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Pre-Bolusing for Snacks.

“Do you pre-bolus for your meals?”

“I do.”  (I was happy to answer this question because I actually do pre-bolus.  Pre-bolusing is my A1C’s saving grace.)

“Okay, that’s great.”  She made a few notes in my chart.  “How about for snacks?  Do you pre-bolus for those?”

“I … um, nope.  I am horrible at pre-bolusing for snacks.”

Unfortunately, hat is completely and utterly true.

Meals are easier to pre-bolus for because there’s time involved in making them.  If I know I’m cooking chicken and green beans for dinner, I have 25 – 30 minutes to let that bolus sink in before the meal is even ready.  Going out to eat at restaurants is easy, too, because I usually have an idea of what I’d like to eat, so I’ll bolus for the meal once we are seated at the table.  (Pre-bolusing backfires at times, too, but as long as I’m not in the middle of the woods, I’ll take the risk.)  A meal feels like an event, and therefore easier to accommodate.

Snacks feel like an accident.  An unplanned moment.  I don’t take an apple out of the basket and bite into it in a premeditated fashion, but more like a fluid movement without any thought involved.  (A run-by fruiting by any other name …)  It’s not until I’m done with a snack – apple, yogurt, nuts, protein bar … cupcake? – that I realize I haven’t taken any insulin to cover the carbs.  My post-snackial blood sugars aren’t grateful for the misstep.

This would not be a big deal if I wasn’t such a grazer, but when 50% of my caloric intake throughout the day is on a whim, pre-bolusing for snacks matters.  My A1C is currently in my range (under 7%) but I know if I can remember even half the time to pre-bolus for snacks, I bet my standard deviation will tighten up and blah blah blah other numbers as well.

Little, conscious changes will hopefully become habit.


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  1. Same deal for Mommy. Can’t bear asking a hungry after school snacker to wait 20 minutes.

    09/3/14; 11:55 am
  2. Sometimes, all it takes is a gentle reminder….

    09/3/14; 12:46 pm
  3. Martha #

    I know I should pre-bolus for snacks but mostly don’t. When I end up snacking, it’s usually because my energy is lagging and I am overcome with the need for some quick carbs at that exact moment. I’ve tried waiting but it usually doesn’t work. And yes, one little snack can set off hours of riding the roller coaster. So maybe I should try to wait? But then when oh when do we diabetics get to let our freak flags fly, I ask??

    09/3/14; 3:29 pm
  4. Jim #

    Hardly ever do this. When I was first dx’d I had a couple of scary episodes involving slow restaurant service and it made me gun shy. Still, it would probably be better for me to try again.

    Thanks for the reminder!

    – J.B.

    09/3/14; 9:38 pm
  5. Snacks aren’t scheduled but are eaten when I’m low, so my answer to that question would have been a flat “no”, followed quickly by the comment that I am not going to schedule every moment of my life.

    To expect otherwise tells me that the person who asked the question has removed themselves from real life.

    09/4/14; 1:02 pm
  6. Jen #

    Love the run by fruting reference. Haha haha.

    09/4/14; 8:59 pm
  7. Sally #

    I’ve not been diagnosed yet, but this mornings episode will lead me back to the doctor, he said my blood sugar was within range when i did a fasting glucose a few months ago, but that doesn’t explain the melt-down I had before work today, and the fact that I spent most of the morning running to water the loo. How do I get the doctor to take me seriously????

    09/7/14; 7:27 pm
  8. I never pre-bolus for snacks – mainly for the same reasons you gave. … I don’t always plan for my snacks. I am usually snacking while my pump is bolusing. Having busy 16 mos old twins has been challenging for my meal boluses lately, too. I don’t want to bolus TOO far in advance because there have been times my plans change last minute to help them with something – ya know, like when they decide their plates look like hats and all of their food ends up on the floor. 😉 So I bolus right before I eat, which gives me a “little” bit of leeway.

    09/8/14; 9:22 pm
  9. Jenny #

    Initially, I had a couple of scary episodes involving slow restaurant service and it made me gun shy. Still, it would probably be better for me to retry.

    10/16/14; 7:00 am

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