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Whoa! Woe.

First this:

Then this:

So whoa!  Much woe.

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  1. Dan #

    Hi Kerri,
    Hope you can get a new transmitter quickly. Having been through many fights (challenges) over the years. This has become a issue of vocabulary. A pump is a durable medical supple. Now, what about all the necessary parts and equipment to operate this important tool. Hmmmm. This is important to understand the current fight over CGM’s.
    The receiver unit has a warranty period of one year, the transmitter a warranty period of 6 months and the sensors of seven days. Dexcom will only replace sensors, transmitters and sensors which are within the warranty period. This is a critical issue when we need to go back to the doctor quickly and the insurance plan to receive authorization for new component(s). This is the real hassle! When any one of the component parts “breaks” the functionally of the CGM fails! We need a better approach to our equipment needs.
    Hope you can get the necessary component parts quickly. As always have a great day.

    08/26/14; 9:48 am
  2. Jen #

    Most importantly, hope you feel better quickly!

    08/26/14; 10:35 am
  3. Sorry, Kerri. Hope it’s not a miserable yucky High, but either way hope you feel better soon. And hope the Dex transmitter replacement moves quickly. I got about six days between first warning and transmitter death in June, and the replacement process a couple months earlier had taken about 4 days to get a new transmitter to have on hand. Hope it goes quickly without issue for you.

    08/26/14; 11:13 am
  4. V #

    My receiver died on me last Friday. The USB port detached and was wiggling inside of the receiver. I couldn’t charge. I went to work hoping I could recharge it someway with these charging mat but when I picked up the receiver, it was burning hot -> dead. I was out of warranty by a month….

    08/26/14; 11:13 am
  5. Sheri #

    I’ve actually had “opposite day” when my sensor or transmitter is going kaput. It will say I’m 340 when I’m 80 and vice versa. Hope it was that way for you and that you are feeling better now if it was a legit reading.

    08/26/14; 4:48 pm
  6. Leah M #

    Dexcom definitely needs to give the user more time between the first warning and transmitter death. I only had a few days warning and then waited 6 weeks until my new one arrived. It must have been high for no reason day–I was 553 this morning–for exactly no reason. Argh.

    08/26/14; 7:45 pm
  7. Christine #

    I am having a similar “whoa/woe” day with my Dexcom CGM. First it was the dreaded ??? sign, and then it was the two hourglasses and the “check BG in 1 hr” note (probably because it said my BG was 171 when it was in fact 71 and dropping…nice 100-point difference, no big deal, right??).

    I have placed said CGM as far away from me as it can get so that I don’t throw it against a wall. I feel that sometimes that is the best response (even though it would feel SO GOOD to just punt it out a window).

    08/27/14; 11:33 am
  8. Wow!

    (trying to work with the theme)

    08/29/14; 1:57 am
  9. Carla #

    My daughter didn’t tell me about the warning so i didn’t know until it was dead. She thought it had gone off at least a week before but if she doesn’t know an answer she’ll just make something up. I found out from our diabetes educator that two sensors should be covered per unit but we would have to get them within the same year.

    Our dexcom also died shortly after this (usb dislodged inside of it like V’s) and I was lucky enough that it was one week before being out of warranty so I sucked it up and stopped complaining about the $50 copay for the transmitter. 🙂

    I think if they are meant to last six months and the unit has a one year warranty they should auto ship the second one at the six month mark no charge. It really sucks to just have it die and have to wait on insurance to deal with a replacement.

    08/30/14; 7:09 am

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