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Free Foods!

…  “You can have pickles?  Or gelatin?  Or cucumber slices!”

My mom tried to make these options sound appealing and delicious, but when I was a kid and my blood sugar was super high, pickles weren’t what I craved.  My body wanted to chug water and cheeseburgers simultaneously in efforts to cleanse the ketones and sate the high hunger.

“Can I have something else?”

“Not right now.  Those are the free foods you can have, until your blood sugar comes down.” she’d reply.

The phrase ‘free foods’ was a real one, twenty years ago in our household.”

more about free foods at Animas.

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  1. ria #

    it is amazing that I still love salad, with cucumbers and green beans

    09/9/14; 12:50 pm
  2. abby #

    can you find someone who will invent organic, salt free french fries? because that is all that cures my high blood sugars. (i mean, second to insulin and all that jazz).

    09/10/14; 9:56 am
  3. Tooba #

    Omg ! I love cucumber and pickles A lot !

    09/11/14; 7:39 pm

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