t. I had gotten the impression that it was a financial issue, but maybe it was the FDA. Whatever. I find the Compilation Report the most helpful of all my data reports and I would hate to lose it again!

    But thanks for the news, Kerri. I usually only download my devices when I go to the Endo, but this inspired me to download everything this morning to confirm that it really works. And it does! And maybe now I’ll start download things more often:-)

    10/3/14; 1:04 pm
  9. Kris #

    OMG…thanks for sharing. I tried that a long time ago when the tab first showed up and couldn’t get it to show CGM data, even called to find out why it wasn’t showing up and was told it wasn’t available. I’m going to check it out tonight.

    10/3/14; 2:22 pm
  10. Well, then.
    I’d better dig out my dongle.

    10/3/14; 4:57 pm
  11. Michael OB #

    That’s great news on the Vibe.
    I’ve been holding off on a replacement pump too as my Ping starts to degrade in minor ways and was all ready to bite the bullet on another Ping but…glad to see this before I did as I’m a Medicare recipient and the upgrade programs are NOT an option for us unfortunately.
    Now…I’m wearing a G4 for a 1 week tryout and so far…LOVING it!!!
    I am SO ready for the Vibe
    Tick tock tick tock…

    10/9/14; 12:37 am

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