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August 2014

The Dexcom / Mac Dance.

Blood Sugars, Dexcom, Diabetes Online Community, Diabetes Products, Robot Life August 13, 2014 13 Comments

Sharing, because that’s what friends do. Brian Bosh, living with type 1 diabetes and also apparently a very clever guy, found a workaround for uploading Dexcom G4 data to a Mac computer. Yes, you read that correctly. @4thandLife — brian bosh (@bosh) August 12, 2014 “I created Chromadex because I was trying #DIYPS but hated carrying around a second…


If I Were Ever …

Real Life Diabetes August 6, 2014 15 Comments

If I were ever Gretel, finding home would be a snap A trail of bloody test strips mark my way across a map. If I were ever Batman and in need of a grappling hook, The most-used lancet in my bag would do the trick to catch the crook. If I were ever Superman, and lows my kryptonite, A jar…


Tuning Back In.

Diabetes and Emotions August 5, 2014 8 Comments

Feeling crummy is a slippery slope for me, in that acknowledging it is a healthy move, but if I cater to it, I’ll get sucked down the rabbit hole of feeling overwhelmingly crummy.  I’m not even sure that makes sense when you read it, but it does to me, so there it stays. Three years ago, I went through a…


Help People with Diabetes Access Care Data; Medicare CGM Coverage.

Diabetes Advocacy, Uncategorized August 1, 2014 8 Comments

There are advocacy tides rising this morning, and we have a chance to jump on board.  There are two opportunities to raise our voices. The FDA has proposed new guidance for  Medical Device Data Systems (MDDS) and the diabetes community has the opportunity to comment on that guidance document.  There are more details on the StripSafely website as to what…