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Drafting Off #DSMA: Diabetes Job Description.

I love tuning in to the diabetes discussions on Twitter – they are always insightful and make me see things through a different (insulin-colored?) lens. The final question of last night’s #dsma chat really brought out some interesting responses:

I wasn’t exactly sure what “position description for life with diabetes” meant, specifically, so I took it as a “job description” of sorts … and one that would vary for everyone:

Looking back, I’m grateful that my learning curve belonged mostly to my parents (which is good because I’m sure it was steep at the outset). Once I was ready to take over the responsibility of diabetes self-care, the disease was embedded solidly into the context of my life and the learning curve became more of a gentle, but constant, slope.

Reading the diverse responses from my fellow PWD on #dsma was an eye-opening experience. That’s what brings me back to #dsma every time, because there’s no set-and-standard answer to any diabetes-related query … we’re all unique and special pancreatically-challenged snowflakes. 🙂

Jamie summed it up neatly:

To join the diabetes conversation, watch the #dsma hashtag on Twitter on Wednesday nights at 9 pm EST. It’s a great way to wind down your night while building up our community.

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  1. I like your 2nd reply, none of us would have applied. My oldest daughter was diagnosed first, in DKA, she started on R & N. Mixing insulin and watching for lows/highs/ketones would wear anyone out. You can’t absorb it all at once. I admit, I’m still peeved at how things were handled. I was told, in the hospital we’ll do this (get to practice shots on oranges, count carbs, etc) then none of that happened. We were given a menu where she could pick anything, no practice just here it’s time for a shot.

    A second diagnosis (me, mom, adult) is naturally easier, but coming from TrialNet and having what is probably a long honeymoon is way different. It would be nice to know if I’ll ever start on a pump (insurance issues). 🙂

    08/30/14; 2:35 pm

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