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A Human’s Resilient, One Hundred Percent!

Sighed Panky, a lazy panc deep in the gut
“I’m tired and I’m bored
And I’m stuck in a rut
From making, just making insulin every day.
It’s work! How I hate it!
I’d much rather play!
I’d take a vacation, or a long nap
If I could find someone to do all this crap!

If I could find someone, I’d kick back and chill …”

Then Panky thought, “Could Kerri be up for the thrill?”

“Hello!” called the lazy panc, smiling her best,
“You’ve nothing to do.  Does this sound too strange …
Would you like do the work I do for a change?”

Kerri laughed.
“Why of all silly things?
I haven’t islets or enzymes or things.
ME do your job?  Why that doesn’t make sense!
Your job is make insulin!  The thought makes me tense.”

“Tut, tut,” answered Panky.  “I know you’re not me
But I know you can do this.  Won’t you hear my plea?
Just pick up that needle and draw up the dose.
Once insulin’s flowing you won’t feel morose.”

“I can’t,” said the Kerri.
“PL-E-ASE!!” begged her panc.
“It won’t be too hard, kid.  Sorry to pull rank.
But I’m leaving regardless if you raise your voice.”

“You’re a jerkface,” said Kerri.  “Not to give me a choice.

I’m unsure how to do this. Details are the devils!
How do I keep steady my blood sugar levels?
What do I do? Can you leave me instructed?”

“You’ll figure it out,” and the panc self-destructed.

“The first thing to do,” murmured Kerri,
“Let’s see.
The first thing to do is to prop up this Me
And to make ME much stronger.  This has to be done
Because diabetes can weigh an emotional ton.”

So carefully,
She searched, unimpeded
For the resources, tools, and support that she needed.

“I know that there’s life found after diagnosis.
It’s good and it’s worth it. That’s the prognosis.
I meant what I said
And I said what I meant …
A human’s resilient,
One hundred percent!”

Then Kerri, with peers and insulin by her side,
Well she tried
and she tried
and she tried
and she tried.

She kept at it for decades
Despite feeling perplexed.
It requires work one day,
Again on the next.
It sucks! Then it doesn’t!
But Kerri remained sure,
“My life’s worth this effort,
(Though I’d still love a cure.)
I wish Panky’d come back
‘Cause some days I’m so burnt.
I hope that my body thrives on the things that I’ve learnt.”

But Panky, by this time, was far beyond near,
And was dormant for good now. Diabetes was here
And was staying, so Kerri, for better or worse,
Had a pump on her hip, glucose tabs in her purse.

Diabetes is constant, day after day.
But the life in its wake is still good, plenty yay.
And even on days when the Stuff is Way Blah,
Life with disease is not life without Awe.
“It’s not always easy. Diabetes might test me.
“But I’ll stay on task and I won’t let it best me.
I meant what I said
And I said what I meant …
A human’s resilient
One hundred percent!”

Some days it is simple. Some months are real hard.
Diabetes is something you can’t disregard.
But a panc on vacation doesn’t mean that you’re broken.
“You can still do this.”

Truer words never spoken.


[With apologies and thanks to Dr. Seuss,  this is in homage to Horton Hatches the Egg.]


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  1. That’s pretty brilliant stuff, Kerri!!!

    08/25/14; 9:13 am
  2. Denise #

    Wow, just wow. Kerri that was awesome! Now all you need are the pics for your second D book! Please please publish. I’m first in line to order up a few copies for ourselves and the school.

    08/25/14; 11:55 am
  3. ” fine ” – line 11 (counting each line whether it’s only one word), should this be find? Great job, you have so many talents!! 🙂

    08/25/14; 12:34 pm
  4. Any #

    Horton is my favorite. And you are now in second place. Not a bad spot to be in!
    This is so great I admit to some tears. Thanks for sharing your rhymes and genius with us.

    08/25/14; 1:35 pm
  5. Nell Hardy-Ramsey #

    Loved it!!!!!

    08/25/14; 1:37 pm
  6. Joy #

    Clever. Really enjoyed reading

    08/25/14; 4:05 pm
  7. Freakin LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Awesome…….and BTW Loved your book 🙂

    08/25/14; 6:24 pm
  8. Sharon #

    WOW-Love your DiaHorton!

    08/25/14; 8:05 pm
  9. So, Kerri. Is it true that the strongest word out of your mouth upon diagnosis really was “jerkface”? How innocent are the vocabularies of America’s newly insulin-deprived youth…

    08/25/14; 10:35 pm
  10. Brilliant, as always, Kerri

    08/25/14; 11:41 pm
  11. LOVE this! The personification is brilliant, and it truly made my day. Enjoyed the encouraging words. We are resiliant, 100 percent!

    08/26/14; 11:44 am
  12. ria #

    wowee !
    great job

    08/26/14; 2:56 pm
  13. Did I ever tell you I played Horton back in my junior high drama club days?

    08/30/14; 12:40 am
    • To quote a certain someone (ahem … you): Pictures or it didn’t happen.

      08/31/14; 11:19 pm

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