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Best Intentions Need to Stick.

Yesterday, my bag was packed with all kinds of good intentions.  My CGM sensor was only three day old, on a bright and shiny Toughpad to prevent adhesive rash!  The Dexcom receiver was fully charged!  My CGM in the Cloud rig was all charged up and ready to send my data into the cloud so that I would have a safety net while traveling to Washington, DC for the night.  Extra test strips and a fully charged Verio Sync meter?  I’M ON IT.  My wallet even had a few slips of Opsite Flexifix tape cut into band-aid sized strips and wedged into the change purse, ready to help hold down a wilting sensor.

Much best!  So intentioned!

… which did me zero good when I arrived in DC and my receiver threw a SENSOR FAILED error message after I went to the gym, forcing me to reboot before dinner.  Which meant I went to dinner without a CGM graph, which made me feel like I was sort of flying blind, but then I realized I left my glucose meter in my hotel room so I was actually flying blind without any way to check my blood sugar or calibrate my CGM during the meal.

… and then, sometime during the night, the sensor came loose and fell off my thigh.

All these good intentions? They need to STICK.

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  1. Sorry about your lack-of-data night. Hope today is better. Absolutely… these things need to stick.

    09/30/14; 10:41 am
  2. Beth #

    I feel your pain, I somehow lost my Dexcom receiver in the last 15 miles of an 400 mile road trip home from DC. Must’ve fallen out of the car when we stopped for dinner. Will now make sure to put name & # on my new one in case of future loss 🙁

    09/30/14; 1:51 pm
  3. Lindsey Mills #

    I’m sorry that happened to you-especially while traveling!

    How do like wearing the Dexcom on your thigh? Is it as accurate as when it is on your abdomen? Where do you put it on your thigh?

    Would you consider a post about alternate cgm sites and which rules you break and which ones you keep?

    09/30/14; 11:30 pm
  4. Jim #

    Kerri –

    Hate when this happens. Thankfully, there are so many opportunities for readings every 5 minutes that I am sure we can catch up on insight. I hate separate receivers in general and am really getting impatient for an integrated pump with the Dexcom…

    You are so brave and dedicated to keep to your exercise regimen despite all the challenges. I have been in those shoes and I know the strength of your commitment and admire it greatly.

    Keep up the great work!!


    09/30/14; 11:33 pm
  5. I hate when that happens!! I hate being without my dexcom for any length of time. I agree, you’re good having been to the gym when you’re traveling. I hope you’re next sensor lasts a good long time!!

    10/3/14; 12:12 pm

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